Thursday, 29 October 2015

The rule of Law....what does it even mean?

Before I say anything, I'm going to add the links from mainstream media to the dealings with this guy. As a friend of mine says "let it past your own sense of reason":

And the other charges besides the senate fraud scandal.

This guy plead guilty after negotiating that the charges would be reduced. He was there yesterday October 28, 2015 in front of a judge to be sentenced and the judge absolves all the charges before him that day and he is left with ZERO criminal record!

How , what is the rule of law? The rule of law and order only seems to be for those who are not the ruling class. So it isn't Justice but JUST US. The rest of us must follow the law.
The real audacity of this guy is this as you have read in his articles. "I have been found not guilty of sexual assault" in fact you were never even tried for it buddy, you plead guilty to lesser charges of simple assault to dodge it.
He goes on to say "you see, I am no woman beater, the judge seen through that and found me not guilty" ......No sir, you plead guilty to simple assault, cocaine possession, drunk driving (WHILE OUT ON BAIL( POSSESSING A KNIFE THAT WAS SEIZED) and the judge in all his wisdom felt it right that even though you plead guilty, you will receive no time in any way and no record in any way.....WTF?

Still as of yet he has to face his trial for the senate scandal where he was caught ripping the Canadian taxpayers of for untold amounts of money. So what does this say about us as Canadians? How do you feel knowing that a guy that wrangled a deal to beat sexual assault , cocaine, weapons charges and while he is on bail he is caught drunk with twice the legal limit in him bearing a knife, yet isn't even charged with breach has now plead guilty and shown some culpability ,responsibility to be absolutely discharged free to go from a judge.
Free now to rejoin the senate and we pay him, yet next month when his trial begins he will have to step down again for the trial for ripping us off.....of no doubt he will be absolutely cleared.

This guy was appointed by Stephen Harper our FORMER Prime Minister. Mr get tough on crime himself, yet the senate and Harpers party is riffe with criminal activity. Including the stupidity of Harper stopping for pictures with the "crack smoking former mayor " of Toronto, just the day before elections. HMMM wonder why he didn't get in?

To take the cake, today as I drove to work I hear they want to rename the Edmonton Airport to the Stephen Harper International Airport. Justice doesn't reflect equal to us all, for the few it is but a few inconvenient words.