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What is supposed to happen to a false accuser in Canada......but what really happens? (blog 122)

This in most cases couldn't be further from the truth  when addressing the severity and or punishment of "false accusers. In fact very few judges put these rules of actual Law into action. I know in my own case my accuser admitted to know what "perjury "was and still go on to admit while under oath that she had not only committed perjury that day in front of a jury under oath but in other court dates related to the matter.  Is this just a NEW law?, no indeed it has been law for many years now.

A sign of hope for the falsely accused. (blog 121)

A very good article, so relative to today's issues faced by many men within the judicial system of Canada. I know for example in that my case alone an admission under oath should have warranted charges.

Barbara Kay:
 A sign of hope for the falsely accused

More from Barbara Kay | @BarbaraRKay
The territory desperately needs a new, modern facility to house its most violent inmates.
FotolioThe territory desperately needs a new, modern facility to house its most violent inmates.
A sign of hope for the falsely accused

When people are accused of a crime, they should be considered innocent until proven guilty. When proven guilty, they should be punished. If they have been falsely accused and their accusers acted in bad faith, then those accusers should be punished. All this should be taken as common sense.

But in some cases, especially when gender bias is involved, the law makes a mockery of these principles.

We saw a particularly blatant example in a recent decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, in the case of Nova Scotia woman Nicole Doucet. She had admitted to seeking the proxy murder of her ex-husband, Michael Ryan, but a sympathetic trial judge acquitted her on a “duress” defence. Yet instead of being sent back for retrial, Doucet was granted a stay of proceedings as compensation for an alleged, but completely unsupported, “reign of [domestic] terror.”

Jonathan Kay: Retry Nicole Doucet
Today’s letters: Once accused of a sex crime, most people never recover

The myth that women never lie about sexual or domestic abuse has become the received wisdom among too many judges. The result is that innocent men often are charged or imprisoned for violence — or lose access to their children, or lose jobs and reputations, or accept the indignity of inscription on a sex offender registry (not to mention being bankrupted by legal costs).

And so it comes as something of a pleasant shock when women making allegations of abuse against a man are treated in court with complete impartiality. Such was the case last week, when two Ancaster, Ont. sisters were ordered by Superior Court Justice Andrew Goodman to pay $125,000 in libel damages to their uncle.

The sisters had confronted the uncle in 2006, and demanded an apology for his alleged sexual abuse of them at the ages of four and six, which he unequivocally denied. The women did not lay charges, but sent their allegations by email to friends and family. The humiliated uncle then sued the nieces for defamation, at which point the nieces sued him for sexual battery.

Judge Goodman dismissed the women’s claims, as their memories were “not of the clean and cogent nature required” to substantiate their allegations (the abuse, as alleged, would have to have taken place in the close presence of two male cousins, a notion straining credulity).

The women made up the sex abuse allegations because they simply disliked their uncle

Still, they might have carried the day in some other courtroom, as victims of sexual abuse have “qualified privilege,” giving them legal protection to discuss their stories without fear of libel charges. But in this case, an email with the words “we do not want anyone else to be sexually abused” did them in, suggesting, in the judge’s view, that the uncle was at risk to re-offend, a libelous charge. The judge drew the conclusion that the women made up the allegations because they “did not like their uncle.”

Unsurprisingly, the women’s lawyers reacted with predictions that this judgment would have a “chilling effect,” discouraging real victims from coming forward. By this, they seem to imply that the judge should have endorsed two injustices — ruining an innocent man’s life and absolving women he believes are liars — in order to assure future female abuse victims that, unlike all other plaintiffs, they are assured of having the scales of justice tilt in their direction.

These lawyers seem to be confusing their mandate with that of social workers. Redressing violence against all women is a fine ideal, but affirmative action in the courtroom is the kiss of death to the greater ideal of justice.

The Ancaster judgment sends a message to vengeful women who “do not like” a man and are prepared to lie in court to punish him. It also is a sign of hope in regard to the justice system, more generally. Gender-blindness, like race blindness, should be a given on the bench. Too often it isn’t. But in this case it was.

National Post

Unfortunately, it's even goes way beyond these examples that the man would face having to deal with false allegations. Depending on the individual experience, some commit suicide, some can develop such issues as P.T.S.D ( given their treatment while awaiting a trial for being falsely accused.Some lives of the falsely accused or that of their family simply never recover. In such instances the false allegation should be dealt with proportionally to that of the alleged crime but considering the gender bias in our courts, that is unlikely to ever happen either.
Where does one draw the line in the sand and admit that the 'false allegations of sexual assault' are tantamount to a sexual assault or worse.Finally, where does one find the acceptance that we are governed by 1 law, and even those falsely accused are entitled to that justice,protection of Law and yet denied.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Straight out I'll tell you that recently I was convicted of several offences under our criminal code here in Canada. However, it's what surrounds the convictions that is concerning. I will also tell you straight out that I have a criminal record and there are indeed concerns about that as well.

I grew up a white male in a welfare area of St. Catharines Ontario Canada that was what could be determined to be the projects. ( yes even Canada has those). Most of the mothers were single and white and had taken boyfriends of the Jamaican workforce that would come to Canada quite illegally, homeless and penniless, they would shack up with the fat white mothers on welfare and day labour as fruit or vegetable pickers.
At night the parties would begin after we were often rushed off to bed without dinner and the Jamaicans would begin to party. Most drank endless cheap wine, smoked pot and crooned to the tunes of Ninja man, beenie man, bob Marley, and several others that still to this day I have a rather particular ear for.
Several of us kids had become friends and would escape our beds and homes , stayed together as after the songs had ended, the pot ran out the violence would start from both sides of the fence, the women and the men. Busied with their antics, they would never know we were gone.

My Dad went to Jail for murder when I was just 9 years old. Often I was targeted especially because of that , including from my hate filled mother who claimed that "you look too much like him) she gave me up to the state and that is where I was raised as a 'ward of the crown' until I turned the age of 16 and then I was put out on the street.

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"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."(blog 118)

It has been several years now of what I deemed to be torment. Faced with 'allegations' that had for the most part become factual, even after they were proven wrong still they never ceased in their endless pursuit to cover up that which they did, hide its existence as if it never happened they have kept a man in a suspension of misery, hysteria and distress by default.
 I chose to step out and become extraordinary to the point,with intent to shed light on a problem that is far bigger than the bubble I reside in. It is hard to fight a mammoth with little more than a slingshot and even if you were to get in that one lucky shot, the aha moment, someone pays attention it quickly dissipates as the moment magically arose. The moment of clarity irrefutable gets whisked away by that which is relatively unimportant. Minimizing and minoritizing that which you had good point on.
 When I began to undertake this blog, I did so with Human rights in mind, gender has come up but I assure you they end goal was to effectuate change on a positive scale that would be beneficial to all genders, races and groups.
As a society we ignored a problem that was caused against women for far too long, to deny this fact is equal to denying that America was predominantly slave traders. The end result is the complete opposite side of the spectrum and that another gender is attacked with ferocity and so cleverly ingrained into our general society that we are ineffectually unaware of its actual harmful existence. Thoroughly indoctrinated adults rear children and indoctrinate unbeknownst even to them own selves nor more different then telling the lie about Santa, Ester bunny, toothfairy with little or no regard of just how the little person feels when they find out that those they have no reason to lie to them, cared a reared them have actually lied with little or no explanation. Thus begins the betrayal and we are just supposed to accept it, indoctrinated in the ideology that we must never lie, unless it furthers the agenda of the greater mass.
We have become a society that cannot reason for themselves but are told what to think, we have been actually taught that unless otherwise directed,you cannot possibly understand . We create monstrous groups that control everything we eat by damn bear everything being packaged. These same groups such as big corporations, government, military run and rule us with iron will and those that dare to speak out become a label,like a cop hater, against the government, extremist activist.
 They will tell us to our face "yes we are robbing you blind, yes we waste billions and trillions but trust us, it is needed and we the sheeple walk away satisfied that we just received a fulfilling adequate answer. So thoroughly indoctrinated we are that even if we disagree, or think to the contrary it is much easier to just chalk it up to "we aren't simply smart enough or moral enough to understand, comprehend.
My particular fight has been false allegations and the multi billion dollar monstrous divorce machine. where by in large thousands of men are found guilty , or traversed through the endless money driven empire that is the justice system. Men pay highly disproportionately rates of child care and never get to see their children. Other men assume their clothing and possessions and even end up being called dad. while the man lives in a room of squalor, paying more then he can afford. His life has just been determined by that very act, his worth is that check and without it he simply needed further to exist.
Men falsely accused by women get away with it even if they admit it of their own accord, such as the endless crime that women can commit, and without much proof at all just blame it on a male.

One of the most difficult things I have ever attempted to understand is Circumcision. Take for example a young girl being born, say she has too fathers for argument sake. The one Father says "I want her circumcised, Without it her genitalia will be ugly. This would cause a catastrophe in the hospital because first we have laws regarding that and deem it to be sexual mutilation , the fathers would probably beat the crap outta each other and the Doctor himself would become part of the melle. As men this is something that we do NOT consider or allow, we have passed laws to protect young girls from such barbaric activities.
Consider a young couple both male and female, young baby boy born unto them. their hope and future. The Father doesn't get to talk about the case to circumcise or not in fact by in large it is the womans choice for reason among to many I have heard " later in life his partner will find it ugly"
Does anyone see the irony in that? A mother future forecasting the image and heath of the sons genitalia! In my mind it is perverted as it would be for men to discuss such a thing.. Does that strike you as a Patriotic world of Matriarchal world?

I am in effectually done with men's right, I know will fight for myself. Indoctrinate my kids and Grandkids in HUMAN rights. My blog has been under the scrutiny of those I wished not to attract and to day I got a dose of reality, while my blog may be entertaining for some, I have made little impact And For simply telling the truth, backed by actual paperwork I personally risk further trouble from those that would like to keep that which they do a secrete and rather then deal with the machine ,they further it because it lines their pockets. I could go on but it ids simply pointless.
No matter what I say or do, becomes too sensitive and the slave cannot discuss that or expose that. I will undoubtedly see some of you on the other side where bullshit does not remain supreme.
The audacity of mankind is that they are so consumed and indoctrinated that they fail to see the truth, life and the goodness it can hold while we support those hell bend on villainizing and destroying every good thing we know. Don't by what I'm laying down? talk amongst your friends, turn on the t.v or the control box and all you'll see is 'you can't guess what I got in this hand( and honestly I don't want you too know)....but wow,look at what is in this hand!
Think what I had to say is bullshit? why did you read to the end?
 Catch you on the flip side, I Urge you to remember, that which we do in this life echoes in the next. Keep up the shit and you just might be that bug that gets squashed.

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Advised by my attorney. (blog 117)

The blog "without prejudice" has been taken down as I have been informed that I could be further in trouble for posting it. This I was unaware of. Removed it as requested.I was informed that I was in violation a sercey order that I was unaware of. So much for free speech.

"Without Prejudice". (blog 116)

This as you can see was the offer from the crown to myself for me to plead guilty. This offer was dated September 11,2014. The first offer, similar in nature and offered to myself 2 days after my acquittal from being falsely accused.There are a number of issues with this and I will go through them individually.
Since I refused their offer and exercised my rights under law to a trial, I have paid a very unfair price  in many respects. First off, Yesterday the judge rendered his verdict and found me guilty of 11 counts of "assault causing bodily harm against police officers and that of my girlfriend at the time". Yet I was found NOT GUILTY of possessing a weapon and not guilty of breach of conditions to remain from weapons or from alcohol while under bail restrictions.
First of one would have to wonder how then I can be found guilty of assault with a weapon when I was found not guilty of having or possessing a weapon. And even charged with breach of conditions when THEY booked me in as "Sober"
Please read the first page of the offer:

Image result for frustrated man

without prejudice

Law phrase: Without abandonment of a claimprivilege, or right, and without implying an admission of liability.
(1) When used in a document or letterwithout prejudice means that what follows (a) cannot be used as evidence in a court case, (b) cannot be taken as the signatory's last word on the subject matter, and (c) cannot be used as a precedentContents of such documents normally cannot be disclosed to the courts but, when a party proposes to settle a dispute out-of-court, it is the genuineness of the effort that determines whether the proposal can disclosed or not, and not whether the words without prejudice were used.
(2) When a court case is dismissed, or a court order is issued without prejudice, it means that a new case may be brought or a new order issued on the same basis as the dismissed case or the original order.

Read more:

So if I was to have plead guilty to these offences then they would in effectually drop an additional 8 charges. The problem is in the plea deal I would have been pleading guilty to 3 charges I have now been found NOT guilty of in court and yet I have been found guilty off 10 assaults against police with a weapon causing bodily harm, including that of my wife. Many of which they were more then happy to drop in a plea deal. Lending validity to the absurdity of the matter because why would you agree to drop 8 assaults against police officers if that were the case.?

At the time I was being falsely accused of rape( a matter now concluded in court in front of a jury by way of confession from the accuser) and I find it ironic that had I accepted the plea deal I would be pleading guilty to not only charges I have been now found NOT guilty of but 2 assaults with a weapon against females. 
The 9 men didn't seem to matter and in fact as you read down, they not only wanted me to plead guilty but also register my DNA with the national DNA data bank and to never have any further contact with the person who is now my wife. It would seem to me that if there was any assaults at all, the men were simply expendable? Their actions were absurd, but convictions were needed against me for the females elluded in all of this as I had yet to have my trial for the principal charges of being an accused rapist.Thus the whole DNA issue as well

Obviously I decided to refuse my plea deal. However, that which they wanted me to plea to I was found not guilty of "possession of a weapon","breach of conditions to have weapons"," breach to abstain from alcohol while under bail". So if there was no weapon, why assault with a weapon?, why am I now charged and found guilty of 11 assaults with a weapon? 
1 of those is my wife who the judge decided she was unbelievable and just sticking up for me, despite the fact that all the police officers that originally attended our residence all clearly testify that "THERE WAS NO ASSAULT, SHE DIDN'T WANT US THERE".
 The following is a letter from her to a friend within the government just  8 days after the fact. Now remember, I was indeed in jail and a emergency protection order placed on myself by the original responding female cop. All police testified that there was NO assault one my wife, she testified to this and in fact wrote this 8 days after the incident in large.
Please read: 

If you cannot read them then just click on them and they can be blown up. The judge decided my wife was depended on me and therefore would lie for me despite us being apart for 5 months and her living just fine on her own. Equally treated was every other witness that was called by the defence. Apparently the only ones telling the truth was the officers involved one way or another despite their paperwork, testimony and actions.
 Continuing on with what she wrote just 7 days after my arrest, and in fact aided me with a Lawyer and got one herself.She found that it were better for her to move to Calgary (some 350 kilometers away)  to get away from Officer Gavins constant harassment to testify to what they tell her which was false, to allow them to lay additional charges and generally just play along with their script however false. This included offers of financial recompense, relocation fees that may be incurred, etc.
 So she moved to Calgary to be close to family, Without the aid of police and their offers and changed her phone number so they could no longer contact her with their absurdities , yet I was sent her number. Says a lot doesn't it.?
5 months we were apart until she fought and won with her lawyer to have the no contact order dropped by the they Crown attorney. Since then my acquittal from the principal charges (false allegation of rape) we have remained together through thick and thin. Despite still being charged with "assault with a weapon causing bodily harm", we have had no issues, police haven't had to attend to our residence period as they should have never attended in the first place years prior.

 So why is she unbelievable?, closer to the date of events are more accurate no? I was in jail, she didn't need me.Why were the male police officers expendable in the plea bargain if it was ever true, ever happened that way at all.?
This is Constable Baragar who inherited the role of general lead investigator, The guy to gather all the info if you will.Notice in the first page it says something from Kyla that there was no need for them to be there? They should have walked away then unless they had other plans. Fact is they ran my name and the FACT that I was being charged with sexual assault of a minor, regardless of innocence until proven guilty, regardless for upholding rule of law did then seek out to create a situation to their desired outcome where they thought they were protecting the community from some kind of monster. Is this an indictment against this entire police force, certainly not! Was there a couple bad apples that got caught up, you bet and it can happen to anyone. I myself look at the situation, put myself in their shoes, I too would have wanted to jail an accused sicko. However, that's why I am not a cop and cops are supposed to be trained for this sort of would reasonably assume so.

In this second page of his report you will see the highlighted area of #6,#10, and 11. The man admits he was stationed outside from the on set, never entered until he came back with a warrant hours later. Which is just nuts in itself because if you knew you needed a warrant why didn't you have one? Why does no one in authority make comment, reprimand, nothing about this blatant charter rights violation?
How then am I charged and convicted of"assault with a weapon causing bodily harm to a police officer"  when it is him and reportedly never inside by his own pen. Did my mere presence assault him?And doesn't he acknowledged that Constable SAUTER was with him? funny I'm convicted of assaulting him as well. Hell I was already in when these 2 guys alone entered the building cells!
A few more and I'll call it quits for tonight.

First off there is much more I"ll get into later. The first page you will see that I was " lodged( no warrant) ( highlighted)'Detention types: Found committing;Reasonable grounds, Undertaking/  recognizance breach.'Let's go over these. Found committing what?, reasonable grounds, pretty vague, in fact I was in my own home when they decided to kick the door in with no warrant. Undertaking/recognizance breach, In fact was found not guilty of that.
There's a reason they charged me with all of this in a misdemeanor way and that reason was if the had gone the more serious way like Indictable ( assuming this was all true one would assume they would, after all they rolled 2 tactical units on me, evacuated a building, several officers alleged assaulted with a weapon, it was nuts) Sadly no, the went summarily to avoid this ever going in front of a jury of my peers, judge alone was my fate. I don't know many judges that go against the cops regardless the evidence.

Page 2. Highlighted at the top. State of detained person:SOBER
Was force used;NO
was capsicum (O.C) used:NO

His report is endless dribble like that of a runny nose that you just can't stop and is annoying. For giggles he throws himself on the list of "victims" even though he was admittedly outside the entire time with his toy , I mean machine gun.

Still even though found not guilty of a weapon, I too was found to have assaulted him even though it was unfathomably impossible. The judge sights that I was drunk! yet the booking report says SOBER! Incidentally I was found not guilty of that as well. Was Fore used?NO, well I guess we have different versions of what force means. I have a list of the police officers that attended my residence that day and or conducted crowd control, traffic, etc and there was an unbelievably 52! officers!. That is right, 52! what am I Osama Bin Laden?
 Was O.C spray used? NO! Weird, there was so much pepper spray used they evacuated a 3 story building. regardless of the evidence like "sober" still I sat with that charge for years. Imagine a guy booked for D.U.I and his breathalyzer was negative.

Trust me there is more to come yet

Like I said there is more
I was found guilty of assaulting this man. Scott Carter. You will see in his highlighted report That He"ordered the evacuation of the 3rd floor". Yet NONE of these people were interviewed or had any witness statements taken from them. Why? Because they were pissed off at what the police were doing to me and I was friends with my neighbours, so plainly the cops wouldn't record or write down what they had to say. Let's play Devil's advocate a moment, say my neighbors hated me, I was in the wrong as police suggest, then why on Earth was I never charged in the assault of all of them?, they to were overcome by spray as he writes, that would be assault. didn't happen that way????

He goes on to say that "I would later note when the Bear spray can was recovered in the complainants suite, that it was a large commercial, fire extinguisher size bottle typically used by game wardens and wildlife officers, not the generic variety available at camping stores.)) AHHH the flair for drama!
In real life it wasn't much bigger than theirs, we have photographs of it and yes it is "the generic type" and yes "we did purchase it at a camping store "I did so legally and that store is called called Canadian Tire.
He goes on to claim that I would be arrested for "assault I committed earlier on my girlfriend" what Assault.? she even told you all to leave, there was no assault that day or any other. But no you all hang around and attack a man, create a situation to justify your means, actions. This literally could happen to anyone.!

For now I'll end with this. This was the law Enforcement review board hearing from back a few years earlier. This is why Please read the "Mr SOCKO'S Ten principles of downtown policing ( alternatively known as MR SOCKO"S  'DOWNTOWN WAY')
Pay good attention to #1). All the best investigations end in a brawl
The rest just gets more bizarre and in fact he received no punishment but 2 promotions and is widely known to still have this attitude in the courtroom and on the street. Currently, he has 3 complaints awaiting to be dealt with by the L.E.R.B of similar racial, intimidating , violent ways.

Few things to explain here. First of all I never assaulted my wife, well then she was my girlfriend and who is now my wife in the before stated. Secound, If I was "sober, no capcisim spray used, no force used " then why would police report that not only did they have no reason to be there, but that they also used pepper spray, and to top it off they call in 2 tactical units. Yet I was found not guilty of a weapon and clearly by their "own evidence "there were many witnesses, yet they didn't take a single witness statement or any of the endless video camera footage.....because as they said in court "either it wasn't my job or there wasn't anything"

Look, Cops aren't morons and actually there is a large number of them that have Law degrees and that isn't an easy feat of intelligence. They are also trained very extensively in everything from tactics, forensics,and recording events and the important nature that what they are observing. You might think that I am making argument for them but I am not. In my case it was a simple as this.

A Female officer shows up for a domestic abuse call (allegedly), the alleged complainant dismisses the officer. Officer runs alleged suspects name and a gamut of sexual assault claims that came from one now admitted liar and shit hits the fan. Throwing the constitution out the window she sets the pace, throw in "officers in need of assistance, officer down" (we could never really get a straight answer to her distress call) and all hell breaks lose. The department disperses and along the way they find out who they are dealing with, allegations and all and they go in with that mindset, further heightened by the fact that anyone can see....there is 52 of us, including 2 swat teams, shit this is bad.

If it wasn't that way, I wouldn't have gotten a 1 year community sentence to keep the peace and be of good behavior. In the end I am upset about the way I was treated. I am upset that I will never feel free to exercise my rights to privacy and tell a police officer no you can't come into my home, even when I have done nothing wrong. I am extremely saddened that now I have a criminal record that includes nearly a dozen assaults against police with a weapon causing bodily harm! Imagine my extreme fear of even being pulled over for a ticket.

Despite it all....I believe that cops or rather police officers fulfill a roll in our society that cannot be limited to words. The things they have to do on a daily would make most crumble and they fulfill a roll in our society that will be forever needed. A thankless job ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Where all the cops bad that day? resounding no. However, not all were good and their rolls sucked in those just doing what they oathed to to no more aware.

Something that was never made public about that day but was questioned in court where one officer told the absolute truth as I previously reiterated to my attorney. She admits that the "vehicle did make a stop but I said nothing to Harms"
I asked the male officer to pull over somewhere where we could talk and he did. We spoke about the stresses that being falsely accused was like and how frankly I was exhausted and really didn't care to live anymore under such a vile and cruel cloud, treated differently, violated and harmed. He told me that "If you are not guilty, you cannot give up, you must fight on. Never stop or else forever you'll be guilty" I apologised if I had caused anyone harm, we spoke about why police even attended my place and what role did my accusations against me play. Agreed that it was a flawed system and they took me to jail.

Despite him refuting that he ever pulled over in court, despite his partner saying yes we did. Despite it all I will always have rule of law at heart and believe in it. And to the male officer, I took your words to heart and fought on. Eventually I was exonerated and the healing goes on.

Free speech, no secrets

Monday, 15 June 2015

guilty on all counts but two. (blog 115)

Much to my embarrassment, They got their way and I've now been found guilty of 13 assaults against police that broke into my home before my trial before being falsely accused as a rapist. Subsequently given a forced acquittal after a confession. Much of the story can be read at Not exactly sure what to do from here. I will be sentenced in mid November. It took all I had to keep my mouth shut, my family and supporters are in awe. The judge claims that every witness we called is a liar and would lie for me, guess he forgets that 8 out of the 13 have either killed someone, been investigated by the L.E.R.B or out right plead guilty to crimes such as assault,numerous assaults.
The 2 charges I wasn't found guilty of were that I didn't have a weapon, nor did I breach the condition of weapons ban for its kind of hard to explain how i'm found guilty of 13 assaults against police with a weapon? That is if there was no weapon, wtf?
 They pushed real hard to have this trial concluded before my trial where I was falsely accused, thus making a mockery of my credibility. By the time I am sentenced, I will have been under bail conditions for 4 years 11 months and they plan on giving me 2 years probation I hear. Wow, I guess the 4 years 11 months of jail and or house arrest hasn't been enough. The equivalent of 2 years I was incarcerated having been falsely accused of rape, to which I was given an acquittal after a confession by my accuser.
 I must confess that I considered for a moment to jump off the 3rd floor, tearful I went for a smoke figuring anyways it would be my dumb luck to just break a leg. I where size 11 shoes,anyone feel like swapping for a while?
Man suspended in the hypocrisy of the system in constant suspended hysteria.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

1 Day to go.....A winner has many Fathers but a loser is an Orphan. (blog 114)

This for all intentional purposes will be my last Blog unless I have some good news to tell on Monday. I had intentions of introducing my readers to that of my Family, pictures and video's of us and the kids young and old BUT I have carefully pondered this and I do not think it wise to do so as I know there are eyes unwanted on my Blog. I certainly do not wish to cause any of them trouble of any sort all because they believed in me, loved me, shared life with me.
It is kind of disheartening as I would like to show so much, that there is a life and in fact lives behind this Blog....I think that I have made the right decision as it is possible that should I be sentenced to a long time I wouldn't want to hinder anyone from moving on, to be linked to my plight.

Court is on, Friday at close of business day there was no remand. It would appear that the judge has made his decision, certainly I and my family hope that it will be favorable towards myself and we can put this 4 plus years behind us, move forward.

Those of you that will be attending in support, my undying gratitude. I will see you there, my family and I will be leaving at like 4 am to be present for the 9:00 am court scheduled time as we have to travel quite some distance.
My shoes are shined, suit is pressed and I will relax as much as possible the next day and a half, plan on spending it with those that make me the happiest and BBQ up some good food. You might have noticed the title of this Blog, It's a quote from JFK and I do feel that it is applicable. If I lose, I certainly do feel I'll become the Orphan again, that is a hard thing to emotionally control when there is so much riding on the outcome of this and the finality of the 4 plus year trek through Hell.

I hope to hear from supporters, words of encouragement never did any wrong. So long for now. I encourage you all to fight for the little guy wherever they present themselves, fight against the political system if it is right and they are wrong as it is Constitutionally sound and makes us an actual Democracy. Fight for that which is right even when it isn't popular, else what are we doing?
A song for you called "winds of change", slowly things are indeed changing but there is much more yet to do.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Day 2....looking back. (blog 113)

Of course being accused of what I once was, they inevitable call in the mind doctors. Those of whom study the mentality of persons. I have said this before but I'll say it again. The Crown just couldn't accept that I didn't commit the crime, despite all of the rest of the evidence clearing me. Simpler was to believe my step child and build a theory around that, including despite her numerous false claims against others.

When accused of this sort of thing such as rape of a loved one it is clearly devastating and you don't know how you will react until it happens to you and you bare the shoes of the accused. Its a myriad of emotions and thoughts only best described as a tornado out of control, faith in the system, loss of faith in your friends and family, thoughts of suicide, moments of clarity and the need to persevere and fight to clear your name.
Since I had to flee to another city after my acquittal, I haven't been able to meet my regular visits with those that counsel me, talk it out. To travel 5 hours to meet said appointment is just too much. My psychiatrist and the author of many reports written about myself had attempted to find someone of his equal counterpart to help me locally as he did not want yet another to misinterpret and thus cause me much more pain. That was harder then proven to be as many are swamped with their own clientele, local business.
I found myself for a great deal of time secretly plotting to harm myself for no other reason than to end the pain . The thoughts were rather in depth and frightening to my own self so I went to the Hospital stayed a night and spoke to some people.
Luckily I was heard by a psychiatrist that knew of my own and surprisingly it was rather easy to establish a rapport with him  we all know I am going to court for the judge's decision on Monday for the concluding matters that accumulated while I was facing the fight of my life, since cleared yet there are the residual effects of being an accused rapist. He wrote this letter to my attorney today and Naturally as I did in the other doctors letters I will block out his pertinent information as there are enough wing nuts on the internet to just decide to disturb someone. The letter is as follows.
This coupled with the other reports I filed under the Blog called
I have had no major mental health issues than that of the average person but equally prophesied by my other Doctor, the checks and balances of the judicial system could inadvertently cause future problems.Come what may Monday, I will beat the P.T.S.D, I will move on but a part of that has to come from the government as well. I need my liberty back, to go to the gym after work, take off camping on a long weekend, go on a fishing trip with my brother in law, take my wife out for a movie, dinner. I believe it is those things that will heal a guy in time. 4 plus years of jail, 24 hour house arrest, court room after court room, pleading to anyone who will listen, my liberty stolen all this time, not even afforded to go on a vacation....that Taxes the mind to the point that the mind is broke and it can no longer afford to pay and that leads to desperation, depression, anxiety. Frankly between I and those of you that have read this, could you have done any better?

Thursday, 11 June 2015

3 Days to go...changing the face of a skyline. (Blog 112)

The last year and a half I have been involved in several projects. Considering I only drilled oil wells , it was apparent that my knowledge of carpentry and concrete have helped me out considerable.
The following 3 project I was involved in and as a supervisor. Good jobs and I was very happy. To myself I had a sense of pride changing the skyline of the city I sought refuge in. 2 of the 3 jobs I lost to the fact of my let's say  exposure to the internet. For example, Google my name and things come up. Not very proud of that but I needed to stand my ground and speak out about what went on with my life and the abuse of the system.
I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm not some dumb whining slob, mopping around a computer. No I have been a go getter and for the most part it has been well but the past comes back to haunt you, even though it is false.
2 of these jobs I lost directly because of my conditions under bail, of course the internet probably hasn't helped either. Each of these jobs were long term, each with enormous potential for growth within a company.
The first:
I helped , supervised the building of tower 1 one the left, the mid rise on the back and the condo's on the front. Also helped poor the footing for tower 2, biggest pour I've ever seen, we guestimate it was over 3 million pounds of concrete in 16 plus hours .A week in court took care of that. Still proud though.

The new Dance studio. My office was the last black C can on the left of the screen. Thought I had a second chance but the courts helped out with that.

This was the 3rd. I managed to complete the concrete portion of the building and it is still currently under construction ,accept the rest is in steel and only union touches the steel. The last Day before my last scheduled court appearance for the verdict ,I got into some very serious trouble from my boss because I needed a day  to go to court. Of course learning from the past and even though I disliked it I did lie and say it was a "doctor's appointment. He was furious and spoke about deadlines and he needs those he can depend on. At lunch I turned on my phone and found out the judge was requesting it to be put off another month, relieved I told my boss but he kept that sour taste in his mouth for me and the day the concrete was done , so was I. Laid off without any excuse. I wonder if the judge knows what its like for myself. He knew he was ill for a week yet couldn't tell anyone until the morning before. Well at least his paychecks keep coming in right.
 The little brown building to the left is where the ex premier of Alberta used to drink as such it is becoming a historical site and renovated.I have never heard of them keeping an old crappy bar while they are spending billions around it.

I am showing you these things this next couple of days to let you know that I am a person, not a lazy bot slamming out bullshit blogs. False accusations hurt and can last a life time. When I do get some quiet time alone I like to drift off and wonder had it all not have gone on these last 4 years would somehow I have come into my own. Maybe, maybe not but I also think about if I was just left alone, afforded my constitutional right to move forward unfettered what could be. Tomorrow I'll go do some menial task for a few bucks and know, I have 3 days to go.

4 Days to go....( blog 111)

Nightmares last night were as crazy as ever, stress level is maxing out. Good part is I get to see my Doctor today and talk about some of this.
Had a pretty decent day yesterday doing the volunteer work. Never even would have thought of taking pictures until everyone else was, lol so what the Heck.
 This is the Garage we built that is an extension of the Home MCC built. I was amazed that 2 of the volunteers I had were only 15 year old boys. Good salt of the Earth kids , solid and as they said you can tell they are from the farm. Very impressed that they would donate , volunteer at such a young age while others are off doing God knows what. Anyways, here are some photo's. If you can't see them well enough just click on them.
This was our pad we poured.


 Jarod, an in school Civil engineer completing some practical work.Bright future
 Tyvek upside down, I love it that way as it drives other framers nuts. Besides who says it has to be right side up? It does the exact same job.

Same shot as the first, only now its ready for siding and the Garage overhead door. We also ran power out to it. Hardest trench I ever dug in my life. When a river floods, it brings in the silt and it sets like green concrete. BUT we got er done:)) I actually got some time in with one of the directors to talk about my idea of helping out men who are raising their kids alone, to build them homes. It will have to be a comprehensive proposal but very doable I'm told. Giving men maybe a fighting chance to be the one the judge says they get custody, get em a home, let him raise his kids. Sacrifices come in various sized packages.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

5 days to go...........( blog 110)

Its 5:00 am, horrible sleep.I've been up since 4. Today I work again for free when I myself cannot afford to live. Going to shingle the roof for the old couple that had their home destroyed in a flood.

Whereas my sleep was rough with torment at that which I might very well face in 5 days, it feels good to help those that need help. I think of my Grandparents every time I do help. The other day was pretty cool as they came out for group pictures for the historical sites. They brought us donuts and coffee. Not that I needed another donut but hey who can resist them right? LOL. We also planted a tree on behalf of another volunteer that passed away, symbolic for sure. Was told a story about how at the last people had to fight to get the man's gloves on because of disease, old life and still yet he never gave up, spent his life acquiring money, to spend his retirement giving it away for good causes. Most noble if you ask me.
we then spoke of others that have come and gone, ones like this one gentleman who made millions,built things like buildings all his life and never told anyone why. His kids are well taken care of but he gave away all the buildings to needy organizations. We all agreed the most noble way would be to die at work, hands busy , heart right.

Clearly prison is on my mind and in my groanings at night where they say the soul makes intercessions on your behalf to God when you cannot. Used to be religious but all faith I had I used to make intercessions for my grandboys. Still will never take that back.
The next few days I will write a little something,hell whatever I want as I await my day, it's my blog and people don't have to read it.,d.cGU
Two of these young ladies are extended family, well proud of them as they are examples of fine Human beings. They have donated their life to helping those in need around the world as a job. There Husband are equally as gracious but furthered it to run their own business endlessly in hours to give their own families very good homes and to be well looked after. Their own retirement is to now serve others. It has been an honor to be reacquainted with them and definite roll models for communities.
 Couple photo's for you of my own work.

High peak house, so I decided to make it a bedroom:))

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Bail (HBO)...( blog 109)

Comic version on a twisted issue I know but this is something that is a very real issue, especially here in Canada. I have seen men wait for months even years in jail simply because they could not come up with the 250.00 bail!. Thank god we don't have bail bondsmen as of yet but I fear that is about to change. So you choose to prove your innocence and they make you rott, plead guilty and you go home. seem fair?

The word Devastate. (blog 108)

I would like to show those in men's rights groups the meaning of the word "Devastate", most are already familiar with the term and probably could elaborate much better than I the true meaning of it having suffered it themselves by way of divorce, unable to see their children, villainized by others to their children, those that suffer through false allegations and (although I'm sure the list isn't  finalized) The victim of being treated as an endless cash machine by those you used to care for, those being used by those you still care for through say the ex and my favorite. The Richly dressed, wide vocabulary of deceit that pretends to act on your behalf as long as the Benjamins hold out.

verb dev·as·tate \ˈde-və-ˌstāt\
: to destroy much or most of (something) : to cause great damage or harm to (something)

: to cause (someone) to feel extreme emotional pain

Full Definition of DEVASTATE

transitive verb
:  to bring to ruin or desolation by violent action <a country devastated by war>

:  to reduce to chaos, disorder, or helplessness :  overwhelm <devastatedby grief> <her wisecrack devastated the class>
— dev·as·tat·ing·ly \-ˌstā-tiŋ-lē\ adverb
— dev·as·ta·tion \ˌde-və-ˈstā-shən\ noun
— dev·as·tat·ive \ˈde-və-ˌstā-tiv\ adjective
— dev·as·ta·tor \-ˌstā-tər\ noun

Examples of DEVASTATE

The flood devastated the town.
The disease has devastated the area's oak tree population.
The hurricane left the island completely devastated.

Latin devastatus, past participle of devastare, from de- + vastare to lay waste — more at waste
First Known Use: 1638

Related to DEVASTATE
Synonymsdestroy, ravage, ruin, scourgeAntonymsbuild, construct, erect, put up, raise, rear, set up

Those are some serious descriptive words there "DESTROY,RAVAGE,RUIN, SCOURGE And WASTE. Backed up with Antonyms  such as "BUILD, CONSTRUCT, ERECT, PUT UP, RAISE, REAR, SET UP" All tactics used against its victim to go against underhandedly. Such as one very well will face in Divorce court, Custody hearings, Child payment offices and those falsely accused by and through or aided by the Judicial system.
Hurricanes and Tornados, Floods are devastating and they cost billions and even trillions of dollars. People run with their wallets open, the various governments pledge untold dollars. To rebuild in the exact same area that the disaster hit yet only for it to hit again years later.
So if we use the monetary term of millions, billions and trillions to justify the existence of what it means to be declared a disaster.Then surely the divorce business of an annual 33.3 billion is a disaster!( according to American statistics).,d.cGU  This is one province in Canada, the cost of child protective services 500 million! Imagine if we had and added the numbers together for just little old Canada with a total population of about 35 million people....I would say we have a disaster on our hands.
Annually 3'500 people commit suicide in Canada, for every 1 woman there are 4 men or a 4 to 1 ratio....I would say that is a disaster. America boasts nearly 50'000 suicides every year and they only started counting in 1981 so roughly that's a couple million people 4 to 1 ratio for men. A fucking DISASTER!

Yet it blows me away that when these DISASTERS happen and cost the tune of trillions of dollars every year that for these groups there is ZERO monies, ZERO relief, ZERO Red Cross or any other DISASTER relief committee or volunteer. There is no rebuilding, no steady supply of food, clothing and or furniture, no rebuilding of homes, no endless countless hours of free grief and emotional trauma support or counselling.
 A guys conviction gets overturned "hey beat it".! Someone lies about another and falsely accuses the "hey beat it". You're the father of the children, well we award custody to the mother "hey beat it" There is no groups that say "oh so the mother is a drunk, violent to your children, maybe an issue with drugs? can't afford to house and take care of them alone? "well lets build you a house, and say we will pay off that mortgage, throw in a couple college education tuitions,  here is a free mini van DAD. We don't even have a shelter  comparative to the billions spent on women who claim abuse every year, they needn't even prove it, just say it and the wheelbarrows of money comes running forth complete with free makeovers, tuitions, homes, clothing, free vehicles subsidies up the ass.

So why is this? why is this happening? Let it stand your own test of reason and make a change however you can. It needs to become political because it is political already but people need to give a shit. Else in the end we are what we are designed to be, and that is disposable razors who occasionally donate sperm to further the slave population ready to be ready at the call like a good doggie to fight any war we are called to. I'm not attempting to disrespect MRA's, quite the opposite. I would like to see us actually join forces collectively and become political. Burning bras worked for the women....Hell maybe we need to go on strike and burn some skivvies.( or underwear).
Hope you're amused.