Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Coming to a city or town near you to cause trouble

Some of my story gets discussed on forums such as "Discuss" and recently a disgruntled ex boyfriend posted this, updating the change of name and why to viewers. Here it is:
Apparently my false accuser had found out about my Blog so she up and married an American exchange student. Thus now making it capable for her to migrate to the United States being married to a citizen.
The ex boyfriend and I had some candid conversation. For some reason I'll spare the copy and paste of said conversation unless it become required to do so. In our conversation he reiterated to myself that Angel had once been charged with an assault against him. Given a verdict of guilt and a 30 day sentence they then released her without so much as a day in jail or any conditions. Months down the line the same thing happened yet he now defended himself and they were both given a 1 year peace bond.
This Blog might come across as a bit creepy, after all why would I care? I care because this young person has a plethora of victims to her name and each of them have a name, they are people. Why does this person operate with such impunity? Yet now to find of her plans to seek residency in the United States is just incredible.

I also find out that the mother of her new husband has discovered my Blog and has no problem with her son being married to Angel! Well, since I have someone's attention I might as well break down some quick facts. Miss A.K.A Roberts, A.K.A Angel Bambuch,A.K.A livingdeadgirl.22, has had a mental health condition since the age of approximately 9 years old, where she was on Risperidone for her anti psychotic ways such as hurting other play mates her age on purpose, bashing kittens off trees until dead among other reasons. How Do I know this? I was her step father and brought her to mental health help.
This person has accused several teachers of inappropriate conduct of one type or another and even had one fired. She had accused her childhood friend , god mothers son of rape and recanted at the last minute. Still it was unsure if they were going to charge him. She falsely accused me of rape and a violent attack, dragged me through the court system for years only to get caught up in her lies and partial confession.
While this was going on she would call police on her own mother at will and falsely charged Ryan and Pauline Gambler of binding and beating her, among other things. If you have issue with my words , please feel free to read the pre and trial transcripts where it all come out. The only thing missing is her indifferent and uncaring blatant attitude when questioned, that they cannot record. From my view it was if it was no big deal, we were pawns, she was in control and she exposed her evil underside.
A lot of hurt, lots of pain caused by one person who has yet to grace a jail cell except the drunk tank. Well America, you got trouble headed your way. Most Americans are my supporters so I thought I would give them a heads up. Someone is going to end up in jail and I only hope their crappy defence Lawyer will look this up.
I ended up with P.T.S.D. I'm sure the others have their afflictions.

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