Wednesday, 4 May 2016

As Northern Alberta burns

May 2016 so hot that Northern Alberta burns, up to 80 thousand people expected to be evacuated. I like many  have much friends both residing and working there and I feel for them deeply and will do my best as a friend to help any of them in need just as I had done when in May 2011 when  I was falsely accused of rape as Slave Lake Alberta burned down.

An Anniversary for me is quickly approaching, that of May 21,2011. This changed my life as well, this was a devastation as well. I told people long ago that I had proof before her confession. The fact that she said "I walked home alone and it began to rain so hard I was soaked through and through and had to change" Then like now in Northern Alberta it didn't rain, nor had it for weeks prior and after, yet they felt this wasn't significant enough an issue to push and hindsight not paying attention to it was not a sign or proof of malicious prosecution.

Personally I find it was both significant to lean on her for an earlier confession and that the crown, police and in fact judges had ignored something very key and that key was and is proof of their malicious prosecution. Something so key as the weather, rain should be very evident to them as yet another example of nature is shown to them.|2013-01-14&Year=2011&Month=5&Day=01
The weather data report from that day of May 21,2011. Not that the police should have needed this as they were on shift that day clearly and they should have known it hadn't rained, what with physically seeing no rain and our town population that grew 1300 plus overnight because the nearby town of slave lake had burnt down and all. Not to mention it was a clear and hot 24 degrees that day. To point out how significant and all so relevant the weather was that day. What if she said it snowed? Equally ludicrous but that is my point, when someone tells you something so outrageous and out of place then you must question the validity of the entire statement and the reasonableness to arrest and charge a man with a crime that probably did not happen. Or one would reasonably assume so.

Few other folks knew it didn't rain:
Yup that's right that would be the future King and Queen of England with the Premier of Alberta Ed Stelmach.

I'll throw in video's of Slave Lake burning 6 days earlier and I don't even think the fire was out when I was arrested. My point? Obvious. So when someone starts recounting a day, and they are accusing someone of something life altering serious and say it "rained so hard that I was soaked through and through and had to change".....they are full of shit.

At the very least they should concede that they conducted a very sloppy investigation as the town population had doubled over night and they were only 2 officers on that day to police and render aid to the population that had fled to Athabasca from Slave Lake and they admitted in court to even being on an "enhanced" shift. Such a serious charge and they just fucked it all up and ruined my life.
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