Saturday, 26 December 2015

Netflix - Making A Murderer - Episode 1 36 million reasons why to frame a man

How prophetic the words "they aren't done yet". I encourage you to watch this episode and what the follow ups, they end up framing him for murder again. I cannot imagine what this man has endured.

As far as I end up knowing he and now his nephew rot in prison, this case is riffe with police corruption and there is one simple way to put and end to it.

There is a preservative in the blood samples, whole tubes of them ( that someone withdrew an amount with a hypodermic needle)  the DNA samples in the new case needs to be tested for that preservative. But then again, does anyone care? it isn't popular and to be twice falsely railroaded by police, the thoughts of what happened to him, his family and their lives, the very fact of our society and views of policing, corruption is just staggering.
Fact police framed him before and it wasn't until he seeked recompense of 36 million that he was framed again. 36 million reasons why to frame a man.

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