Saturday, 30 August 2014

My statement, and it's never changed in one single thing throughout...they all had this statement. (blog 74)

I have dreaded this day for the only reason that I have attempted many times before, I usually shut down in depression mixed with a confused anger and then take up my bed for days on end. I will do my best now, feel it might be possible I'm in a place to constructively say something without breaking down, sounding like a frustrated, repeating old man. So, where to begin except from the day my nightmare started.

On may 21,2011 my then step kid accused me falsely of the following. Where there is many jumbled versions such as at the preliminary hearing, trial and to others such as the police who let her redo her statement after the fact. I am just going to stick to the facts that she claimed in her original statement. She says that I had become upset with her and went into her room ,grabbed her and choked her, ground my fist into her head , stripped her naked while pinned to the wall. She goes on to say that I then threw her to the bed and inserted my fingers inside her while I sucked on both or her breasts. Furthermore, she claims that in fact I was unclothed and had forced her legs apart, preparing to have sex with her when her mother walked into the home. That all being said, they then asked her some details from throughout the day. While giving out those details she told them that it was raining when she walked home that day, going so far at the preliminary hearing as to state that "she was soaked through and through and had to change"

This all being said, this is the jest of what she alleges went on, although there are many variations to her claims, many dramatic and should have been a clear sign to investigators that this did not occur. Before I go into being arrested, I want to address this allegation of hers, pointing out a few things that should have been alarm bells to investigators and yet they went on deaf ears.

first of all, they knew it didn't rain that day ( please see weather report on blog) . second, with all the violence she alleges, there wasn't even a mark on her ( please add in trial transcripts on blog) that was worthy of a photo and as such they were never once introduced into the courts during the 3 year ordeal. Third, by her mothers statement she says that her daughter asked her "don't let them take DNA". Forth, her mother states that when she entered the home the first thing she seen was myself standing in the kitchen, fully clothed. There is no complicated entrance to my home, open one of two doors and your either in my living room or kitchen. This definitely should have screamed something to them, as she claims when her "mom entered the home "he was forcing my legs apart, unclothed to rape her"

Fifth. Investigators knew that I had a severe back problem, in fact they knew that my step kid was even with me that day at the doctors where he made a prognosis after viewing myself for a week that I had a definite herniated disk in my back, the L5S1. His diagnosis went as far as scheduling an MRI and stated that I would be off for at least 6 more weeks on light duty or workman's compensation.( please add in WCB forms, doctors file on blog) So I ask you, how could a man be so violent and even possibly be sexual in any way? note the doctors notes that say on that day I could not lift more then 20lbs, sit, stand or even lie down for extended periods. Yes this too escaped the investigators, even though it was them that removed my back harness before arresting me.

sixth. it took only three months for the DNA results from her breast swabs, where they looked for my saliva as per her accusations. This test cleared me, yet they continued. 8 months into the ordeal, the DNA tests from my fingernails came back clearing me as well as the tests from her privates. ( please add in DNA report on blog) This is key because in her original statement and all other versions under oath, she states that the time from incident until police arrived was around 10 minutes!, so once again this fell to unconsciously cruel investigators and they continued their persecution of my life. So it wasn't like this was something she was claiming happened hours earlier, days earlier or worked up the courage to speak out about something that she thought happened years ago....she says 10 minutes and yet no DNA. 7th. she turns over a t shirt claiming I left it behind, yet her mother says I was fully clothed. In short there was not a single shred of physical evidence, DNA, or circumstantial evidence other then the words of a pissed off kid because her step dad had said no to her un healthy life choices and in fact if it was to continue that she could leave my home as I was no longer willing to watch her destroy her life under my roof. In fact, at that time investigators had in front of them a multi timed false accuser and I was the one that brought her to the police to get down to the truth over the years. In fact she had made a total of 9 false allegations and either admitted or was found to be lying each time. Then she accused myself but before I could go to trial, she also accused two others of wrong doing and in their cases even wrote a letter recanting and didn't show up to their preliminary hearing so the charges were dropped against them. Not to be undone, when questioned about this at my preliminary hearing, even though she wrote a letter recanting, didn't show up for court....she re accused them under oath!

This all slipped by investigators, or did it? I was purposefully persecuted and they knew it. Ultimately it all blew up in their faces at trial. I was assured by my attorneys that I was nuts for choosing to go judge and jury, that a jury will slaughter myself if for any reason then to error on the side of caution. Well, she read the weather data report and admitted to committing perjury in other cases dealing with mine under oath, in fact that day at trial! In front of a jury. when asked why, she simply said "I've lied in past under oath appearances and today", and her reasoning was because each time I was tired and or I didn't want to be here". The jury was released in my trial the first day, after the crown seeking an" acquittal" and the judge" no longer comfortable with this in my court room" After she went into a tirade of anger and interrupted the crown stating for them all to" listen to her confession first" she broke down crying, put her face in her hands in pause. I was hoping for a full confession, I wanted to know what the cops, lawyers had said or done to her, I wanted to know if her mom was involved or one of the 4 officers found to be "not credible "the day before trial was to begin in a separate hearing. But I was to be denied, they excused her and never let her finish.

I will now tell who ever will listen what it was like for me from arrest and throughout till this present day.

On the night before I was arrested, my accusers mother and I had spent some time in our bedroom I had converted in the basement. Prior to my work injury I had built us a kick as suite with walk in closet and a theatre style games room at the other end. This was to be our get away, mainly for myself to have a bit of piece of mind. An area that was not shared with my ever increasingly ,troubled step daughter. However, I did redo the entire up stairs near equal, so that she too could watch whatever she wanted on TV, etc.

My spouse and I had consumed some alcohol and we were looking forward to the upcoming long weekend despite my back injury. I had trouble staying put due to the injury so it took me some time to get to sleep that night. When I awoke, my spouse had already gone to work for her last day before the weekend. I got out of bed and got dressed as I had an appointment at the doctors that morning for my back. Stiff and tired of the ridiculous back brace I went for coffee. I went up to my kitchen to make some, my step daughter walked in. Christ I thought to myself and asked her why she didn't go to her mothers work. she said she wanted to stay home. We were already at a breaking point due to her involvement with the boy next door as he was 21 to her 15 years, this among so many other things like doing drugs, not attending school, running away, cops constantly at my house about her for running away, stealing, etc.

But I was ever conscious that she was a kid, troublesome but a kid and I didn't want to start the day off in an argument so I told her "well, your going to have to help me down the hill to the doctors this morning as my back is killing me" She agreed and after my coffee we left for the doctor. Together we attended, and the doctor cracked, and whatever else he did. being that we were only two blocks from her moms work, we continued on and besides her mom wanted to know the results of my appointment. While we were there, and her mom was busy, my step kid went down to the lunch room to do whatever it was she did while there. I took liberty to get a cart and make some purchases for the things her mom and I talked about. I remember buying bird feeders, grass seed, new garden hoses and enough concrete patio pads to make a patio. I also ordered fence panels ,posts and bags of cement. I paid for it all and all the heavy stuff would come on a delivery truck. The only thing in my cart was the bird feeders, hose and grass seed. I didn't want to walk with it and couldn't so I called my neighbour who was the only owner of one of two cabs in town, just happened to live right next door. While he was loading the cab, my spouse came out and demanded that I take my step kid as she was mouthing off her mom in front of customers. I said okay and the three of us left. Rick my neighbour that picked me up agreed to borrow me his lawn feeder for my grass seed, we bantered about my back and he told me that "the brick" was having a sale on BB Q's.

We got home and Rick unloaded the trunk, drove next door and then brought out his lawn feeder. He then left as he wasn't a fan of my step kid either as she would awake then previously drunk while I was out of town asking for a "screwdriver so she could break back in the house as she couldn't crawl back in the window she fell out of" Rick was a serious old boy with little time for bullshit. I then asked my step kid if she will lift up the bag of lawn seed to the stoop, that I would cut it and she would dump it in the hopper. She gave me grief, refused to help. I had little patience and had sent her back to her mom if she wouldn't help. She left and I couldn't do the lawn, went inside. after a while resting I remembered what rick told me about the sale at "the brick" so, I made my way down there as I've wanted a new BBQ for quite some time and in fact I had already purchased 2 new propane tanks in anticipation for the new BBQ , weeks in advance.

Once there , I received a hell of a deal on the BBQ any man would be proud off, purchased it but because I couldn't get rick on the phone, my back and the fact the box was just so dam big to even get into the cab, I had to have it delivered and they told me I'd have to wait till after the weekend. Disappointingly, I agreed. Got my bill of sale and left. Again, being so close to my spouses work, I stopped in to brag and have a smoke with her. When I got to the parking lot I had noticed that my step kid was in her mothers co workers car unattended, rooting around in the back seat. I asked why she was there and I quickly got attitude that her mothers co worker knew, she always does and its okay as they are friends. I asserted myself " yeah well, I'm your father and I don't give a dam what you think is going on here, I've told you about hanging out with adults. your a kid and I want you to be a kid, you need to learn respect for your mom and her co workers, there is separation. She couldn't understand these boundaries, had habitually crossed them and we had constant issues with her being inappropriate, telling teachers off, her moms boss off, our friends off .

Well, she was pissed off and mad a comment that she wasn't a kid. I told her to get the hell out of the car as her age of 15 says she is a kid. We went inside and I reiterated to her mothers co worker that its inappropriate, she was an adult, my kid a kid and to stop encouraging my kid. This person had less then a solid reputation in town, simply put I didn't have to have an excuse to protect my kid from a drug addict floozy. Her mom and I had a smoke when she forced me to take my step kid again and she told her daughter that she as going back with me. We walked home together, and shortly after getting home she started flipping out with her mouthing off, sick of it and the stress hurting my back I told her to go anywhere but where I was, and she left.

After a short nap I awoke and called her moms work to make sure she showed up. She did and her mom asked why I kept sending her back, we then got into an argument about it because I simply said " well you know what, its not my kid, its yours and she is out of control, why am I always saddled with her?" I asserted that I was the step dad, nothing more and resented the fact that I've had to accept so much responsibility for her. We calmed down and I agreed that she could come home to do chores so that there was less for her mother after work as I couldn't help out. I had decided that I was going to my other neighbours, the father of the 21 year old to talk to his parents and appeal to their good nature I had hoped to help us out with the bad situation, between our kids. Previously I had been less then cordial to either of them or their son and well basically had made threats as any father would attempting to protect his daughter.

Before she got home I left, stayed and talked to them and another woman for quite some time. It was tense at first but we all talked it out, we settled into a good conversation. Their younger son came home and was preparing to go paint balling with another friend. Their son was just telling me all about it all and the fun, interest he had. Wanting to show I had no ill will to my neighbours, that I am a gentle giant. I told their son to hold on, that I had something for him and went to my house. I came back and gave him an authentic German army poncho, camouflage gear. He was thrilled and thanked me, they left and their parents and I and the other woman engaged in conversation again. The next thing I know, the father says, "you know it all doesn't matter anyway Joe as the world is set to end at 6:00 p.m today" I was like what? he said "yeah some nut says predicted that the world is going to end at 6:00 pm" I said "what time is it?" he said like "5 To" I was like " oh shit Samantha Will be home any minute, she catches me over here she will think I'm picking a fight, she doesn't know we talked, I gotta go" I was invited for BBQ the next day and left. Samantha was off at 5:30, would be home any moment.

So I didn't want to get into shit from Samantha for being at the neighbours without explaining to her first that we had all come to an agreement and a way to solve the problem between our children and their unhealthy relationship. unhealthy because he was technically an adult, her a troubled kid with mental issues, diagnosed by a doctor and on two separate medications for treatment since the age of 12.
I had arrived home first and came through the door. The music was loud as I had left it for my step kid when I left. I did so to let her know she could jamb out while doing chores as she liked to sing. But as soon as I walked in she was there yelling something at me. I told her to turn down the music as her mom would be home any minute and I couldn't hear her well. She did. And then she came into the kitchen and got right in my face and said the following " so it's not okay that I fuck Jason but you can be over there fucking his mom, just wait till my mom hears about this", she then spun to leave but I had grabbed her arm and as she came back to face me I open handily slapped her in the face, not to hard but it was corrective from a parent to a child that just spoke some serious filth to an adult and parent none the less. I also told her that I was sick of her bullshit and twisted crap, that I had had enough and she was going to go live with her dad. She went storming away to her room and slammed the door, I could hear shit breaking and her throwing a fit. I turned on my air conditioner and just stood there as it was hot as hell, what this kid just said to me, how I was just over at the neighbours straightening her shit out again. Lately she had been telling me that her mother was flirting, secretly meeting men, her mother and I would discuss what went on while I was away for the winter, we would fight but did realise that my step kid was just causing shit. Less then a moment later my spouse had came in with a case of beer and as she put the beer down she said " oh good you are home, angel said you weren't" she barely got that out when I said " not so good, your never gonna believe what your kid just said to me" Just then angel lets out this wail and Samantha asked "what's her problem" I said I don't know, she just got a smack from me cause she just said the craziest shit to me when I came home" Samantha went to go check up on her daughter and comes back and says "why is she naked?" I said " how the fuck would I know, ask her" she went back in to talk to her for a couple of minutes. There was a lot of yelling and screaming, angel was being ignorant to her mom, so I went in as I could see her mom on angels bed talking to her. as I walked in and said " I'm NOT putting up with bullshit this weekend (angel had ways of sabotaging our good times, long weekends either by drama, running away or worse) AS I was saying that I come around the corner to see her in the corner of the room with a sheet wrapped around her. I asked "why are you in a fucking sheet, two minutes ago you were dressed" and then I noticed the plate of food she had smashed off the wall. Her mom left the room and I sat on the beds edge in full view of her and her mom and I asked her what "her fucking problem was, told her that we needed piece this weekend, no drama!. I added for her to straighten out, gather herself and her room and then come out and talk to us, left the room.

I spoke with SAM in the living room,  She said Hi,what is going on?. I told her what her daughter had said  when I got home and that I was straightening out her shit again at the Kramer's, with Jason's parents Just then there was a door bell ring, my front door was open but screen door closed. It was constable Folk. I told Samantha that I'm not dealing with this shit this time, as I had spent all afternoon defending her kid. In fact that seemed all I did lately around then was going around and putting out fires for her kid at school, with police, getting her mental health help, on and on. My back was hurting bad and I was supposed to stay away from stress as it just inflamed it. I told SAM she could deal with Folk this time and be a parent for once, that I'm going to my room downstairs. And I did.

I went down stairs and my cats came with me. Samantha had left a full can of beer on the dresser from the night before and I grabbed it, cracked it and took a swallow. It was warm and tasted like crap, she drinks way stronger beer then I do and I didn't like it. I sat for a moment listening to muffled voices from upstairs and my cat jumped on my lap. pissed off that it would be another shit show weekend I had hoped they would simply put her where she could get some mental help. I lit a smoke and pulled out my BB gun to shoot at my target on my un finished dry wall target I had and my cats as always would run around and chase the BBS. At the time I thought nothing of it. Shortly after constable Folk came down my stairs and asked to speak with me, I told him " don't come down, deal with Samantha this time as I'm fucking done bailing that kid out and defending her". He then said Joseph, is that a gun" I told him it was a BB gun, that I don't own firearms" He then came all the way down stairs and said well I cannot have a beer with you but I will have a smoke and promptly sat beside me, lit up his own smoke. He asked me what was going on and I told him what angel had said to me when I came home from the neighbours. That I had slapped her in response. He said, you know bud, where as I don't argue with you, you could be charged with assault. I told him "at this point I don't give a fuck, what the hell do I do with this kid and added that if it would remove her from my home that I would plead guilty. We then went into talking about angel and I confronted him about his previous promise that "he would deal with the adult , kid next door. Folk and I had (I thought) established a friendship based on mutually trying to get angel help. He was aware of her accusing a boy of rape, her grandfather of child molestation, accusing people at school, teachers, kids, drugs, running away and folk and I had spent many nights discussing this on the telephone, sometimes he would even call late while on break from patrol in Lac la Bitch. Samantha had given me shit about it and told me folk was giving her the creeps. I dismissed it and before we ended that conversation he had told me that I shouldn't get involved, that one night after his shift, while in uniform he would go over and put a scare into Jason Kramer, get him to leave my kid alone. I also had conversations with Samantha's mother and brother about the same things.

He then told me to give it time, but I told him I already spoke to his parents and his dad is going to deal with him. We continued to talk, and about near an hour went by when corporaldozios came down stairs.

Immediately he was extremely confrontational. He straight out told Folk "why isn't he in cuffs?" Folk replied " he hasn't done anything. Dozios says "i said why isn't he in cuffs" Folk leaned forward and reiterated " I said he hasn't done anything wrong, you don't understand, we've been here before, his kid is trouble and done this kind of thing before" I was perplexed at his wording but without a chance to say anything, dozios says "he ripped off all her clothes" I then said "yeah right, I ripped off all her clothes, are you fucking nuts, why would I do that?" he just gave me a dirty look and told Folk again "I'm no longer asking you, I'm telling you as you superior officer to put him in cuffs" Folk just kind of sat there a minute and then I got up and said " folk just put me in cuffs, no sense us both being in trouble" I was confidant at the moment that it would all get worked out, besides this was just another of angel's high octane drama. So I stood up and Dozois removed by back harness, at the time I didn't care cause it was hot. Folk eased my hands behind my back and cuffed me. Then Dozios comes up to me and comes at me with his pointer finger at me and says " I should just shoot you in the fucking head " and for effect pushes his finger between my eyes.

Well I was furious and told Dozois that he was a fucking piece of shit, how dare he threaten me in my own home!" I even said I'll slap the shit out of him and made a step to him. Folk grabbed me, put himself between Dozios and i and said , come on Joe, don't make it worse , I'm sure it'll get dealt with lets go. I complied and folk lead me out. Samantha had come to my defence as we were going up the stairs but turned around as I told her to fuck off, get away from me, I'm done and I'm not having her kid in my house anymore.

Folk then helped me in the truck and then left for what seemed like forever, it was terribly hot and I was cuffed behind my back and in a large amount of pain. Folk came back and his attitude was different, read me some rights and I told him to go fuck off, that I wanted a lawyer and I'm suing everyone. He then left again, after a long while came back and then drove me to the precinct. Once there they wouldn't remove my cuffs, I watched the clock and it was over an hour, I was in tears from pain, begging them to remove my cuffs. Folk and MC Donald were talking to me, I told Folk "why didn't you just kick that child molesters ass?", I was referring to Jason Kramer, folk wheeled his chair behind MC Donald and gave me a look to shut up, and a motion with his hand to be quiet. He then said "well I don't do that Joe". MC Donald left, folk and I were alone, I was in agony and he told me to hold on. that he couldn't un cuff me cause his boss said so. I then said again, I'll plead guilty to whatever, please take off the cuffs, I couldn't feel my arms anymore, the pain was unbearable.. Dozioscame in and they removed my cuffs. I was asked to be searched for weapons and I just simply dis robbed totally. They said well "okay then" and threw my clothes in the cell and closed the door blood was rushing to my arms, I tried to stretch out my back, the pain was horrible..

right away they came back and re cuffed me in front, took me to a room and uncuffed me and removed my fingernails. MC Donald was getting rough, and I told him to chill as I've nothing to hide. When angel accused Anthony of rape, he was the officer that interrogated angel but now he was a right asshole to me. I looked around and folk was there with his hand on his firearm as was dozios, not pulled but on the ready. MC Donald and Parker clipped all my nails. After they were done, I was taken back to my cell. Near right away , well about a half hour or so they came back, cuffed me in front again, took me to an interview room. Folk was there and read me my rights. I was annoyed to say the least. Folk then said "Joe your in big trouble, angel is claiming you ripped off all of her clothes to teach her a lesson cause she is a whore" I flipped! I told him "are you fucking retarded, what lesson would that teach?, that they had this all wrong, question her and she will admit". he then asked me to go over the days events and I did, told him I was at the neighbour's all afternoon to go ask them, and why I was there, when I left. He was begging me to help him clear me, I told him all he wanted. I was then placed back in a cell so he could go" verify"

having been placed in my cell in a little while I was pulled out again. Brought back to the interview room constable folk says to me " Joe, we got a real serious problem here, I went to you next door neighbours, the Kramer's and no one lives there Joe, the house is abandoned" Right there I snapped and I told him that they will not get away with this, I lived next door to these people for nearly 1 year, they fucking well live there". I added " they're yard and house looks like shit but they are there". He says " I don't know what to tell you Joe, they don't" I flipped out and reiterated I wanted a lawyer, they will not get away with this and I stood up. Right then and there they cancelled the interview, dozios came flying in and told folk it was over , put him back in the cell. ( even my accuser was asked about Jason Kramer at pre- trial and she acknowledges it)

On the way back to my cell they put me in the phone booth to call a lawyer, I couldn't operate the phone cuffed and didn't know the name to a lawyer or number and they wouldn't help me so I frustrated asked to be put back in my cell.

once back in I heard folk and dozios talking outside my cell. Folk said to dozios " you don't understand, this guy didn't do anything like that, I know this kid and she is trouble, I've been he said, then continued we've all been there and know all about her" Dozios said to folk "listen if you are too emotionally involved here then you can fucking go home and get your shit together", they walked away and until trial I never did see folk again. ( incidentally, dozios was involved with me when angel accused her mother and uncle of attempting to kill me, Samantha was arrested and I stayed at the police station until she was released, defended her and dozois got a real ear full from me about that, also incidentally when that went to court I flipped in court and made the judge listen, the crown had no other choice but to drop the charges, and yes angel admitted to that as since then dozios never liked me)

More time went by, I cried, I wailed, screamed at the cops, laid down wept some more, paced, stretched out my back....I didn't even know the time. After a great deal of time the slot in my door opened. Corporal dozios was there. "harms sit on your hands and don't move, I need to talk to yeah bud" I complied thinking it was all over. He opened the door and said " well tough guy it looks like you'll be charged with three counts of assault" I said three? I only slapped her the one time after she said what she did, and did so as a parent, not a beat down" ( in fact my slap was more for affect as there isn't even a photo of her with even a red mark on her face) He then said " no tough guy, I don't think you understand. you are being charged with sexual assault!". that sunk home, for me life ended right there and I was so mad at this piece of shit I stood up. I yelled "you are so fucked in the head, first you threaten to shoot me in the head, then this "he quickly closed and locked the door before I could move a step. I found out I was there for 3 to four days, I refused their food and dozios would keep coming back and saying that I had more charges, a total of 9 before arraignment I believe. I was so sick of him I told him " why don't you just shoot me in the fucking head, or fuck off". After days in a room, no way to tell the time, no windows I was asked if I wanted my medication, Samantha had sent it along to me. my back was on fire, all the smoke from slave lake burning down I had breathing problems and needed my inhaler. they gave it to me, then they asked if I wanted to contact a lawyer as the j.p would be seeing me today. I said yes and without cuffs they gave me a phone book, put me in the booth. I called a lawyer and he advised me to say nothing but would do nothing for me until he had a 5'000.00 dollar retainer, when I had that call him and hung up. Frustrated I asked to go back to my cell and the cop says " hey harms, you've always been a straight forward guy, I know the shit you've put up with. That moment I wanted to just hug him. He says "tell you what, you will probably get bail. why don't you call your spouse don't say anything wrong, but just ask her to pack you a bag and tell her to make sure your wallet is in it, if and when you get bail you shouldn't go back there, avoid more trouble, I will go get that bag for you" I agreed and they stood there while I called. All I told Sam was, "pack me a bag, they will come get it. It's not what you think and I need your help for a lawyer" they told me "that's enough and then put me back in my cell. Shortly there after I seen the j.p, Dozios represented the crown and he told the judge that I admitted to it all, that I had threatened them with a gun and that while being interviewed I admitted to a murder from years ago when I was a kid! I had to remain calm, I denied everything and as you can guess I was denied bail.

back to my cell, all I could do was weep, pray that she my accuser would come clean and rescue never happened. Then dozios came in and said that I was being charged with 2 counts of breach for calling SAM, the no contact order before I ever even went in front of the justice of the peace! ( incidentally can you believe that I had a trial for that before ever being tried for the principle charges, yes December that year and I was found guilty! how does that work? considering they now forced an acquittal in the principle charges after a confession from the accuser) days later I was being transferred to Edmonton remand and dozios was there to see me off , I looked at that piece of shit and I said " I hope your happy you ruined my life and my families life" he said no Mr. harms "you ruined your life, and that of your families", Then he whispered to the transport sheriffs and upon them putting me in a separate cage I got a couple quick shots to the side of the head, spit in my face. Next thing I know we are driving through town, I seen a few friends and my home up the street and all I could do was weep.

at this point it is important to understand, they lied, there wasn't a shred or evidence against me other then her words, she being an false accuser of even her own grandpa, childhood friend, mother, uncle. There was soooo much to say I didn't do this. I watched town disappear and I knew my life was done.

This will have to be a two part. I cannot tell of my legal dealings and what happened at Edmonton remand in the same spoke. I will first talk about torture and then I will talk about my legal experiences. going into this I want the reader to know that if you hold the government in any form to a higher standard you might want to re think that, even if you live in the blessed country of Canada. Children get abused in foster care, the president and the government admit to "torturing Folks", you see crooked cops on film daily on all the social networks, Internet and countries like ours are strife with cases like David milgaard, guy Paul Morin, Steven Truscott, what is the one thing they have in common? One they were chosen to suffer and two they were children themselves, yet the state would imprison them for decades each, and even sentence some of them to die , does that sound just to you? does that not sound like your government?, well it happened, and to many more, they have admitted and the true criminals run free, they have paid out settlements. so if you don't like what I'm gonna say, tough shit cause it happened and I'm telling like I told them I would.


I was greeted at the door as a child molester rapist, every hand cuff , shackle removed was perverse. I was stripped naked, told to bend over and spread my cheeks, cough. when I did I got my first kick in the balls, piled into the floor. I was told so you like rapping kids huh?, I told them to go fuck themselves as I vomited. they didn't know how to take it and placed me in a separate cell. when it came time for me to be processed I told them I won't go p.c, they said they will kill you, I said go fuck your hat I'm not guilty, I'd rather fight and die then be labelled and not fight. They left me in that tank for days, no plumbing, no water, no access to a phone to call a lawyer. eventually I had to agree just to get to a phone, plus I couldn't take the beatings because I wouldn't comply. they found out I could fight so they rushed me and put me in cuffs, shackled my leg irons to my cuffs, would come by and fart in my face and they would all laugh, belly down hog tied I had to endure.....I chose protective custody, what a joke.

over the months of special treatment, I have the paper work to show I was being abused. I have irrefutable proof but I can not jeopardise those government workers. I'd miss court dates....reasons stated was I refused to attend ( prisoner doesn't have that luxury) I have paperwork that says I was so sedated I could not attend, also not true. I was being systematically tortured and I threatened to tell the judge, they said no you won't and they were right as they prevented me to go to court. I tell you, I cannot possibly tell you it all as I must be strong, I have to hold back cause its my fuel and without it I'll surely fall apart and die on my feet. I will state only the basics, and I'm willing to undergo any test. They threatened repeated rape, mutilation, electrocution, dismemberment, they threatened to kill those I loved, to boil me with oil, in fact drugged me and I have that proof too, there was a court case about the drugging, before my lawyer sold me out he brought them in front of a judge, I was there and they all lawyer ed up, I don't know what ever happened to that case, I was daily interrogated , and underwent extreme sleep deprivation ....this is where I gotta stop. it makes me too angry....I'm sorry but I can't

I had to stop when I wrote this as it is far too much a trigger for suicidal thoughts, I need to maintain and be able to fight the legal part before I can even contemplate the horror I went through while in custody.


Friday, 29 August 2014

Beyond the call of duty....when line stepping becomes criminal. (blog 73)

It bothers me to know just what the heck went on between these two and what Folk's whole actual role was in all of this?. It would never be allowed in any other case that even a year after a lead investigator in a case could come and offer hugs to the alleged victim, become face book friends.
It was told to myself by my accusers god mother that Folk had even offered to take her to live with him if she was too much trouble for her mother ( while i sat in jail awaiting a future acquittal)
Curious things like himself telling her not to discuss the matter with the child psychologist (that was brought in to determine if there was any validity to the claim) Of coarse her being and confessing to lying in court and in front of a jury doesn't help so he would be able to hide behind that.
 I know that someone knows more then is being said as he has been transferred to the crappiest fly in remote location jobs possible. Fort Mc Kay.

Here is a little more of Constable Folk's handy work. Where in another man calls it "frontier justice" that Folk handed out. If you read he pepper sprayed a crowd after the crowd turned on him for smashing a mans face into the ground, excessive force. He was questioned about this in court but couldn't recall!, yet admits to another 2 separate cases where he was brought in front of the disciplinarian board within the RCMP......NUTS! I'll be the fourth. This guy is running a muck everywhere, i would transfer him to a remote location too. Then again i'd just fire his crooked ass!
More to come

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Just another one in the long list of victims from she that had accused myself as well. (blog 72)

This is some of a face book conversation i had with Pauline Gambler just before my trial. Who is Pauline Gambler? well she is the mother of the son  (who at the time was 28) Ryan Gambler who was not only dating my accuser ( who was 15 years old) but also living in my home, together they slept in my very bed while i was in jail falsely accused ( see acquitted)
It turns out that they had some type of falling out  ( and it did become an under oath process at my trial) and my accuser then accuses Ryan and Pauline not only of assault but also with a weapon, being held against her will. True to form , My accuser recants and even writes a letter to recant and doesn't go to the preliminary hearing, thus it was thrown out. YET!, re-accuses then under oath at my preliminary hearing.In this exchange i provide, you'll notice that "Pauline" didn't even know who i was until i told her but not before her stating that": she falsely accused her step dad" Where i was told later that it was a drunken confession, yet when my attorney was made aware of this she found it "insignificant,"and did , said or asked nothing about it.

I wonder exactly why this case and so many others in where she falsely accused people are deemed "Insignificant", "Irrelevant", "a Separate matter". If someone you knew of made 11 very serious allegations against everyone from child hood friends, uncle, mother, cousin,step father, grandfather, teachers....and in each and every time admit to lying.....Do you think they should be connected?, relevant?, significant? and now we know the results of her allegations against myself, who is next?
Up next i will show how my accuser ( a troubled 15 year old) was at the time friends on face book with the lead investigator "Colin Folk, as sworn under oath" Do you think that its legal for an investigating cop to be friends with an alleged victim, not less then a child ? I will also add to that court testimony from Angel as well were she states under oath that Colin folk prevented her from talking with a psychologist brought in to figure this out.


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Recently. (blog 71)

I haven't written a blog for some time. I thought that i would update those that read my blog. I have been told that a meeting with the police chief will not be happening. Instead I will be meeting with a investigator that investigates the police. I have also been told the following. That in fact, irregardless of the other instances of rampant police harassment Throughout my time while awaiting my trial ( where i was given an acquittal), we will only be discussing the one day where police conducted a 'no knock, warrant-less raid on my home , and in fact i protected my home and property as well as myself not knowing they were police as they never identified themselves but rather just threatened to kill me from the other side of the door and much more, it wasn't until i actually called 911 myself that i was informed they were police attempting to come in. All other (about 6 instances, with long lasting residual effects) must be dealt with separately as they are separate matters.
When i asked how long the investigation will take, I was told it could be as long as 6 months to a year!. "Wow" i responded, " so does this mean they will postpone trial until the investigation is completed?" The reply was hard to swallow " no they will not postpone the trial". So i asked "well, if there is a conviction and the report comes back that indeed the only one to commit a criminal offence that day was the police, surely my conviction will be overturned and i set free" Again the reply was like swallowing a watermelon, "no, your conviction won't be overturned and in all likely-hood the only out come may be that the police involved will be reprimanded".
Nice system we have here huh? What's the point of investigating it then? Who actually polices the police in this country? And if they are guilty, how could it be that i may be found guilty and upon the result of an investigation, they are deemed to have committed unlawful entry, uttering death threats, without a warrant do an illegal search and seizure, put my spouse in a dangerous situation where they are all actually wearing gas masks and she without while they unload untold canisters of pepper spray ( incidentally,which  is a prohibited chemical  weapon not to be used in war, signed by nearly every country including Canada)
Additionally, as of late the police have been actively searching for my spouse to serve her a court ordered summons to attend court as a witness for the crown.Now the idea would be to just serve her but no, she works nights and sleeps in the day and doesn't answer phone calls from un identified callers, but after being woken by three calls back to back she answered in case there was an emergency. A certain officer informed her that he must serve her today else there would be a warrant for her arrest. She explained, that she works nights and he agreed that he knew as he had been to her place of work hours earlier bothering her co workers as to her where a bouts! Yet even though after finding out her new address, he didn't attend but between the two of them they agreed he would attend down the street at 5:00pm and would in fact call her to let her know they were there to serve her. 5:00pm came and went without any call but the next day when she was asleep again (after night shift) he calls her to say, i'm not coming to you, not searching everywhere for you, you can come to us and pick up your summons, else there could be a warrant!
yup, I kid you not.
So, even though we were going to call her as a witness to the police brutality, their lies, what they said and done, death threats, illegal search and seizure and illegal detention....they decided to call her. Too lazy to serve the summons we now await her eventual arrest for a location warrant, i couldn't even make this crap up. To add salt to our already festering wounds, mysteriously Kyla got a phone call from her company while on the weekend off "your fired, need not return and we do not want you on the property"....wonder if it had anything to do with the cop going to her work?
Enclosed is a copy of the "charter notice" from my attorney's office against the police.

Additionally, the following is a statement filed by My spouse right after i was arrested, given to my then attorney who not only did nothing about it but allowed the police  and crown to continue to keep us apart for over 5 months. Yet Kyla was the one to fight from that angle and had the no contact order removed and clearly as you can see, she says that i never did assault her and even says that she has nothing to fear from myself. Constantly harassed by officer Gavins attempts to get her to alter her statement, make up things about myself in lieu of money, etc. This prompted her to flee from Edmonton. You will notice in her statement that she states that the cop told her it was for a noise complaint, not what they tell the courts. In fact they tell the courts that someone from Ontario called a friend in Alberta, and that person then called 911 because apparently she was sending text messages with pictures of her face all beat up saying " help, he's going to kill me, I'm locked in the bathroom" Yet when police show, clearly there was nothing wrong with her. So instead of leaving, they then say it was a "noise complaint" they call in not one but two full SWAT teams!, seems to me they showed up with them, there was no "call nor a noise complaint" but like Kyla reiterated, "one way or another we are going in". when have you ever heard of a police officer asking someone to kick a door in?, later under deposition Kyla clarified what was said "either you kick it in or we are, one way or another we are going in". Finally, I'll add this. Since when they showed up "illegally, there was no one injured ( in fact i was alone in the apartment with no windows, no peek hole, they storm the place while threatening to kill me, etc instead of just identifying themselves. They no agree that there was no assault per say, but they have now charged myself with 'assault causing bodily harm with a weapon" against her too because they claim she got bear sprayed, yet one cannot determine why if she was a victim of a crime, why would they ask her to kick in the door?, Have her all around armed guns, automatic weapons? they were all wearing masks i found out, where was hers? So yes an assault did occur, in fact a few that day and my attorney highlights them and one did happen to my spouse, but it was the police who were emptying canisters of pepper spray while safe behind their masks, threatening to kill. And if the news knows nothing about it, sssaaayyy, just who was the camera man filming away? Interestingly enough, the store at the bottom of our building also has video cameras both in the back, front and sides of the building. The man, owner also id my friend and sympathetic to my plight I've had to endure. In fact, even after Kyla moved, i was in jail an additional 3 or 4 months, he held my place rent free but the police made sure i was forbidden under their great law to be anywhere near the property. I also found out that he had attempted to come visit "his Joe" but he was never allowed contact with me. It is a real interesting way police have now a days. If they can't get you under a criminal offence, they force you into what would appear to be one. If you have support in your community, they put no contact orders. If you have a spouse, they attempt to drive a wedge between you. If you have money, they'll seize your accounts, a good job to support a decent lawyer, they will simply not allow you to work and stay on house arrest. They will drive you to be utterly broke, alone and afraid, then offer plea deals and or hope to drive you to suicide....secretly hoping that maybe it could be one of them to POP ONE IN YA.
 By the way, the last document I've shared is our wedding certificate, we had spoken about it for some time and made it a reality. I couldn't imagine another woman who has put up with so much police garbage, harassment and threats and all the while watching me be reduced to rubble at the hands of a corrupt government... its a safe bet she loves me for just me and I'm glad we are wed and hope one day to enjoy a honeymoon with her as i can still go no where.

more to come

Sunday, 17 August 2014

where I stood and yet still stand. (blog 70)

This is a recent letter I sent to some lawyers, no longer willing to recount and relive the horror. I figured I'd take the time and write it out for all to see.

These are a few of the facts that we discussed previously on the phone, I'll put it in writing as it maybe easier to reflect on. Generally because it is in fact in writing.

On may 21, 2011 I was charged in the town of Athabasca Alberta by the RCMP of 7 counts of various sexual assaults ( that to this day remain unfounded and I was given an acquittal on October 09, 2013).  Additionally, they laid a false charge of "breach of conditions" for not complying with the J.P's "no contact order" before I even left the police station. It is my contention that in fact CPL Dozios had actually conned me into a trap, stating that I could call my spouse to ask her to get a bag ready for me and that they would pick it up as I would probably have a no contact order and I shouldn't return".
He even made sure to remind me to" not to forget to tell her to include my wallet and bank card so I can get a motel"  I fell for it being under duress, they took me from my cell to the phone and stood there listening in under the guise that they needed to know to go pick up said bag and so that we didn't discuss the matter at hand. Shortly thereafter I went before the J.P and was denied bail because Dozios , who represented the crown told the J.P Falsely that not only did I admit to it all but that I also confessed to a murder from a decade past to him while in his custody!
 Naturally, I was viewed as deranged and denied bail but was also given a no contact order with my spouse because she was my accuser's mother. Hours later I was then charged with the breach of conditions, in nothing less than an attempt to block further bail attempts at both the provincial and court of queen's bench.
On December 05,2011 I had a trial for said breach ( even before being tried for the principal charges) and was found  guilty, sentenced to 1 day time served. This despite my calls for video footage in the prisoner area that would show they escorted me to the phone after a lengthy discussion in my cell, and actually stood there the entire conversation. Also this would show the time line.
 Apparently , Absolutely no video footage from any security cameras or any taped interviews exists to this day in any fashion related to me being in their police detachment. Although, I have an abundance of paperwork, court testimony that interviews had taken place and as well as copies of logs from the jail keeper, finally I know that even my cell had a camera, as did all the hallways.

In the month of October 2011, the first round of DNA came back clearing myself from having any contact with her body. This DNA was comprised of swabs taken from her body at the hospital. This is key because she claimed that the sexual assault had taken place a mere 10 minutes before police arrived after she called 911.
They processed this DNA first as they thought it would produce their most viable evidence due to the fact that she stated " he was sucking on my breasts for a long time", later in testimony changed that to include the center , basically her entire chest. The results were read in a court of queen's bench  I quote the  defense attorney "The results are back, not only clearing him but in fact nobody sucked on her breasts" The crown simply stated that they had "volumes of DNA evidence and that this report didn't dismiss the claim.
 I do believe it was on that date that the presiding judge then ordered the crown to produce the rest of the DNA results within a specific time after the crown said "there was kind of a screw up, The rest of the DNA evidence somehow was misplaced at the RCMP detachment, was later to have been found "hiding " behind some other evidence not related to this case" thus it wasn't sent in for analysis. In January 2012 that and all DNA evidence came back clearing myself and I have the reports on my blog.
 Later before trial, I was told that they never "actually submitted the DNA for analysis as they didn't think they would or could retrieve a viable sample, so the RCMP lab refused to process it."  This was told to me by my defence attorney. Like I said, I have the report.

During this time with dragging their feet with actual evidence they chose to lean on the implied version of evidence " we have much, much more DNA evidence yet to be processed" "skin DNA isn't like penis DNA", "we looked for seamen", Absolutely none of this evidence was ever introduced , ever and yet by implying that there was all of this evidence and then say something like "we believe we have displayed the merits of the case" and " we believe we meet the ??? test"( I cannot remember what the word was they used Mc farlen test?) not sure.
 When that all failed on them they then came to my lawyer and stated before a bail hearing that " I'd advise not going forward with the hearing as the RCMP have been contacted by his cellmate and he says that your client intends to murder his accuser upon any release!"  I immediately told my attorney to get their witness up on the stand, another 30 days in remand and then back in front of a judge to which the defense attorney says " what about this witness regarding the threats?" and the crown states " yes that was investigated and it turns out to be nothing, moving on" as if it was nothing but I believe the implication to have done its damage, everyone erring on the side of caution.
 Incidentally, my cellmate at the time was Thomas Barubee, the same guy the RCMP used to be a jailhouse snitch and falsify things against Travis Vader.
finally, on December 21, 2011 I was granted 5'000.00 no cash bail by madam justice Viet in the court of queen's bench. Not to be dismayed, with no holds or warrants the Edmonton Remand Center or (ERC) refused to Honor that judge's ruling and continued to hold me illegally in detention for an additional 36 days where upon my release a medical was done on myself and infections , bruising noted , weight taken and digitally dated photo's were taken of my body and physical appearance. One of such photo's dated can be seen on my blog.
 Look at it and you can evidently see the wear and tear , stress of what I endured, sleep deprivation as a result of special treatment I received  where they housed myself for the last few months in a cell alone on 2d. Incidentally, I have two pieces of paper related to my handling and why I missed court. One states that I did not attend court because " the inmate refused" and another states that "the inmate did not attend because...too heavily sedated". Two things about this Barry, one is an inmate doesn't get to refuse to go to court. Black eye or not, you're going and the guards will get you there.
 Two, I accused them at ERC of drugging me and I have the court transcripts to prove it. "they are giving me needles and I'm losing up to a week at a time", this too was dismissed by the judge. My defence attorney then got my medical file from ERC health unit and took those that were prescribing the meds to court. A Dr, w? ( can no longer remember his name) and Dr Batia, ironically they lawyered up, and after that I was never made aware of what transpired.
On May 4th ,2012 ( I believe?) my trial was turned into a preliminary inquiry and Tim Stonhouse was taken off the record and Danielle Boisvert was put on the record after my 6 month bid with legal aid to fire Stonhouse for not adequately defending me properly. (an issue in itself as after the conclusion of my  preliminary inquiry I have an email from Danielle responding to my question of why this was proceeding to trial.  In it she states among other things " If you want to know why, its because the crown James Mc Mahon says his former defense attorney Tim Stonhouse said his client admitted guilt and was merely awaiting the results of the DNA before sentencing" she then suggested in additional emails that I take it to the law society and complain as defense counsel cannot conspire with the crown, in itself is unethical.
 I did so, but was ironically given the very same investigator that I had to deal with in my original complaint against Stonhouse and this individual ( I have correspondence) steadfastly defended Stonhouse and did so in this case as well. He states " in order for this complaint to proceed, Stonhouse has the right to review your file from your attorney!
 After learning what this individual was doing behind my back and conspiring with the crown I said" absolutely not, how could this be ? I'm accusing him of conspiring to convict and he hasn't been my attorney for over a year now, I don't want him reviewing my file and then going to the crown again" I was told by the investigator that the only way to avoid that was to drop the complaint and I had no other choice and did so in writing to prevent him doing anymore damage to my case. Additionally, Stonhouse was proceeding right to trial without my permission and he right up until what would have been my trial never even took a statement from myself, discussed anything pertaining as to how he would defend me.
 He also was lying to the legal aid and law society that all was right between us, that he was steadfastly working on my behalf. Meanwhile he had no less then 4 other attorneys represent himself asking all the while to be taken off the record as he was wrapping up his practise and retiring. ( matter of court record to which I have the transcripts and they are also on my blog) Having taken an extended vacation before my trial, he goes as far as to say " I first found out there was a problem between us with a week left on vacation, while on the ferry. I was shocked and was prepared to proceed with trial today , had no idea my client was unhappy" meanwhile he had other lawyers attempting to remove himself from record and there was a 6 month bid with legal aid....he was more then aware of the breakdown in relationship.
 In general he is a very crooked bastard and I have had it investigated and after he got removed from my file and appears to have retired, he is now practising again! where it isn't a crime to come out of retirement, given all that has happened, one would question why exactly ? It has also been suggested to me that he had a certain falling out with M.A associates over double billing legal aid, additionally it has been suggested to myself that there are certain reasons why he stopped being a Justice of the peace and when he represented myself he was on his own, yet he was still using M.A associates business cards. The man is a fraud. Anyways, on May 4,2012 Danielle was given a 30 day remand so she could get caught up to speed on my file.
On June ,4 ,2012 my preliminary hearing began in provincial court in the town of Athabasca Alberta, under Judge Myers. After James Mc Mahon (representing the crown) had finished his examination in chief of my accuser, they then decided to remand my case for three days. It was to be continued in a provincial court room in the city of St Albert Alberta ( some 133 kilometres away). At the time I had a condition on my bail that I had to turn myself in 3 days in advance before any major court appearance. So because of the delay , having already been in jail for three days I had to return for an additional 3 days.
 While at remand I had called my accusers godmother who is also friends with myself ( who is also the mother incidentally of the boy my accuser had also falsely accused her son of rape and I had been the one to take her to the RCMP, they interrogated her and she admitted it all a lie.
Also ironically, it was some of these same officers that are involved in my case that were involved in that one as well.
 We did not part on friendly terms because they still wanted to charge him even after her admitting that "we had consumed alcohol after the adults went to bed for the night, decided to have agreed sex, he didn't rape me" She was nearly 14 at the time and he just turned 14, I forbade them to charge him and stated that if they did I would in fact testify on the boy's behalf as I heard her admit it a lie, they made stupid and foolish mistakes, attempting to act like adults, well in my opinion they could then live by adult consequences for their actions.
 I left reiterating that I was not going to let them label that boy a sex offender for life). I dealt with it myself by having a talk with each of them.
Back to the phone call with Bev Maure. She told to me this. "Angel's mom called me and told me the RCMP are looking for Angel because she called in to the Edmonton police and told them her name and that she was the lead witness in a child molestation case against Joseph Harms, that she was due to be in court the day after the next and would not be able to attend as she had prior engagements".

 They asked her to stay on the line while her call was being re directed to the RCMP detachment in Athabasca. When they came on the line she was gone. She then went on to tell me about how the police know that in fact that she had gone out to party, despite her mother advising her that she needed to be in court and as a 15 year old at the time left and went nearly 500 kilometers away from home and partied with adults, one of whom was her new 28 year old boyfriend, and she told her mother straight out that she wasn't going to attend court....and she confirms all of this under oath at the pretrial conclusion months later. I Told Bev Maure to contact my attorney Danielle Boisvert and she did and reiterated the entire detailed story to her.
June 7,2012 ( I believe) Court in St Albert, again under Judge Myers. We were told that she wouldn't show up and true to form she did not! The crown acknowledges that she called police to report in as we were told but then plays it off to the judge that "she had a prior mental health appointment (due to what I allegedly had done to her) that they were unaware of. The judge asked if she could be located and the RCMP readily said "oh yes, and we will have her for court on Monday" There was a location warrant issued and the case was put off until Monday back in Athabasca. The crown attempted to have me put back in remand and the judge disagreed , because of all that's gone on I am releasing him and he doesn't have to be at the next court case.
 Over that weekend she was located and arrested, her mother bailed her out. Samantha her mother then told the crown where she had been, as she did several days prior in court. The crown then lies to yet another judge on that Monday that "we have no idea why the mother is upset , how were we to know where she was?" My lawyer had sent a student lawyer in her stead ( one can only guess why, as a serious ball was dropped there) and then they all decided to put the remainder of the case over for little over 7 more months ! And the remainder would be housed in the town of Boyle Alberta!
December 5,2012 the preliminary hearing continued in The town Of Boyle Alberta again under Judge Myers. Despite my requests for the tapes of her calling in, and even the crown acknowledges she did, they claimed they could not be located. However under cross examination she admits to not being at court, instead opting out to party, do drugs.
 Yet she claims that she made no such phone call to anyone because none of them had a cell phone or access to a phone whatsoever . Unbelievably, the judge put the matter over for a pretrial conference to set trial!
So here are the facts. My trial was turned into a preliminary inquiry, It was entertained in 3 separate venues and was conducted by 2 separate crowns (1 for each half) and the defence never got to cross examine the crowns main witness, only witness called for nearly 8 months! she opts out to go "party" lies that she never called in and they cover her ass. Jumping a little ahead here, they even brought in an additional "special prosecutor "for my trial.

I was told where I would live throughout all of this time (kind of like adult group homes with supervision within the community of Edmonton, far away from my community support system and in fact I also had a clause "not to enter into the borders of the county of Athabasca" and I had to remain under 24 hour house arrest unless I was to attend court or my weekly bail supervisor where I had to have "prior written permission to attend , usually via fax and I had to take a direct route of travel, making no unauthorized stops anywhere and I had a time limit of less then one hour each way on foot" once during the bitter cold I had taken the indoor PEDway system and used the bathroom, I was told to take a direct route and was given a map, not to use the pedway system , no bathroom breaks, failure to comply would mean a breach charge"
 It was also told to me that I'm an adult, should dress appropriately for the frigid winter conditions and use the bathroom before I left. Yet I had barely any clothes as they were all still at my home in Athabasca. Finally, I was charged an exuberant amount of rent where I had to stay, being that I could not work some government workers had gotten me on welfare so that I could pay rent. Failure to pay said rent or do as they asked ," I would then have to return to the Edmonton Remand Center immediately."
(incidentally,  my accusers mother had paid my first and last months rent at the first place so that I could get out of jail, later on she also bought myself a new hockey bag , all new clothes and sent cash , smokes and my favorite snacks. She also bought me all new toiletries, a pillow and blanket ( does this sound like someone who thinks I did something like that to her daughter?) these were brought to me via our pastor Trevor Yeoman.
Promptly after the conclusion of my preliminary inquiry I and my new girlfriend started to receive very disturbing text messages via an apt called "text em"  Some of the texts talked about following me, things I did that day as at this time I had a curfew of 10:30 pm till 5:30 am. I was convinced I was being followed.
 They also would threaten to rape my girlfriend or hurt her in other ways. they would also says things in text to her like why are you sleeping with the lights on? scared? and someone would go as far as to come and kick her apartment door, attempt to get in. Finally, they also sent her a text stating her full name, date and province of birth, her daughter's social insurance number and place of birth as well as full Christian name. Not only did I report this to my attorney, but I also called police.
 An officer by the name of Scott Knolt responded and we told him everything, showed him the texts and he said that barring taking the phones for forensic investigating, there was really nothing he could do but file a report. Off the record he shared his thoughts that it was indeed someone from the government in order to gain the type of information that they were reiterating.
On December 20,2012 I had succumbed to the pressures of having to face a trial, police harassment and the thought or threat that my new girlfriend would be harmed. As told to me by one of my roommates where I had to stay during curfew hours " you came out of your room crying uncontrollably, you went to your bag and pulled out your bottle of pills ate and chewed them all. Shorty there after you fell over and your head went through the drywall, we called the ambulance for you"
 The next morning I awoke in the university hospital, angry I was still alive I aimed to finish what I started and asked for a nurse to get my clothes. She asked me " where are you going? ,you are not out of danger yet, in fact you expired 3 times last night and we revived you" I said that I didn't care and I wanted out and I proceeded to remove the two intravenous from myself and I pulled off all the wires that were attached everywhere on me. A doctor came and talked to me, I lied and said I was fine and that I just took too much meds, and I simply left.

I called a government support worker that had befriended me and he picked me up from the hospital, I felt real bad as he was so kind and after all the charcoal they pumped down me I had vomited it all over his vehicle. I was given a 3 days pass for Christmas to stay with my girlfriend for the holidays, during this time it was less then merry and I had constant thoughts of suicide. Knowing that I needed help I went for it and was given a 30 day assessment at the Hospital.I was allowed to have my phone and I called my attorney and asked "why is this going to trial, you assured me that it wouldn't" She responded with " if you want to know the real reason, here it is James Mc Mahon says that they are proceeding to trial because 'his former attorney Tim Stonhouse said that he is guilty and merely awaiting the DNA results before sentencing...and told me to advise her where I land after being released from hospital"
 ( I and all my friends have this email)  My lawyer and my bail supervisor knew where I was at all times and were faxed letters from the doctors. However it was decided that what I had done (attempt suicide ) was inappropriate to do in front of other residence at my court appointed home , it was also deemed that I was destructive to their property when my head went through the dry wall. The end result was that once I was released
Upon being released I reported back to the Edmonton remand Center as requested and did so under witness of my girlfriend, government worker and attorney. I had to wait for over six hours as they claimed that there was no room for me as they were over crowded. There was even talk at the time that I may have to go back home with my girlfriend and come back each day until they had room for me (un freaking believable!) but at the last minute they found room for me, I suspect they got a call from the crown.
 My bail was then reinstated by consent from the crown and a judge signed off on it but the Edmonton Remand Center once again refused to release me. So it had to go back to court yet again and this time I was in attendance as an inmate where I and another government worker all heard the judge say, "so are we talking about a breach here?" Danielle Boisvert then said " no sir there was definitely no breach here and the crown stood up and not only agreed but said, "what Mr. Harms has done does not constitute a breach and doesn't oppose any release of Mr Harms as he has attended every court case required, including those he is not required to attend, there was no breach" And my lawyer told me " and this should make Mr Harms very happy, He no longer has to turn himself into Remand 3 days before court but will have to transport himself to the town of Boyle on his own and then turn himself into the RCMP at 8:00 am before court. The judge scorned me and said that if he sees me again he will put me in remand until trial

My bail being reinstated I went to yet another court appointed "group home" Someone, screwed up and put me in a home right across the street from a school. I had my curfew, and right at 5:30 am I would leave and not return until 10:30 pm daily. I kept all my clothes, and ate at the place my girlfriend and I shared. While I would be away, police would often come and question my roommates about me, tell them what I was charged with etc. My roommates confronted me and after showing them my DNA report's, other evidence they backed off and would tell me about what goes on when I'm not around. The place was full equipped with cameras in all common areas and constantly remotely monitored. Police would come into my residence and toss my bedroom, destroy video movies I had to go to sleep to, utterly destroying my room, boot marks or footprints on my bedding. Also once I was caught unaware at just after 3 in the morning to a frantic pounding on my door. I asked "hello" they said "EPS open up right now" I did so not thinking and half asleep. They pushed their way in and it was two female officers, yelling at me to produce my drivers licence, demanding to know of my where about that day, what was the name of my bail supervisor and her phone number. I was embarrassed as I was just in underwear. After that, I slept in track pants. There was much of this kind of abuse late at night. 
I had complained about this harassment and yet no one listened , nor was anything every done about it despite the proof that I had as it was video recorded and my attorney never got those tapes. she did tell my girlfriend and I that she would be lodging a complaint but failed to follow through.

Finally, on February 28,2013 I believe, two police officers came to my residence shortly after curfew and told me that there was a warrant for my arrest for two counts of breach stemming from my suicide attempt in December. ( Days earlier at my bail supervisors appointment she made me aware of that warrant and said there was nothing she could do about it, even after I told her what the crown and judge said in court. I asked if I should turn myself in and she said "no, let them come and get you as maybe this could be worked out in the meanwhile" I then called Danielle who told me " yes this is bs, I'll contact the crown and see what he can do"

 The next day she contacted me and told me "the crown sought out intervention on your behalf but it is a separate crown dealing with the matter and there is nothing he can do, that unfortunate as it is if I am arrested I'll probably remain in custody until trial.)

The two police officers were more then polite and kind, stated they felt bad for me. Without ever cuffing me they allowed me to place my car keys ,phone and wallet in my girlfriend car. They also let me call her and tell her what's up and to come get the car while I had a smoke. That being done I walked to the car myself and they put me in the back uncuffed. We drove to the police department on south side and I was brought in uncuffed, they said they are doing so with me to show that they believe me. After a short time in a cell I was then brought out and taken into the hallway where a man introduced himself as the commander of the precinct and asked me my name, he then said " so mr Harms we will not be seeing you around here on south side again, right?" I said listen man , I didn't do what I'm accused of, look at the DNA reports." He then said " yeah , all you child molesters say the same thing, it would be wise for you to stay away from Southside and good honest hard working people, we aren't going to be In a position where you live across the street from a school and the neighbourhood extracts some kind of justice against you" I'm certain I told him to fuck off and he told them ( the two officers ) to get me the fuck out of there.

We then left the department, I still uncuffed and as we walked to the car in the parking lot they agreed he ( the commander ) is quite an asshole and stated but "but he's the commander" They then drove me to the downtown division after letting me have a final smoke and I was booked. Shortly thereafter I was brought in front of the justice of the peace and I was "strongly advised " to listen to what the crown's position ( the cop) was before making my decision to either proceed or wave my hearing. Their position was "he was arrested without any problem and was very cooperative, we do not oppose bail but only suggest a small monetary sum for bail" Thrilled I asked to proceed and the J.P gave me 300.00 cash bail. I called my lawyer upon release who asked me "how the hell did you get out?" when I told her all she could say was "wow".
I returned to my approved residence and was promptly removed from that house to another house on the North side.

So after regaining my bail and being transferred to an court approved home, i was told at my next bail supervisors meeting that i no longer had to report once every two weeks as they had just too many to supervise and they changed the rules. I now only had to report once every two months and in fact i could go back to work, even if it meant being out of town. Elated i quickly secured gainful employment through a friend in Fort Mc Murray but i was really Leary as i knew this would end once the crown found out as it put me in contention to hire a lawyer that would actually help me and defend me.
After my first two weeks i returned home to find that the place where i was staying at had actually attempted to give away my room to a new tenant but the others stuck up for me and it didn't happen. I realized the trouble i was about to face and while I was out of town i got an email from my attorney stating that she refused to call Dr sighn on my behalf, you see she had to subpoena him, he couldn't just show up. We argued about it, the merits to and against calling him and I felt it was needed. For some reason she just up and quit, I tried to make nice but it was redundant, she wouldn't budge.
Now being without lawyer and a threat once again to my living arrangement, the conditions I was under.
 In desperation I once again contacted Joyce Milgaard and she advised that I contact Hersch Wolsch as he was very good and was one of those that represented her son David, my girlfriend and I traveled to Calgary during my curfew hours and we went to see him. He stated that i had a very good case but unfortunately without at least 20'000.00 dollars retainer he was unable to take the case. Dismayed we left but between kyla and I we were going to get the money.
I went in and applied for a high interest loan and was approved, upon me returning from work on the next set of days off all I had to do was sign the papers and with that which i made i had over half and hoped to appeal to his good nature. I went back out to work but Fort Mc Murray got flooded and most none essential or new construction employees were sent home.
 After returning I found out that my "approved residence during curfew hours" was dissolving and they were shutting all of their homes down, consolidating to a converted hotel they had purchased. They explained to us that we would no longer have our own rooms, that rent would increase from 550.00 per month to 950.00 and that we would have to come up with those additional funds immediately.
 Also they said that there was a 24 hour security team and all common areas were to be video recorded and there was a strict curfew of 10:00 pm which superseded my court appointed curfew. That I would have to pose for pictures for my file and I would have to sign in and out, stating where I was going, doing and when I would be back. Sounding like a prison and yet I was on bail, supposed to be free and deemed innocent until proven guilty I protested. I even secretly had her ( the manager ) on a three way call with one of my government supporters that heard all she said and it wasn't to kind. In short i was told that if i didn't show up that night, extra money in hand for rent that I would be reported missing and that I would be sent back to the Edmonton remand center.
Destroyed, I could no longer hire Hersch ,I called another government supporter who calmed me and then said that she would get involved and ask it to go back in front of the judge because it was needless for me to be going through this, I should be allowed to live with my girlfriend. I relaxed and was going to do what i needed and follow her advise.
Shortly after talking with her I went to use the bathroom and when I came out my spouse was gone, I thought she went to the grocery store down stairs, or out in general. Attempting to blow off some steam I turned up my music quite loud. Shortly after I heard my door being banged and went to the front door, it was buckling and obviously someone was coming through. I put my full weight up against the door and was thrown back each kick.
 I yelled "who ever you are , if you breach my door I will bear spray you, as I had a can in my rig bag in the hall closet. They broke the top deadbolt and door knob lock, for fear i sprayed and they stopped. I took the opportunity to grab the love seat and position it to prevent the door from opening. I also unplugged the music. I grabbed my DNA papers thinking it was my accuser's family, they told me to "fuck myself" they also said that "it's a moral issue with you when I asked why they are doing this. I called my girlfriend to warn her not to come home, called a friend and called my current legal aid appointed lawyer and old lawyer to no avail, I also called my government supporters, all to no avail I could only leave messages.
I had no peep hole and no windows in or around my doors and i was plainly frightened. They were threatening to kill me and so i called 911, after a short conversation she hung up on me. The voices said "open up, this is EPS! , i said surely your not the cops, why would you be doing this? They told me exactly this " Harms barricade the door because when we come in and believe us we are coming in, we are going to fucking kill you"  This assured me that they were not police and i called police again, told them of the threats, she said "surely they aren't threatening you" so i put the phone to the door as they reiterated their threat, she then said hold on and then the voice called out "Harms, if you unbarricade the door we promise not to hurt you" I was extremely upset and confused, frightened and after the last 2 plus years i wasn't functioning right plus the gas was getting to me. So i lied and said that i had a weapon, chambered a round and was going to do myself harm, i was attempting to buy time and figure out what the hell was going on and i was also convinced that if the police ( if they were) had time to cool down.
I attempted more calls, all to no avail. I surrendered after un barricading my door and laid down , hands behind my head, legs crossed with nothing on or near me. As they entered i prayed god to accept my soul as i thought any minute it would be over ( and not the way I had hoped) They were surprisingly gentle, arrested me and brought me down stairs, police,swat, ems, fire department was everywhere and all of this in just about 45 minutes! they posed me in front of a guy holding a video camera ( i'm told it was for their reality show "the squad") but they deny that yet no media outlet has any record of it whatsoever. I was brought in front of the justice of the peace that night and after count 29 of assault i simply couldn't bare it anymore and actually plugged my ears like a child to drown them out, i listened again and they said count 33, I just went numb but i remember requesting my cell, to be away from them.
I spent another near 3 months in the ERC and while i was there they dropped the 2 false breaches for attempting suicide and i was arraigned on only 7 counts of assault, couple breaches and the weird thing is they elected to go summary on them instead of indictable. One would wonder about that and i looked into it. Under summary, there is no choice to go in front of a jury, just judge alone. One of the assaults was against my current spouse of several years now and she has not only written a statement stating that i did not hurt her in anyway but that police have been harassing her as well. She actually fled away from Edmonton to Calgary to get away from constable Gavins. I believe it was sometime in August i was granted 500.00 dollars cash bail ( paid for by my girlfriend and her daughter) and I was allowed to live with a friend under 24 hour house arrest until my trial in October 2013.
The first day of my trial was a "voir dire hearing" in which all for police were ruled not credible and their testimony is pure nonsense. The first day of trial after lunch my accuser admits to lying under oath that very day in front of the jury and in past cases regarding this matter. She went into a rage and then a crying fit, saying she had a confession, started but after she wept in her hands they released her and decided to release the jury and grant me an acquittal.
 The judge added this " Joseph Harms, i find that the crown was unable to prove their case beyond doubt, i find you not guilty by way of acquittal. However, this shouldn't be taken as that something didn't happen that day, it just means we cannot determine what did happen" Even in the end I got screwed right over.
My bail order having been condensed into one general order, I had to return to 24 hour house arrest.
My the legal aid lawyer called me to her office and said " there is an offer on the table, just hear it out " she continued "a year and a half jail time for the swat issue on June 19, 2013 and 2 years probation so they can keep an eye on you, failure to accept the deal i will quit your case and we are going to have to get some fresh eyes on this and i won't seek any bail variations unless you accept the deal. If you do accept it i will seek out bail variations for you so that you can get your affairs in order before going to prison, you have until Monday to decide" I asked about all the time i did for being falsely accused that started the whole thing and she told me " well that was a freebee, and doesn't count.
In short i refused the deal, kept her emails and she quit.
 I had 30 days to get a lawyer and enter a plea else i would be put in jail and forced a lawyer. In the 30 days i couldn't get anyone and legal aid wouldn't give me one so i represented myself and brought all proper correspondence with my law society complaint and emails from Tara e Hayes and demanded some answers. The judge would not hear from me and told a lawyer to step out and talk to me, in about 5 minutes i showed him my paperwork and he asked what i wanted. I told him to lift the house arrest, allow me to return to work and live where i want , to regain my liberty. My spouse had also hired a lawyer and the crown dropped the no contact order after keeping us apart for five months. the judge lifted the 24 hour house arrest and gave me limited liberty under curfew and a few other conditions. I fled to Calgary, moved in with my girlfriend and together we remain without police contact, yet i'm still charged with assault against her. We have now been back together since Late November.
I have a meeting in September with a police investigator, I've been told the matter will be investigated but only for the matter pertaining to June 19,2013. I've also been told that they will not postpone trial until the matter is investigated for severe charter issues and unconstitutional infringements, specifically why they were there doing a no knock raid, no warrant, etc. That the investigation into this specific matter could very well take up to a year and even if i'm found guilty in front of a judge alone, there will be no reprieve for me but the officers "might " be reprimanded.

Through all of this I've been diagnosed with PTSD, tough to deal with when you're so broke you need to function, work and pay off tremendous debt, tough to deal with the nightmares and to reach out for help when everyone is so busy or plainly not interested in justice because ii cannot pay. Tough when i feel that justice only comes to those with money. I've reached out for help and i don't think people understand the feeling accept to liking it to putting your hand out for a handshake and it gets snubbed.
 All that I've written here is not embellished or inflated in any way, it is real and its still going on. ALL that i say can be backed up by literally thousands of pages of court documents, transcripts, DNA, Acquittal papers, statements, audio recordings and much more. Thank you for listening and if you know someone who can help i would surely appreciate it. Until then I face my next trial in December