Monday, 25 November 2013

The caveman as a lawyer. (12 of 149)

Meanwhile, caught somewhere in between the land of Oz, and the wizard of Id, captain cave man was actually able to re-secure a few of his lost freedoms!

On November 20, 2013, still without a lawyer, I had to appear in court representing myself to get my bail conditions loosened up. This in itself was an incredibly daunting task as I drill oil wells, not act as legal defense in criminal cases before the courts. But by then I'd had plenty of chances to watch the complete fuck-ups from legal aid, and pick up on how this sort of thing was generally supposed to be done. What choice did I have? I had to give it my best shot.

I patiently waited for my turn. Those represented by attorneys and/or those in custody disputes go first, then the student lawyers get their kick at the can, and finally the crown asked the general audience that if anybody had anything else to be brought to the court that they should speak up. I raised my hand and approached the counter. 
Learning from a failure of one of my former attorneys, I made absolutely sure I had a copy of everything. I also made sure I had an additional copy for the crown, another for the judge, and one for myself. The evidence that I brought forward was a copy of my official acquittal, my letter in response to my lawyer's plea deal, a copy of the letter of complaint against her, and miscellaneous other supporting documentation including correspondence between myself, legal aid and the law society of Canada. I also had a copy of a report from my court appointed shrink. This report was based on his two and a half years of examining me as a patient. His report did nothing to harm me. Actually, in his reports, he used words which described me as the victim. He mentioned that because I was falsely accused and fully exonerated, there was no justification to still have me under what he described as the harshest conditions he's seen to date. He insisted that I be allowed to return to work and live on my own, and that failure to do so could potentially begin to cause me to develop mental health issues.

With confidence I started to give out the copies, figuring that truth and common sense would prevail and I could get my bail conditions loosened. I was quickly disappointed. Before I could even get into why I was there, they refused to enter all said paperwork and tried to remand the case for nearly another month! Another month!? At this point, I had spent years going in and out of court rooms. I'd seen them drag their asses and act unprofessionally regarding the most important things that affected my life while they let ridiculousness and abject stupidity run rampant.  All theses years, I had been told time and time again to keep my mouth shut, while my idiotic defense explained why they didn't bother to prepare for court that day. I though: "Fuck it, I've had enough!"

I asked the judge straight out;
"If I've been acquitted of all charges that started this whole mess, and the two bogus breach charges they put on me, then why the hell am I still under a bail order that involves two separate cases which were concluded in court?!" The crown prosecution quickly contested any bail variations, and they also said they refused to drop the no contact order between my girlfriend and I. 
What a dick.
Needless to say I was pissed off by now. How do you possibly win at this? Showing up prepared doesn't seem to mean jack shit. When I had a chance I asked the judge;
"You're honour, my bail conditions are so convoluted that no one can possibly make any sense of them anymore. Under these conditions, should my roommate's wife return to him on December first, I will have to leave that house! And according to those conditions, if I'm not there, I will need to return to jail immediately. And because the other order is so poorly written, I would have to obtain "prior written consent" to be away from the house arrest residence and arrange for the police to pick me up and take me to jail. In other words, I would need approval to go back to jail!" I then asked:
"Why should I have to return to jail when I was acquitted of all charges?!" They were having none of this from me. The judge pleaded with a lawyer to go talk to me elsewhere. The lawyer, caught unaware, obliged the judge. We spoke for a little while, and the lawyer took my complaints to the crown. In the end, my house arrest was dropped! They also dropped the no contact order against my girlfriend whom I haven't seen in five long ass months. That no contact order was drawn up because they claimed I assaulted her. Yet in her official statement on the events detailed in "Seal Team 6 Vs Tortured", she insists she was never assaulted by me on that night or any other. They would not drop that phantom assault charge, but they were going to let me continue to be around her. How do you like that one? That's your government.

Anyways, finally after all this time, I could be with my girlfriend and try to get back to work. I thought about how I was going to travel down to Calgary to get my own clothes, my work attire, and my safety tickets so I could begin the process of returning to work. But before I could celebrate, they pulled another shithead move on me. They tell me;
"Yes [Tortured], you are now allowed to talk to, see and date your girlfriend, but she cannot stay over night because you are still charged with assaulting her. If you beat her again, it will be our fault." This was the bail supervisor telling me this. Unbelievable! It is just incredible how stupid and insulting these people can be at the exact same time! I never assaulted her the first time, but even if I did, what logic are they employing to justify not allowing her to stay overnight? Is it somehow impossible that I could beat her during the day? This is just ridiculous! Think of how you would react in this sort of situation? Of course if I expressed any righteous indignation, they would say "see, he is a angry person after all. This is why we can't allow you to see your girlfriend."

Let's review. My girlfriend writes a statement that proves the police were lying. She confirmed herself that I never assaulted her. Yet they start off by charging me with 22 counts of assault and weapons charges, including the phantom abuse of my girlfriend which they had ZERO evidence of. Then they reduced my charges to 11 counts, and just a while ago, they offered me 18 months if I plead guilty to two of those charges. One of them being the phantom abuse charge, which apparently isn't that much of a worry, as they are now going to let me see my girlfriend again, (at least during the day, when there is zero chance of me abusing her again). Does anybody else's head hurt from all this bullshit. These pricks knew I was not violent, and they knew I wasn't a rapist, and they knew I never breached my bail conditions. When is enough, enough?! How much more professional people's time and taxpayer dollars are we going to squander on this nonsense?! 

Undoubtably, more to come. I hope you're entertained.


Sunday, 17 November 2013

message to you. (11 of 149)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for reading this blog. At times it can be very hard to re-live it all by telling what happened. As I recall everything that I've gone through and continue to go through, I try to remember that I'm not singular in the world. There are many men who face similar situations and they don't know how to deal with them. I believe if each of us makes our own small contributions, we can affect the world in positive ways. With that in mind, I have two things I would like to ask of you today.
One is that if you are a MRA (Mens Rights Activist), I encourage you to keep rallying together to resist this heavily one sided system. Let us network together so we can help one another where help is needed. At first this may seem to be a daunting task but in reality it is no more daunting then shoveling your driveway after a snow storm. Time and pressure turns sand into diamonds. Little by little this will start to go away until one day we will be able to look back and behold all the seemingly impossible feats that we have accomplished. Something we thought impossible due to time restraints, long work days, or demands on your life. All we need to do is keep up the pressure when we can, however we can.
Many of the people who fight for change and to increase awareness, and help those who have suffered as I have do so solely out of good will. They move mountains with little or no reward from anyone, often covering the expenses themselves and often at great risk to their personal and professional lives.

I've had almost 1500 hits on my blog the last month. I don't think i could have done this without the help and encouragement of Mens Rights Edmonton. The last two Christmas I went through hell. This one may not be the best either. This Christmas I ask you to remember the men who remain behind bars. The fathers that fight with suicidal thoughts because they cannot be with their children. Please donate to this cause. As I said, 1500 people looked at my blog last month. If you all donate a mere twenty dollars, thats 30,000.00! Change , positive change can happen if we work together towards a common goal.

My eyes are now opened. I pledge that I will do what I can from here on. I haven't been able to work for sometime. I want to publicly thank the generous woman who brought me a winter jacket, so kind of you my dear. And thank you Murray for your most generous pledge and the smokes and coffee, its the little things that help so much.

Ladies and gentleman, I will tell my story, help others to do the same won't you?


Friday, 8 November 2013

rememberance day. (10 of 149)

I used to have four turkeys per year, eat together as a family. I was taught to be thank full for the birth of Jesus, the death and Resurrection of Jesus, the harvest and the death of a soldier who went out to protect us all. you see my mothers side of the  family is all military. they have served our nation through many conflicts, including the ones the average Canadian doesn't readily know about. I've always respected a soldiers life and as a youth I wanted nothing more than to be a part of that.

 I thought it was an existence of brotherly love, duty and Honor, where by hard work,loyalty, a person could hash out a good existence. eventually go to your grave proud that you had done your best. I have something that I want to say but in no way do I want it nor should it b taken as a slight against our good men and women in our armed services both in the past, present and future.

I was falsely accused of sexual assault against my step daughter. Until I could get bail, I had to stay in the local remand centre. I had to endure many months of beatings, psychological torture, illegal interrogations and even rape by men who previously served in our armed services, have returned home, who now work in great numbers for corrections of Alberta because many suffer from  P.T.S.D. They can't become a cop because you can't pass the phsycological tests.  Working in jail has become a nice safe place for you to vent frustrations, apply your new found tactics of interrogation, somehow you feel your doing gods bidding, protecting society from evil.
 You do so by illegally interrogating prisoners, forcing guilty pleas just so they can get out of there and away from you, you rape inmates as a form of torture, or punishment for those who are troublesome or accused of a sexual offence. Truly the unbelievable part is that many are aware of this and or heard of the stories, and yet do nothing to help! In the old remand it was called "being taken for a ride in the elevator", until your bosses and the sheer amounts of complaints compelled them to install video monitors.
 But people are getting together, it is just a matter of time before a joint lawsuit will be launched. The system is slow, no one is in a rush, frankly we are all afraid of possible outcomes, revenge, etc.but it will happen.
whether or not I'm heard I could care less, point is I spoke up like I told you I would. But since I've put life and limb on the line...I do have a special message for those who are guilty of this. You were former soldiers of this country, sworn to protect its citizens, both home and abroad.
Inmates in the remand centre are still Canadian citizens! .Certain rights have been temporarily suspended but they are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. You tortured me horrendously for months in your" special cells" you not only beat me but you RAPED  and psychologically tortured me because you thought that I myself was a rapist. And not just myself alone but many others, females as well,call me crazy but I'm not the only one saying this.
Another special message is to the one who has gone on to become a court house sheriff. I didn't want to hurt you like you hurt me and I find that odd. Instead, with swollen hands at the sight of you, I walked up to you , shook your hand and said to you with a firm grip and never breaking eye contact " you see I told you I didn't do it and was acquitted after a confession" Your look of fear that your eyes betrayed was satisfactory enough.  you even had a gun, yet you nearly wet your pants. The best you could do was follow my family, friends and I around the court house. Those that know me best asked "is he one of them", they knew without me saying anything right at that moment.
I ponder why you followed me, us. To intimidate? You should know by now that I am no coward like you. I even went to the bathroom, hoping you would come in and confront me, yes you would have been taped. Like I said, your fear, endless wandering around us, somehow attempting to engage in a conversation, you insecurity, uncertainty and fear are enough for me.

 If you have any Honor left, you will skip Nov 11 traditions, quietly go somewhere and stay there until they are over. Take off your ribbons and wear them no more, for although you did serve, you have fallen in disgrace ( I'm only talking to the guilty ones) I would remind you you are not " over there", or " down range" your home and what your doing is wrong!  You are not doing gods bidding, he is not impressed nor are many of your co workers or support staff. Perhaps why you chose to move along in jobs?

I am a son of a soldier, from a family of soldiers and like I told you all those months " I didn't do it" we now have an acquittal because of a confession. The irony here is that the only crime that was committed was the one you did to myself and others. Should you ever find out who I am ( you caught key things said) and you plan to do further harm to me in the future if I have to return there before this crap is completely over, including trumped up charges. You should know, I have your names, dates, etc and so do those who have just as big of balls as I do and they will report you and your name will be in the paper and you will be where I was once in. And if that doesn't scare you, the afterlife should. remember I told you one way or another you'll pay for what you've done, here or in the hereafter, remember I'm a son of a soldier from a family of soldiers.
I don't have that turkey anymore on remembrance day, you guys would have been more merciful to have killed me , cause you killed what was me. till then, least I forget I will pray for my uncles and beloved grandfather, all our other hero's that they may all rest in peace. and I pray for you too, that you get conflicted in your heart, stop now, come clean, get some help.Else pay dearly later.

I read this blog I wrote some time ago. I felt that it was a bit confrontational to those that serve in the military, unintentionally. The blog was meant as a means of copping and confronting a certain few for some very wrong things they did to me under their watch. So as I am crystal clear.

Strangely, I face sentencing from a judge in November, near a time where we remember our fallen. The following is a song in remembrance to the GOOD men and women in uniform and a two fold message to a certain resolve is none the less and I stand ready for that which will come.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lazy lawyers. (blog 9 of 149)

They will tell you right to your face that they defend their legal aid clients just as much as they do their paying clients. Before my first lawyer even looked at the disclosure or any evidence against me, he told me;
"Plead guilty [Tortured], and I will try to get you the best deal I can." I told him;
"You're fired." So he quietly left with his nose held high in the air. I didn't now where to go, who to call, or who I could trust. I sat there in jail, week after week, and pondered my complete lack of options. So I began asking around. A couple guys recommend this one lawyer named TIM STONEHOUSE. They say he's the shit. So I call him up and describe my situation and he agrees to take my case. Loud and larger than life, Tim reassures me he's handled this sort of thing before.
"No big deal. It's all too common place nowadays" he tells me.
But he asks why he should believe me. I told him I had no idea. This is before the DNA evidence results were released which proved the alleged sexual assault never took place. At that time there was no way I could prove I didn't do this. But I told him about the DNA evidence that would eventually clear my name, and he believed me. I felt lucky as hell that this guy took the time to see me. That day alone I was one of dozens of men to see the lawyer god. 

A few months later, the DNA test results come in proving I didn't molest my step daughter. I ask Tim when I can expect to get out of there now that I have proof of my innocence.  He tells me;
"Well, it isn't that easy because she is still alive to claim it still happened. The crown will just say that just because there is no evidence, it doesn't mean it didn't happen." Seems to me like a lawyer worth his salt would have gone to court on my behalf to point out the obvious that DNA evidence results like this was proof that a crime DIDN'T happen. But anyways, Stonehouse then tells me that we can use this DNA test result to go to a bail hearing. He insists he go to that alone and that I should call him the night after to find out how it went. That night I call, and he tells me the crown approached him and said;
"We will strongly oppose any sort of bail because we were contacted by [Tortured's] cell partner, and he has notified us that [Tortured] has threatened to kill his step daughter as soon as he is released."
I was floored. I assured him that I would never say or do such a thing and that this was a complete lie. I demanded he bring whoever made this accusation to the stand to repeat it so that they would purger themselves. The bail hearing was put off for another month and this time I demanded I be there for it. When that day finally arrived, I sat and watched my attorney bring up the matter in court. Before he even finishes his introduction, the crown prosecution interrupts him and says;
"..yes, we investigated the allegation, it turns out it was nothing, so...moving on." -Moving on? What the hell do they mean "moving on"?! Was this some failed attempt to have my bail denied or was it all just a ruse to waste time? Whatever the case, the end result remains the same. I was the one stuck in jail for a good while longer sweating this out, wondering if I'll ever get bail and get out of there. To give you an idea of the kind of daily beatings, mind torture, and much more abuse I've had to endure while in Remand , refer to the previous blog entry "Remand AKA Capital of Hell". No big deal. Moving on he says. What a jerk!
On December 21,2011, I was granted $5000.00 no cash bail, but for no fucking reason they arbitrarily refused to release me. 36 long days later, after the holidays, some new guard screwed up and let me out of my cell to use the phone. By this time, I was absolutely rip shit livid. I called my lawyer to give him a piece of my mind;
"I believe you're screwing me around. I've been given bail and yet you still can't secure my release? If you can't handle a bail hearing then I certainly don't trust you to represent me at trial." I also informed him I would be lodging a complaint with the law society of alberta. The next day he calls me and says he's secured my release for the following Thursday, and on that day I finally get out of there.
My first act after re-joining the pretend civilized society was to request a new lawyer from legal aid. I filed that complaint to the law society of Alberta and with legal aid. My complaint was quickly shot down and legal aid refused my request to change counsel. They tried to convince me Stonehouse did nothing wrong and that he was working hard on my case. Except, in a year's time, he did nothing to prepare for trial. I have court documents showing Tim and other attorneys were trying to get him removed from the case. I appealed the decision with legal aid, then the regional committee, then finally with the Northern committee. We would go back and forth for five months on this appeal shit. One day we were in court and Tim Stonehouse stands before the judge and says;
"Your honour, I'm completely taken aback by this. I had no idea whatsoever there was a problem between my client and I. In fact, I was here today ready to proceed with trial." I guess he apparently forgot about all the times he requested to be removed from my case. And the other attorneys who submitted similar requests on his behalf. He also conveniently forgot he hadn't prepared anything for trial that day or any other, and all the times he lied on the phone to the appeal committees. He begged the judge to remove him from the record so a new lawyer could be appointed. The crown was choked. The judge slammed his fist on the table and said this was an outrage!. The judge's actual words were;
"You're dicking the system over!"
Eventually, my request for a new lawyer is approved and a new legal aid lawyer, Danielle Boisvert, took over. Throughout all of this, the crown prosecution was trying to pull my bail for no other reason than he felt I shouldn't be on the street (more on that later). My trial was rescheduled to give my new lawyer time to review my case. Additionally, a pretrial was scheduled to get all the facts on the record beforehand. Also, the format was switched from a judge alone, to a judge and jury format. 

My pretrial started and from the word go, Angel's (my accusers) story was different once again. They only managed to record her testimony, as nearby construction caused such a noise disturbance that they agreed to resume the pretrial in another city 3 days later. As a precaution to ensure I didn't skip out on my trial, they make you check into jail three days leading up to your court date. So this postponement meant I had to spend an additional 3 days in jail, which obviously totally sucked. During that weekend, I called Angel's mother's best friend (whom we'll call Beth), who also happened to be a friend of mine. For the record, Angel once accused Beth's son of raping her too, but Angel later admitted to lying about that. Beth informs me that the police were now looking for Angel. Apparently, Angel phoned up another town's police department and told them she would be unable to appear in court due to a "prior engagement". They asked Angel to wait a moment while they put her on hold and transfered her to the appropriate police department. When the RCMP took her off hold, Angel had already hung up.
So the pretrial resumes a few days later and Angel is a no show. Her mother is there representing her. The crown acknowledges that Angel called into the police to cancel and so the trial was remanded for three more days. They didn't want to pay to have me transported back to jail, so I was kicked out of the back door wearing shoes without shoelaces and forced to walk home which was a mere one town away. A warrant was issued for Angels arrest, and she was picked up pretty quickly. Her mother bailed her out for $100.00. In front of yet another judge, the crown prosecution lies to the judge and tells him Angel had some sort of mental health appointment which is why she missed the last court day. MY lawyer wasn't available that day, so she sent one of her flunkies instead. The judge explains that because they can't facilitate the cross-examination on that day they need to postpone the pretrial again to a time when everybody was available. That wouldn't be for an additional seven months!

On December 5th, 2012, under cross examination, my step daughter admits she never had a mental health appointment, and she was actually out drunk and high partying with her friends while we were in court wondering where she was. Then, under oath, five times she denied ever calling the cops to try to get out of having to appear before court that day. Yet there was a 911 tape that proved she did just that. Once again, Angel's recollection of events on the night of the alleged rape were also completely different. My lawyer at the time was very upset that this was not being dropped. Email correspondence (which we are preparing to publish), revealed; 
"According to the crown prosecution, this  is going to trial because [Tortured's] previous attorney, (Tim Stonehouse), said that [Tortured] admitted everything to him and he was just waiting for the DNA test results to come out before sentencing."...! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. All the while that slimy bastard Stonehouse was supposedly working on my side, it turns out he was conspiring with the other side against me behind my back! My lawyer Danielle told me I should file a complaint with the law society, which I did. That complaint would eventually be thwarted by somebody whose job I can only assume, is to protect lawyers from having complaints filed against them. In the end, I had to drop that complaint because I was told if I kept perusing it, Tim Stonehouse would have been entitled to a full copy of my current file. At that time, it had been a full year since he had represented me and I didn't want to turn over that information to an angry, crooked lawyer who had already been caught conspiring against me with my accuser's attorney. In order to guarantee the crown prosecution wouldn't get a copy of my current file, I had to drop the complaint. This all transpired 10 months before my acquittal. This is why corrupt lawyers never get taken to task. Your tax dollars at work.

So just a recap, at this point I've been through 4 lawyers. The first was fired right away for telling me to plead guilty for a crime I didn't commit and throw myself at the mercy of the court, and the second, (Stonehouse) stayed on my case for a year before it became apparent he was either lazy or incompetent (or both) and was clearly serving the crown's interests instead of mine. The third lawyer, Danielle Boisvert I actually respected and admired. She was like a bulldog in lipstick. I appreciated her abilities and her zeal, but it got to a point that I dreaded meeting with her. She was VERY outspoken and aggressive. I also got the feeling her attention was becoming increasingly divided between my case and her paying clients, which is somewhat understandable. Who would you work harder for-the legal aid case, or the guy who gave you $50,000.00? For two and a half years of legal aid services, my bill came to $7,333.49. That includes trial. Most quality bail hearings in Canada are on average, 3-5 thousand dollars if you're a cash paying client. If you have money, you don't go to jail. Everybody I ever met in jail was a legal aid client, just rotting away. Anyways, Danielle floored both myself and my supporters when we asked her why she wasn't preparing for my pretrial. Danielle simply replied;
"I don't think Angel is going to show up". Well you can guess what happened. On December 5th, 2012, Danielle was so confident Angel wouldn't show that she actually came to court without my file! But Angel did show up that day, so Danielle had to go get my file while we all waited. Still, I was impressed by the way she still managed to bring a lot of lies to the surface and lay the ground work for my official trial in which I would ultimately be acquitted. She would have been terrific if she just respected her role a lot more. However, Danielle was just too domineering. I wasn't allowed to disagree with her, nor was I allowed to question her. In fact, she once said to me;
"Listen, you're the band and I'm the mystro. I'm the lead singer and you're the choir. LOL". She must have meant it, because I disagreed with her once over not calling my court appointed mental health evaluator (who determined I was not insane or bi-polar) as a witness and she quit over it. I was shocked! I did a bit of crumbling and sucking up to try to get her to change her mind to no avail. That brings me to my last lawyer. This individual was in a class all her own. She takes my file and assures me if I had any issues, just contact her. I told her that my last attorney filed a complaint on my behalf against the police for harassing me. I informed her I was a marked man, and she would need to keep a good eye on me. Less than a week later, I called to notify her there were some issues surfacing (refer to "Tortured Vs Seal Team 6"). She claims she understood, yet over a week went by and she never responded to me. In the end, the police claimed they came to my house because my girlfriend was being abused. It was all a lie and a piss poor excuse they concocted to justify kicking in my door to harass and re-arrest me. They could see for themselves that my girlfriend was not being abused in any way (which is probably why she refused their persistent requests for her to testify that I HAD abused her). After that night, I spend the subsequent two and a half months in jail before getting bailed out by my girlfriend's daughter. I've been on house arrest ever since. My fourth lawyer would eventually quit on me as well, after I refused to sign a plea bargain which required me to plead guilty to trumped up charges and once again throw myself at the mercy of the court.

I've learned a lot about how our so called justice system works. It's not really about justice. It's actually about expropriating every cent a man can lay his hands on, thus rendering him incapable of continuing his fight, and then getting him to sign a plea deal which would see him entered into the rape and violence statistics and ultimately put behind bars. The worst part about it though, is how they all work together to crush your soul and break your will throughout this entire process. They count on financially depleting you and exhausting all the fight you have in you by the time this is all over, so you lack the means and the will to throw yourself back into it to try to hold any of these bastards accountable. It's ALL about money and finding examples of "bad men" for ideologues and carrerists to point their fingers at. There is no thought about justice, or truth, or morality, or even basic human decency. My current lawyer seems to be doing a pretty good job so far, and he may even restore my faith in his profession. But that would still mean roughly 4 out of 5 lawyers are either lazy, incompetent, or just plain out to screw you. Some things I just cannot talk about yet as there is an extensive lawsuit being launched. Some issues with the last attorney are under complaint and are still being reviewed. Trust me, there is much more yet, and it gets even more corrupt and even more bizarre. Someday if/when I ever get clear of all this, I hope to be able to tell you about it. The problem is, most people don't realize the system is like this until it's got it's claws wrapped around their own balls, and by then it's too late. People (especially men) need to start learning about what things are really like, and they need to fucking CARE! Because this shit is literally laying waste to entire families, and driving innocent men to suicide. I hope this blog inspires people to get informed and involved in real substantive change.

Thanks for reading. More to come.


Tunnel Vision. (blog 8 of 149)

It took me a long time to do this blog. Mainly because until recently, I had no proof that I wasn't guilty of the crime that I was accused of. How does one accused of rape prove himself innocent? Especially given our system which is geared to believe female accusers. Even when there is circumstantial evidence proving the female in question is an established false accuser of physical assault, rape, and child molestation. In fact, my accuser has made two previous accusations of child molestation, including once against her grandfather. This is a system set up to automatically demonize men for being men. Men are less credible simply by virtue of being men. Our society, along with our justice system, silently adopts the viewpoint that men are all simply rapists in waiting.

Case in point, when the results of the DNA tests came out completely exonerating me of this crime, (refer to "DNA Evidence EPIC FAIL), I thought to myself;
"Okay, they are going to see this for what it is." -WRONG! I asked my lawyer;
"See, I told you what these results would say! When can I get out of here?" My then attorney explained to me;
"Well, it's a funny thing, DNA. They are just going to say that just because there is no DNA evidence, it doesn't mean it didn't happen."
-?! This is what he actually told me! He then went on to say;
"It were almost better if she were dead, because then you would be cleared". I was in shock! This made absolutely no sense to me. Understandably, I was furious.
"Surely this cannot be ignored?!" I asked. He replied simply;
"Well, it will only help you at trial because it raises the question of the lack of DNA where one would reasonably assume that if such an event took place, DNA should be there." What a genius! Unbelievable! It's as if DNA evidence can only HURT your case. It will either prove you guilty, or create a real head scratcher.

Under Canadian law, they will not risk further victimizing my accuser by suggesting or even asking her if she is not telling the truth. Irregardless of the fact that if indeed she is lying, I am the de-facto victim in this ordeal, and she is the perpetrator. The mathematical likelihood of that DNA evidence being wrong is staggering! Borderline inconceivable! Even if I were the most evil and intelligent man in history and somehow was able to tamper with the DNA evidence on myself, how can they account for the lack of DNA evidence from the samples taken from her body? They asked her if she showered or cleaned up and she said "no". Ten minutes after the supposed sexual assault took place, she was whisked away to the hospital where they put together a full rape kit, which I have been led to believe is very intrusive and thorough. I have heard of DNA (even decades old) exonerating people of crimes. DNA has been extracted from the bones of long extinct animals to further our knowledge of how they looked and even how they lived. It has even been used to identify nameless soldiers from their remains. Yet in this instance, we can't determine conclusively if an assault has taken place or not?!
"Just because there is no DNA, doesn't mean it didn't happen?"-Ah, yes it does! Just, unfathomable.

Under Canada's justice web site, you'll find a report titled, "The prevention of miscarriages of justice".

Refer to chapter 4, titled "Tunnel vision". On page 35 of this chapter, it says; 
"Tunnel vision has been defined as 'the single minded and overly narrow focus on an investigation or prosecutorial theory so as to unreasonably color the evaluation of information received and ones conduct in response to the information'. Tunnel vision, and its perverse by-product, 'noble cause corruption' are the antithesis of the proper roles of police and crown attorney. Yet tunnel vision has been identified as the leading cause of wrongful convictions in Canada and elsewhere." The aforementioned government report also says;
"It cannot be over emphasized that the purpose of a criminal prosecution is not to obtain a conviction, it is to lay before a jury what the crown considers to be credible evidence relevant to what is alleged to be a crime. Counsel have a duty to see that all available legal proof of the facts is represented: it should be done firmly and pressed to its legitimate strength but it also must be done fairly" It goes on to say."
"But the prosecutor should not be a zealot". Within the context of tunnel vision, the crown must strive to independently assess the police investigation and the evidence against the accused."
"Tunnel vision must be guarded against vigilantly, as it is a trap that can capture the best police officer or prosecutor".
"Tunnel vision is insidious. it can affect an officer or, indeed, anyone involved in the administration of justice with sometimes tragic results. It results in the officer becoming so focused upon an individual or incident that no other person or incident registers in the officers thoughts.....anyone, police officer, counsel or judge can become infected by this virus"
"After the charge has been laid, the crown has independent control over the charge and has the sole authority to proceed with the prosecution or withdraw the charge. Early consultation between prosecutors and police should be encouraged. It is important that police training emphasise this separate function of the crown, so that in appropriate cases, the crown attorney may feel unhindered in deciding not to proceed any further with a charge. It is easy to envision situations where fear of criticism or unfavourable comparisons with other crown prosecutors could hamper the crown attorney from discharging his or her duties. This emphasis upon the separate function of crown and police, also encourages crowns to be open to theories that may differ from those initially put forward by the investigator. Crown counsel must always act as a challenge (40) function to police officers and must bring critical eyes to bear on the evidence presented to them.They must always be prepared to consider alternate theories and explanations for such things as post arrest conduct. While prosecutors and police officers must work together closely and cooperatively, the different responsibilities and the different standards they must apply should not be impaired."

That is how our criminal justice system is supposed to conduct itself. Now let's look at how it actually works.

I've had 4 separate crown prosecutors on my case. In my assessment, each one of them, along with many police officers in between, had tunnel vision. This is the only explanation as to why the police and crown prosecutors went after me with such zeal, in spite of the mounting evidence of my obvious innocence. The only two things they were not in control of was the jury and my accuser. Had my accuser not admitted to multiple perjuries, and confessed in front of a jury to making up the rape accusation, I believe I would have been wrongfully convicted. All interactions with me and with regards to my case point me to this conclusion. I will now attempt to convince you of the same. Please consider the following points of evidence.

1) My accuser is an established, habitual liar.  She has made a total of 9 false allegations before this one. And two additional ones since! In every single case, she has either admitted to lying, or been proven to be lying through evidence. My accuser has made a false domestic violence accusation against myself before. She alleged;
"He beat me with a belt and punched me in the head before school". Except, just like this time, there wasn't a mark on her. I'm a 255 lbs man with a 21 inch arm. I also have a martial arts background. If I hit her, she would probably die. They took her from school and she admitted to lying before they even contacted us to go down to get her. 

2) My story remained consistent throughout this ordeal. I knew there would have to be DNA evidence on both of us in order to prove the things my accuser was alleging. I repeatedly begged in court for the processing of the DNA evidence as I knew the results would prove I was innocent. Would a guilty man take such a gamble? My accuser's story however, changed roughly 4 times. It was always similar, but different enough as to be too drastic a difference to ignore. Or so I thought. Moreover, her answers to questions surrounding critically important details were increasingly answered with;
"I can't remember", and
"I don't know".

3) Among other things my accuser also alleged that I "beat her, choked her, and ground my fist into into her head". Except there wasn't a single bruise on her. Not even a single red mark and certainly nothing even worthy for police to photograph. Yet she always maintained her extremely violent account of events.

4) My accuser's own mother wrote a letter on my behalf stating that her child is a liar and has done this sort of thing many times. This letter is currently sealed into court evidence and was instrumental in the decision to grant me bail after I rotted away for over 9 months in jail. Her mother wrote this letter just one month after sending my accuser away with her friends for the summer, just one month after I was arrested. (Her mother couldn't handle her anymore). While I was in Edmonton Remand, my accuser's mother conversed with my attorney, and he reiterated to me that she was asking;
"Why isn't he out on bail? He doesn't deserve to be in there, my child is a liar." She also paid my first months rent, my damage deposit, bought me all new clothes, bedding, smokes, and my favorite snacks and sent me money through my attorney. What does that tell you? Who would know their child better than their own mother?

5) My accuser also claims in her statement that upon returning home just prior to the alleged rape, she immediately changed her clothes because "it was raining so hard outside that she was soaked through and through". However, according to environment Canada's weather records, it did not rain that day or either day before or after the day of the alleged rape. In fact, for the entire month of May 2011, it only rained a total of 4.5mm. Data from 3 separate polling stations around the town was introduced into evidence.

6) My accuser has testified that she changed into a black pair of jeans that I had supposedly unbuckled, unzipped, and unbuttoned in order to get them off her. She claimed I did all this to her as I held her in a choke hold of some kind. The first problem with her allegation is that my fingerprints were not found on the pants. In addition, the pair of pants my accuser was wearing weren't jeans like she said, they were actually pajama pants as stated in the 'evidence seizure list'. Pajama pants don't usually have buckles, zippers and buttons on them, the ones seized definitely did not.. Unfortunately, these pants were among the evidence destroyed by the police before the trial date. Wonder why. But I can tell you that they were a pair of 'Guitar hero ' regular pajamas. You ,Yourself can see the evidence seizure list on this blog site.

7) My accuser has been taking mental health medication since the age of 12 or earlier, and we were still trying to get her properly diagnosed. 

8) In her original statement, my accuser's mother states that her daughter told her;
"Please don't let them take DNA". Why would she hesitate to obtain evidence that would substantiate her claims  for comparison?. I allowed the police to collect my fingernail clippings for DNA testing. I submitted them knowing they would be entered  into the national DNA data bank. Why? Because I had absolutely nothing to hide.

9) My family, friends, and children raised around me wrote in letters on my behalf as character witnesses. I have never been accused of, or investigated for any sexual offense prior to this one. Police have been to my door twice to arrest my accuser's mother for spousal abuse (my accuser is the one who reported it). They have also been to my door multiple times for my accuser's antics. But never once for me.

10) On May 21, 2011, mere hours before the alleged rape took place, I attended an emergency appointment with my chiropractor. My accuser went with me to help me balance. I have a full medial file which states that among other things, "my mobility was reduced roughly 80% and range of motion was also reduced by 80%. I couldn't possibly have lifted more than 20 pounds, let alone stand or even lay down for prolonged periods of time without extreme pain due to a herniated disk". I was in a full back harness and would be off work for 2 months. This is also documented in my WCB medical file. The police themselves took off my back brace, helped me into the police truck, and made a special mention in their field note book stating that;
"...he is a large man with a back injury and is in excruciating pain". Yet according to my accuser's accounts of that night, I somehow managed to beat her, overpower her, and even lift her and carry her onto her bed.

I could continue making points, but for the sake of the reader I will stop here. At this point I feel I've provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate what I alluded to earlier. That this is a system that is geared towards believing female accusors. Clearly, the police and the crown were pursuing prosecution against me in spite of evidence which showed beyond reasonable doubt that this was indeed a false accusation. Yet I spent over 2 years of my life in jail, and became financially depleted fighting to regain my freedom. I am still fighting to this day.

Call it tunnel vision or noble cause corruption, they went after me like religious zealots. In May 2012, I was arrested. By October the breast swab DNA results came back clearing me. Still they denied me bail. The judge had to order the police to process the fingernails, otherwise they likely never would have done so. They then stalled by saying they had reports that I said I was going to kill my step kid if i ever got out. These charges were dropped a few months later when they were unable to substantiate these claims and it became clear these were just stall tactics. 

I was called violent, bi-polar, and an alcoholic. Yet according to 6 separate mental health evaluations which were filed by my court appointed shrink;
"The subject isn't bi-polar or suffers any major mental health issues. Hidden or otherwise."
In another report, he states;
" continue to keep him under house arrest and unable to work might inadvertently cause mental health issues."
The crown has been made aware of these reports, yet I am still forced to be under house arrest to this day. I've been bounced around like a piece of missing luggage. I've been told I couldn't live with my new girlfriend because I wasn't stable. They claim I need to be supervised, but under their watchful eye I was forced to live in 3 different homes inside of four months. Once I was forced to move because the police on the south side of Edmonton "didn't want a child molester" on the south side. This is how it was explained to me by the commander of the south side precinct. I was told to stay away and not be caught around there. Twice, they charged me with two false counts of breaching this requirement. If that isn't instability, I don't know what is.

South side police officers would talk to my roommates in plain clothes, ask about me, toss my room, and destroy stuff while I was away. I found boot marks all over my sheets. On one occasion, two female officers arrived at my bedroom door one night at 2 or 3 in the morning, and with me standing there in my freaking underwear, they kept yelling that I produce my drivers license, provide the name of my bail supervisor, her number, tell them what I did throughout the day...
(After this I began wearing shorts to bed). It was like this or worse during the entire 2 1/2 year wait for my trial. I don't care who you are, eventually this starts to takes a toll on you. Especially mentally. In December 2012, just days before Christmas, my roommate told me;
"You came out of your room crying, looking like you were asleep. You went for your bag in the kitchen, pulled out a bottle of Valium and chewed them (my month supply apparently)." They had to call an ambulance because I fell over (I've personally seen where my head went through the drywall). I was rushed to hospital that night. I awoke naked in a hospital bed. I had intervenes in my arm and one in my right hand. I was hooked up to all kinds of wires all over my body. I ripped out everything and got up. A nurse asked me;
"Where do you think you're going?!". I said;
"I don't give a fuck, I'm out of here." She said;
"You know, you expired 3 times last night, you're still not out of danger." I demanded my clothes and they gave them to me, along with what was left of my Valium. I called a friend to come get me. I feel bad because I puked charcoal all over his dash board. He drove me to the court house so I could sign my papers for my Christmas pass, so that I could be with my new girlfriend. Over the holidays I didn't get better, so I sought out some mental health help. I spend 30 days in a mental help facility. While I was there, the government charged me with 2 breaches. One for not being at my approved residence, and one for using drugs (Valium). My lawyer and doctor eventually were able to clear it up, by proving that the drugs I was taking were prescribed, and it isn't illegal to attempt suicide in Canada. So they changed the charge to be that I didn't return to my approved residence after my Christmas pass expired. When it was verified that I did, they changed it again, claiming that I didn't return myself to jail after being released from the mental ward. Then it was verified by my girlfriend, several guards, my attorney, and two government workers that I did actually report to jail. They kept these charges around for 8 months. They pushed my trial back a month before finally dropping them. In the mean time, they would tempt me with plea deals of time served if I would just plead guilty. They want you to do that, because it affects your credibility. I had an upcoming trial and that is what they wanted. They had a need to get this prosecution no matter the evidence. Does this sound like Tunnel Vision to you?

The impact this has had on every aspect of my life is incalculable. All of this because of a false accusation. I wouldn't wish this on my most bitter enemies. Even now, despite all this, I'm not seeking revenge or compensation of any kind. All I'm fighting for at this point is the opportunity to try to pick up the pieces of my life, and move on.


Edmonton Remand, A.K.A. "Capital of Hell". (blog 7 of 149)

Edmonton Remand is an inmate housing facility for men accused of crimes. It is where men are taken and held as the are awaiting their day in court.
This section was originally intended to describe the various abuses inflicted upon "tortured" during his time in Edmonton Remand. However, due to the sheer lack of evidence and stresses and emotional toll on "Tortured" to recount these events, we have decided to put this section on hold.

This is the physical state upon release of tortured
This is the physical state of tortured six months after released, and how he normally carries himself.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Seal team 6 vs Tortured. (blog 6 0f 149)

June, 2013. It was around this time that policies changed in the realm of bail supervisors. I was deemed to be a child rapist and was told;
"Due to the nature of your crimes sir, you have to report in every two weeks at the most". 
Although I was allowed to go back to work, these conditions made it impossible to return to my career. Prior to all this, I was moving my way up the ladder in the oilfield. I got my 4th class power engineering degree, and was drilling for a reputable company. I had a job that I had come to know and love for over a decade. But because I had court dates, a curfew, and was required to make regular check-ins, the only job I could get was a lousy labour job. That job payed for little more than the rent at the home which the government was forcing me to stay at. Then one day my bail supervisor tells me;
"Due to the fact there are so many people on bail and not enough supervisors, we have made some rule changes regarding bail supervision. You now have to report once every 2 months. You can now go to work out of town but you must be on a regular rotation in a dry (liquor free) camp. We also need to know all the details in advance and you must submit a copy of your pay stubs."
Thrilled, I immediately looked into getting back into drilling. Two things stopped me dead in my tracks:
1) I had to renew old safety tickets which I couldn't afford.
2) It was spring break up, meaning there were no active rigs at the time. 
Not to be deterred, I re-did my resume, called up a few structural engineering buddies, and asked them to forward my resume which they did. I was quickly scooped up by a company that had structural upgrade contracts in Fort Mcmurray. I've always wanted to check out the structural side of engineering. I thought I'd make some decent money and temporarily fill in a void in my life. I slept better there than I had in months knowing police could not enter the compound I was in. I excelled at that job and within two weeks, I was in charge of my own crew! Then disaster.

My first two weeks in, I got an email from my legal aid attorney stating she quit! Why? Because I strongly disagreed with her about not calling my court appointed shrink as a character witness. He wanted to testify that I didn't fit the bill of a rapist, but she didn't want him on the stand. It didn't matter how much I sucked up, she still quit and I had to return home early to go to court. At this point I was afraid that if the crown learned that I was without legal representation and that I was working and making money, it would put me in contention of having adequate legal representation, and they would put a stop to my newly acquired employment. I quickly scheduled a meeting with a very good lawyer in Calgary. I showed him my case file and he agreed that I had a very good case but told me that in order for him to take it on, he would need $20,000.00 up front. I had just started working, so I didn't have that kind of money yet. But because I feared reprisals from the government to prevent me from earning money, I asked him if he could take on the case now if I paid him installments, as I needed legal representation immediately. He wouldn't budge. My girlfriend and I left his office and returned home to my approved residence before curfew. I told her on the drive back, as far as legal representation goes, I was fucking tired of "hamburger helper". I was going to be tough, but I was going after the "steak". 

On my last few days off I managed to secure a loan based on my job. All I had to do was bring in a copy of my contract on the following days off to finalize it and I'd have my steak dinner lawyer. Upon driving 5 hours to return to work, I learned Fort Mac was flooded and even the oil sands were in jeopardy. New construction came to a halt and all non essential employes (like me) were sent home. I returned to Edmonton to my approved residence. My roommates there told me every time I leave town, the landlords try to rent out my room from under me. A room I paid up for! Then they told me that all their homes were being closed down shortly because they didn't meet fire safety standards. Within two weeks we were all being transplanted to this converted hotel they bought. We would be trading our single rooms for shared occupancy and our rent would go from $550.00/month to $950.00/month. There would also be 24 hour security guards and video surveillance. In addition, we would have a sign it/out policy telling them when we would be back. We would also have to pose for photos for their spiffy new files. There would also be a strict buzz-in curfew of 10 pm which superseded the one I had with the police department. This sound like a private jail to you? It does to me! Why didn't they just kick me in the balls and light my pants on fire?!

Needless to say I had issues with this. Ultimately, it would affect my job. I HAD to live wherever this private company said, within their realm or else I had to return to hell-I mean, remand centre immediately. This move was to take place in a week, yet I was not formally told about it. I quickly called and left messages with my new legal aid lawyer. I emailed her daily and left messages with her assistant to no avail. I urgently told them this was all an issue for me which would be coming to a head. The government was going to pull another move on me and I needed pre-emptive legal assistance. They didn't care. 

On June 19th, 2013 I was on the phone with one of my government supporters when the manager of the place I was staying at called. Secretly, I put her on 3 way with my supporter listening quietly. She confirmed all of what was reiterated to me by my roommates. I stressed to her that I could not afford another $400.00/month and couldn't handle sleeping beside someone I didn't know because of the torture I went through at Hell-I mean, Remand. (Just to give you an idea of the mental state I was in at the time, I would barricade my door every night just so I could sleep. I couldn't get over the thought of somebody coming in through my door at night while I slept. A barricade gave me the reassurance that they would wake me up trying). But I didn't tell her that. I just told her I had stress and trust issues and trouble sleeping at night. I told her I didn't want to inadvertently harm somebody just for startling me in the night. She told me; 
"I don't care, fuck you!" 
...well, actually she said if I didn't report that night with the extra $400.00 plus damage deposit (which was equivalent to one months rent), they would report me missing, and there would subsequently be a warrant for my arrest. So yeah, basically, 
"Fuck you, buddy!"
I didn't have this additional money, and neither did my girlfriend. They told me that I'm apparently too unstable to live with her at our approved apartment even though I ate, showered, and kept everything I still owned there and rented the place out as my friend owns the building. That home has always been my address of record, and all my mail went there. My girlfriend and I ran a clean home. It was a safe place, and we even had some new pets to replace the ones I lost when this all started. But some genius decided I need to be supervised between the hours of 10:30pm and 5:30am. Apparently I must turn into some sexual monster or something between these hours, but I could come and go as I pleased afterwards. That same day I went to speak with one of my supporters at about 5:30 in the evening. She agreed it's total bullshit that they weren't allowing me to live with my girlfriend. That we actually had to go to court to get it adjusted. She was also baffled by the complete lack of attention from my new legal aid lawyer in the matter. At around 7pm my girlfriend was listening to slacker radio in the bedroom. I shortly thereafter heard her leave. I thought she might have gone to the grocery store on the main floor. We take turns cooking, and that night it was her turn. She doesn't like loud music, but I do. So I locked the door behind her and cranked the tunes a little. Singing away some frustrations to Zack Brown band. Shortly thereafter I heard some loud banging at the door. I knew my girlfriend had keys but I thought maybe she had her hands full. But this banging got frantic and very loud. When I looked at the door it was buckling!
The wall was actually moving! I knew then, that that was not my girlfriend. Somebody else was trying to come in!
A million thoughts rushed through my mind. I thought about opening the door and tuning in whoever it was, but I have to be cautious and watch my temper. I'm quite capable of defending myself but I didn't want misplaced anger coming out in stupid ways. Plus, I had to keep the peace order.
The door was metal but it was quickly starting to give. I yelled;
"Whoever the fuck this is, you better fuck off or else you'll get hurt!"
They just kept pounding it. I looked over to the kitchen butcher block. A knife! 
"Too violent" I thought to myself. I looked over at my tool belt. The Hammer! 
"Also too violent". Then I realized my rig bag is beside the door. Inside I had an air horn and bear spray. I yelled:
"Whoever you are, I have bear spray and if you breach my door I will spray you!"
At that moment, they breached! The door frame folded out and they blew the bottom door knob lock and the dead bolt. All that was still holding was the hotel chain latch. I attempted to hold the door shut, but despite me being a 255 lbs guy, every time they kicked, I was thrown back. I had no choice. I sprayed the can of bear mace through the opening left by the hotel chain latch. Funny thing about bear spray. Apparently it comes out of that can in a fan, rather than a concentrated jet like you would think. So some of it hit the door and door frame and blew back at me. But I managed to get whoever was trying to come through as well. Despite this, I continued to hold the door for a few more kicks when all of a sudden, they stopped. I took the opportunity to barricade the door with a small couch by lodging it between the door and a nearby closet. Confident it would hold, I pulled the plug on the stereo and called my girlfriend to warn her some lunatic(s) were trying to come through our door. I got no answer. Suddenly I heard somebody yell;
"[Tortured] this is EPS!!" (Edmonton Police Service). I said;
"Fuck you, you're not cops! Why would you be kicking in my door?!" The voice behind the door yelled;
"It IS EPS, open the door you piece of shit coward!" In my mind, that solidified it. Cops don't say that. I immediately suspected it was my accusers uncles, or friends, or whoever. More and more it was looking like somebody was going to be getting hurt here very shortly. I wanted it documented somehow. So I got on the phone and attempted to call my lawyer and my supporters. I either got voice mails, or their phones were off for the day. I then called my current roommate and told him what was going on. Since he lived close by, I asked if he would swing by and confirm that the voices on the other side were in fact police.  He said he didn't want any part of it. Then I made my first call to 911. I told them what was going on, and they told me;
"Well, if they're saying they're the police, then let them in". Then they hung up on me.
Then I called my former attorney and left a message with her stating I had a situation here and needed some advisement. (She never called back).
The barricade was holding well. At least, for now.
"Let us in you fucking piece of shit!" I heard from behind the door. That only further solidified my suspicions that this was indeed my accuser's family and/or friends looking to enact some of their own brand of chivalry justice. I told them;
"Listen, I'm not guilty! It was all a lie! I'll show you the DNA report!" The voice yelled back;
"Fuck you, it's a moral issue with you!" I attempted to call my girlfriend again to warn her, but got no answer (these phone calls can be confirmed with my phone records). Then the voice behind the door said;
"[Tortured], this is the swat team! Remove the fucking barricade and let us in, because when we come in, and believe me we are coming in, WE ARE GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!"
Terrified, I called 911 again and told them what was going on. They said;
"Why don't you just let them in?" I said I didn't know for sure if they were cops. If they were, why would they be trying to kick in my door, and why are they threatening to kill me? The 911 operator replied;
"Surely they aren't..." I then held my phone up to the door as the voice repeated his previous threat. Then she said;
"....hold on." 
A brief pause, and then I hear;
"[Tortured], if you remove the barricade and let us in, we promise we will not hurt you!" Everything was happening so fast. I didn't know what to do. A minute ago these guys were threatening to kill me. They sounded pumped up and I was convinced they would do it. I needed to stall for time to think, and to give cooler heads a chance to prevail. I told them;
"I have a weapon and I have a round chambered!? Looking back, perhaps that wasn't the best way to go about it, but I wanted to see if we could try to talk it out a bit. The 911 operator then asked me why I called the cops. I told her it was to confirm if the voices on the other side of the door were in fact police. Also, because if these guys did end up killing me, that it would be recorded on the 911 tape, and everyone would know that this was clearly a premeditated murder. I then told her under no circumstance would I harm a police officer. Then she hung up. I told the voice behind the door;
"I am going to remove everything from my pockets, be clear of any weapons, remove my shirt, and lie face down on the ground with my hands behind my head after I remove everything from in front of the door. But I'm freaked right now, so if you rush me before I give you the all clear to come in, I will fight to defend myself!" As I removed the barricade I could hear the voices behind the door whispering;
"Okay, he's removed the barricade, get ready." I then did everything I said I would do. I gave them the all clear and the door threw open. I could see green lasers dancing around everywhere. I was completely convinced I was going to be shot in the back of the head any second. I closed my eyes tight and asked god to accept my soul.

But they never shot me. In fact, they were surprisingly gentle. They cuffed me, and escorted me out the back set of stairs. I fucking tripped and fell down the last half flight. Another cop then grabbed my arm and posed me outside in front of a guy holding a large film camera on his shoulder before making a brief comment to the media. They evacuated my building and the grocery store downstairs. They even cordoned off the entire property and two main intersections! Looked like they had the entire police department there. Swat, media, was a red and blue flashing circus. Military buddies of mine tell me they don't do this sort of operation in 45 minutes. It takes planning. They need to de-escalate the situation, do officer all takes hours. They knew what they were doing all along. They clearly planned it ahead of time.

Later I was brought in front of a j.p. As they read over my charges, I started to wish they just fucking shot me. My life is just OVER, I thought to myself. At around count 16, I just plugged my ears as they continued to talk. For some time I sat there with my ears plugged. When I unplugged them I herd;
"Count 22, blah blah blah...." So I said;
"Fuck this!" and I plugged my ears again. They grabbed my attention and asked if I had anything to say. I told them;
"I want my cell and lawyer."

On my arraignment, the charges were reduced to 11. Seven of those being assault with a weapon against police with a weapon. I was charged summarily, instead of indictable assumedly so they could avoid a trial in front of a jury. I guess they prefer this matter be decided by a judge. Since then they have offered me another plea deal. They say if I plead guilty to two assaults (one against my girlfriend), they would reduce the charges to 2 assaults, two breaches, one weapons, or 18 months (unless the judge ups it) and 2 years probation to "keep an eye on me". My new legal aid lawyer told me if I refused this plea deal, she would quit on me. I refused it, and she quit. And this is where I'm sitting today. I've since been acquitted of the rape charge and they've dropped the 2 bogus bail breach charges and a slew of others, but because this matter is still unresolved, I'm still under house arrest, still unable to work, and still have no attorney.
There was no windows or peep holes in my door. There was no warrant, and nobody inside with me who was in danger. My girlfriend wrote a statement that I didn't assault her, and tells of them threatening to kill me, calling me a piece of shit, and other insult laden threats. They also offered her money and witness protection to testify on their behalf. She has flatly refused to lie for them and has actually moved because of their harassment. I haven't seen her for nearly 5 months, and she has all my stuff. They slapped a no contact order against me so I can't communicate with her. They just want to keep me alone. She has hired a lawyer to fight it. On the plus side, I no longer have to live where they tell me to. I'm currently shacking up with a friend. I guess I got over that touch of turning into a sexual fiend at night time. 

What a joke! What an un-fucking-believable joke!

Here is the charter notice filed by my attorney's office.

This is also a letter from my then girlfriend and now my wife , just a rough version as her deposition is much more.