Saturday, 13 June 2015

1 Day to go.....A winner has many Fathers but a loser is an Orphan. (blog 114)

This for all intentional purposes will be my last Blog unless I have some good news to tell on Monday. I had intentions of introducing my readers to that of my Family, pictures and video's of us and the kids young and old BUT I have carefully pondered this and I do not think it wise to do so as I know there are eyes unwanted on my Blog. I certainly do not wish to cause any of them trouble of any sort all because they believed in me, loved me, shared life with me.
It is kind of disheartening as I would like to show so much, that there is a life and in fact lives behind this Blog....I think that I have made the right decision as it is possible that should I be sentenced to a long time I wouldn't want to hinder anyone from moving on, to be linked to my plight.

Court is on, Friday at close of business day there was no remand. It would appear that the judge has made his decision, certainly I and my family hope that it will be favorable towards myself and we can put this 4 plus years behind us, move forward.

Those of you that will be attending in support, my undying gratitude. I will see you there, my family and I will be leaving at like 4 am to be present for the 9:00 am court scheduled time as we have to travel quite some distance.
My shoes are shined, suit is pressed and I will relax as much as possible the next day and a half, plan on spending it with those that make me the happiest and BBQ up some good food. You might have noticed the title of this Blog, It's a quote from JFK and I do feel that it is applicable. If I lose, I certainly do feel I'll become the Orphan again, that is a hard thing to emotionally control when there is so much riding on the outcome of this and the finality of the 4 plus year trek through Hell.

I hope to hear from supporters, words of encouragement never did any wrong. So long for now. I encourage you all to fight for the little guy wherever they present themselves, fight against the political system if it is right and they are wrong as it is Constitutionally sound and makes us an actual Democracy. Fight for that which is right even when it isn't popular, else what are we doing?
A song for you called "winds of change", slowly things are indeed changing but there is much more yet to do.