Tuesday, 15 December 2015

I Had a dream...different from the others.

The other night , I dreamed of having my own home.My place if you will, others can join and feel secure but it would be my accomplishment in life. Some may say my goals were set too low but ever since I was a young boy I just wanted my own home.
I was well on the way of accomplishing this goal when I was accused. Made some renovations, damn near worked like an ant on that thing, until it got ripped from my hands.
In my dream I debated myself, "you should have accomplished this long ago, you know your 43?" "yes but I can do it again, start over...I am a driven man". "No" said my dream, you failed , you've come so far to fail and time is no longer on your side. I protest, "you don't know me....lalaland all the things I would do in the most dangerous of homes to turn it into my palace." Face it , you failed, it's too late. "You failed the first 43, why not just give up"?
A dream can convince you of things, silently you may agree, adolescently you'll build on, despite the facts.
        I tossed and turned all night with that dream, eventually to lose, lose hope for the solitude, the pride, the ingenuity and the work, job well done. First time I ever arise feeling hopeless.Reminds me of one of my favorite movies, long old, long gone but to the right person a glimmer of hope. Enjoy this was me, this was you and so many others...robbed whilst we dreamt of a goodness.

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