Sunday, 28 December 2014


UPDATE: So I have heard back from my attorney as to when my trial will resume, End of February!
I cannot believe that in November we just went for what is called an' askov application' and this was due to my constitutional rights to a speedy trial being violated. (among many other rights) as it had at that point been 17 months until trial and it should have been 9 to 12 max. For whatever reason the judge made his ruling, he did so with a side note "that the trial must commence and be dealt with in the allotted 3 days scheduled for it."

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Cops that lie. (blog 83)

My Trial started on Monday, 08, 2014. The trial is about how police were hounding me after I was falsely accused of rape and being a molester , awaiting trial. I was eventually cleared years later via a confession from my accuser, thus they forced an Acquittal before anymore could come out. ( see ) It got so bad that they eventually showed up at my home without a warrant, didn't announce themselves and attempted to forcefully gain entry to which I had thought it was my accusers family and defended.
Most of this is all covered under a blog titled "" Since the first day of trial they have been threatening my attorney to have her removed as my attorney due to "a conflict of interest" This alleged conflict comes from the fact that the staff SGT in my case ( who threatened, in fact promised to kill me) has now gone and attempted to intimidate my lawyer ( in front of witnesses) causing her to file a complaint.
They were in the end unsuccessful, so far! But they have successfully blocked further disclosure into SGT Carters criminal investigations against himself and as well as any L.E.R.B findings (law enforcement review board) so that they do not become public.
Three police officers have now testified. 2 who are partners, their stories do not match. In fact the third officer in charge of gathering all of the police reports, evidence, search warrant ( after the fact) has openly stated under oath that "he did not collect ,nor did he question any of the witnesses that were evacuated" and as well as all other officers , he knows of no one that was interviewed period!
When he was asked if he knew that there were cameras in the building and that everything was recorded, why he hadn't obtained that info. His reply was that there was no cameras.....period
I am leaving for court but before I do i just want to upload the dozens of cameras that covered the entire property and I will simply elude to the obvious. No police officers would ever let dozens of witnesses leave and not only get their names, but statements, etc unless you don't want what they have to say on record. No officers would fail to get the video evidence from dozens of cameras as part of a proper investigation, unless they don't want people to see ( the courts) what they did on tape.
Finally, all three cops deny that there was a reporter there and they failed to get his footage, we have now subpoenaed him and he will tell about how he was not only there, but that he jump started one of their cars.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Victim Impact Statement....(blog 82)

My wife came to myself and handed me this, said "this is my victim impact statement I'm going to give the crown and your lawyer". I was very surprised, very surprised in deed after I read it. My wife has remained silent all these years while I undergo this horror show of the judicial system. So enveloping it is that I forgot about those around myself , that of my family, friends, grandchildren and my wife....that in deed it enveloped us all. As you could imagine, I was choked up after reading this.
The words of my wife: