Friday, 21 August 2015

Cougar life .com....a place for predatory women to seek young men after they have used up the old man. (blog 140)

What can be better then a former porn star that creates a .com account for other predatory, worn out , fake and plastic women who have worn out the old man. Probably taken his money and now seek a young man that has to be at least the age of 18.......yeah like no one has lied about their age before right?

My television is bombarded by this former or current ? slut porn star. trolling every city ,town and province for young men. I only have one further thing to add, could you imagine some old former male porn star doing the same thing except it was for men and they were looking for at least 18 year old girls....Yeah like no ones ever lied about their age. Feminists would have a fucking field day with that, probably some out of the first words out their mouths would be pedophile, cradle why does every major channel run this shit at all hours of the day....basically they openly support the abuse , manipulation of younger men in my opinion.


Misandry at its they raise people to believe in it.( blog 139)

When I first seen this commercial, it was warming and as intended it protruded the idea of someone grown up , having moved away only to return for a visit. Nice huh? Who doesn't want their children to visit, feel good and enjoy family time. I know I do, and want the kids to feel good about coming home once they have grown and left.After all, I would probably miss them too death.

After seeing this commercial repeated so many times, I actually listened to the words and I was like wtf did I just hear? So , I eagerly awaited several times to confirm that which I thought I heard and sure enough my ears were not playing tricks on me. here is the commercial:
Did you hear it?. Apparently this boy Kevin comes home. "Welcomed by the smell of pears and Vanilla, ready for desert." No problem there right? it goes on to show Kevin hug his mother "grateful for her encouragement throughout the years"....
no problem there either...but the next thing said is "AND SLIGHTLY INAPPROPRIATE ADVICE FROM HIS DAD"!. Why? the boy who secretly loves to be called Kevybear by his parents that clearly love him as portrayed, why would they thrown that in about his dad?
What if his dad was the one fond of Vanilla, gave the pep talks, why not mom the one to "offer slightly inappropriate advice from"?.

This is what I mean about the culture that is being raised and cultivated, somehow perverted in any way possible. Villainizing men as heartless, without boundaries or good sense while showing the Female gender as the backbone so to speak, the one that does everything right. It isn't real world and is misandry at its finest.
I for one enjoyed (pasttense) the smells of airwick, hell in my family I am the one to buy those and they envelope my home. I have an awesome relationship with my grandsons and they are happy every moment we are together, grand daughter too. yet,there will never be any time or place for "slightly inappropriate advice from grandpa"!
As long as I am home, they are welcome and there isn't much I wouldn't do for them and that will start with throwing out all that Airwick shit, as expensive as it is and never buy it again. I dislike manipulation, hate Misandry as it is just foolish.

My advice, start to watch and listen to what you watch and listen to because there is a brain washing occurring and you don't even know it.

dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e., the male sex).
"her brand of feminism is just poorly disguised misandry"


Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Rabbit hole....(blog 138)

I have recently found some shocking statistics from Statistics Canada. The actual link to this site is:

Before I show you two graphs from this report on statistics I have a friendly reminder. Please watch:
Now I am not going to talk. I'll simply "let it pass your own test of reason" as a friend of mine likes to say.

So this first graph states: "guilty cases in adult criminal court". Key word is GUILT. So why then according to their statistics that Women are just behind men in Murder, surpass men by nearly twice in attempting to murder someone? Yet there are only 6 prisons in Canada for women, 5 of those being "healing type lodges" and yet 192 full fledge prisons in Canada for men.
Additionally, Women fall just about 10 percent in robbery as well as "major assault". The most interesting stats are that women fall ever slightly behind men in CONVICTIONS for Sexual assault, about 17 percent behind men in "other sexual offences". Whom are they sexual assaulting? 200 pound men?, jumping out of bushes and raping men down? No they are molesting children!, the weak and defenceless. Yet don't be mistaken, we aren't talking about prostitution, that has a category all of its own and even though women surpass men in that category by nearly 3 times, they are only found guilty about 1 percent more than men and sentenced to some form of punitive punishment. Say the system isn't biased when in such a criminal offence perpetrated nearly three times more then men that men are going to Jail 1 percent less than women.
Feel free to scrutinize the rest.
So the second graph is to do with the "guilties punitive stage" or Jail?. Homicide,Sexual assault, Other Sexual offences, prostitution ! Women all surpass men? yet they need only 6 jails while comparatively having 192 for men?  If this is only a graph out there for 2011/2012 just think of how many sexual offenders of the female variety are out there and yet no one would bat an eye at leaving their child with a Female "the nurturer" and would be totally creeped out by a male, say running a daycare. Finally I will just add this. In the previous graph , when it pertains to "impaired driving" Women surpass men in this field as well yet by over half men are sentenced to prison. Why, is the over 1 ton vehicle they are driving impaired less dangerous? Do women respond better under the influence? Do they somehow suffer in an unseen way more then men and therefore less responsible for a crime?
Time to wake up!

Please click on each Graph and they can be blown up. each graph and related material can be found on the link first supplied. What is your interpretation considering we are taught and raised to believe that only MEN commit acts of violence, Men are drunks, drink and drive? Men are the burglars or those that commit break and enters. Men are violent, etc. You get the point? 
Why in Canada is there only 6 prisons for women and 192 for men?
The difference between criminal acts and sentenced is the reason for the two graphs. All of those numbered were found guilty, yet gender wise the sentence seems different. We are to believe that Gender is not an issue in court.

How far does the rabbit hole go?
A word from an insider that makes a living dealing with this gender bias in Canadian courts:


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

An Acquittal from a false allegation means nothing....the boiling water just gets turned down to low but yet you still cook. (blog 137)

After my Acquittal from being falsely accused, Many of my supporters, family rejoiced . FINALLY ( they said) it is over!. Many that I could hear were like" what's wrong?, aren't you thrilled'? and those that didn't outright say it, I could see the questions to the same in their eyes.

Everyone knows I was bitter about being screwed out of my jury trial, the lack of questions that should have been asked by both counsels that day, including the judge as there were a ton of un answered questions. Just a short list: Why? was she coached?, where was all of my personal and valuable possessions? How could they destroy the evidence they alleged to have before trial? Trust me, the list could go on and I would be repeating myself from previous Blogs.

I moved away from Edmonton after my Acquittal and a whole lot of funny?( shall I say) things started to happen. Obtaining work and a decent place to live have been difficult at best. Skilled in many ways by natural gift or that of an educated trade that I had gained nearly 20 years experience in, still I couldn't land a decent job. I found this to be very odd as I have never had trouble in this context before trouble began by being accused as a rapist.

Shortly after living with my Daughter and Son in law and my awesome Grand-kids, my wife and I got a place of our own. It was wonderful, therapeutic if you will to be free of being told where to live, jail, house arrest. We had a place of our own and some much needed privacy that we had basically forgone for multiple years. I rather enjoyed the lack of daily visits and harassment of local police from the town I had escaped from. Things weren't perfect, untold amounts of hard work to regain that which we had lost, healing of the mind and souls and of coarse there were the residual effects of court matters that still had to be dealt with that had occurred via that constant police harassment before the acquittal. But all in all, things were looking up.

So in our new place, we rented the basement suite, the owner lived upstairs. The owner being a young female, employed and a party girl but such is the age and there were no real issues. That is until the police came and delivered to her a copy of the subpoena to my next trial. It included all the dirty details of alleged misconduct, violence against police. It wasn't in an envelope and we tried to lie and say "it must be about that accident we seen" she said "no, its for your assaults against police and your wife"( who incidentally testified under oath that I never assaulted her that day or any other day and this concurs with all the police reports,her statements given at the moment, as well as telling the judge "there was zero reason for police to be there that day" despite such statements the judge has decided "she is lying" and convicts the police laid charge against her will) she, the landlord also reiterated that she had a conversation with the officer, yet wouldn't go into detail . Embarrassed we just took the summons and parted ways.

Walter Fox and Ben Eliezer.( blog 136)

Between these two Canadian Lawyers, they just might have something to say being that they were hands on, and watched the system grow. Every MRA should watch this. Host is Attila Vincer, main contributor to his endless fight for men's rights. This is from "the symposium of domestic violence, 2015" If your moved please Donate to this organization that is directly underlined.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore! Speech from ...( blog 133)

Men's rights movement won't change a thing until it becomes popular. Men put their foot down and say "I am as mad as Hell and I'm not going to take this anymore" ta fuck they gunna do? through you in jail? Probably will anyways or worse after all we are deemed to be the expendable gender.


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. (blog 131)

Unreal the moves of deceit she chose. The level of hatred , aggression that a woman can carry for so long. They portray men only capable of this level of violence, say only men are this nuts. This Gal takes crazy to the extreme in every sense of the word.


The look of despair.(blog 130)

Depending on your rank and file in life, their are times of despair. If you are a soldier in battle you may feel despair and even wear that look. There is nothing wrong with it, battle is terrible and to feel despair when proof positive there are those trying to kill you, those bullets whizzing by aren't imaginary.
Image result for the look of despair in soldiersImage result for the look of despair in soldiers

How does this relate to Men's rights?. Most if not nearly all soldiers are men and while they are trained for battle, they too can despair. Since most articles by feminists, government sites seem to be really free with "statistics", I have one of my own that is not scientifically backed up but I do believe I am closer to the truth then they are.
A conservative 90% of those who face False allegations are men. 90% of those who get the worst end of the deal in divorce court are men. They have zero training and most times it comes at them very unexpected. Yet they too can have, wear the look of Despair and with that in mind I'll reiterate in part with a twist " . There is nothing wrong with it, battle is terrible and to feel despair when proof positive there are those trying to"...screw you over.
Image result for the look of despair in soldiersImage result for the look of despair in soldiers
Does it appear as reaching? After all some of the words thrown around the courts are "verses, conflict, game,battle,defend". For those of you that have gone through it, you know what I mean. Like wars abroad that cost untold millions so does the court system revenue generate untold millions.

We treat our soldiers when they come home, with any luck. Yet we abandon countless men after at times literally years of conflict within that what we call the justice system, both criminal and divorce.
The average soldiers tour of duty? 6 months, now a days anyway.

So whether in battle abroad or within the judicial system, Cut off from your unit or your family, to win or lose. This is "Male privileged". In the end we seem to master the look of despair. Just a random thought, not sure where I intended to go with this.