Monday, 15 June 2015

guilty on all counts but two. (blog 115)

Much to my embarrassment, They got their way and I've now been found guilty of 13 assaults against police that broke into my home before my trial before being falsely accused as a rapist. Subsequently given a forced acquittal after a confession. Much of the story can be read at Not exactly sure what to do from here. I will be sentenced in mid November. It took all I had to keep my mouth shut, my family and supporters are in awe. The judge claims that every witness we called is a liar and would lie for me, guess he forgets that 8 out of the 13 have either killed someone, been investigated by the L.E.R.B or out right plead guilty to crimes such as assault,numerous assaults.
The 2 charges I wasn't found guilty of were that I didn't have a weapon, nor did I breach the condition of weapons ban for its kind of hard to explain how i'm found guilty of 13 assaults against police with a weapon? That is if there was no weapon, wtf?
 They pushed real hard to have this trial concluded before my trial where I was falsely accused, thus making a mockery of my credibility. By the time I am sentenced, I will have been under bail conditions for 4 years 11 months and they plan on giving me 2 years probation I hear. Wow, I guess the 4 years 11 months of jail and or house arrest hasn't been enough. The equivalent of 2 years I was incarcerated having been falsely accused of rape, to which I was given an acquittal after a confession by my accuser.
 I must confess that I considered for a moment to jump off the 3rd floor, tearful I went for a smoke figuring anyways it would be my dumb luck to just break a leg. I where size 11 shoes,anyone feel like swapping for a while?
Man suspended in the hypocrisy of the system in constant suspended hysteria.