Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Police buggery. (blog 3 of 149)

The nuts and bolts of this are this.
"Noble cause corruption" referred to earlier was definitely in play .  I say that because months into my case there came a report to my then attorney" his cell partner contacted police stating that i had told my cell partner that as soon as i get bail i was going to kill my step daughter" First of all i was in a city jail, the RCMP have no jurisdiction, why wouldn't the city police be investigating this matter? Why does it fall to the RCMP station that's over 200 kilometres away, which is ironically where i was charged.

You see the roles of police and crown were not separate, the charging police were pushing the crown. After all is said and done, another month had past , then they just said " it was investigated, nothing there....moving on" as if it was no big deal. Eventually i got bail. But do you see their stall tactics and tunnel vision, going as far as to make up excuses so i couldn't get bail.

Bastards! This is my life you're toying with here!