Friday, 27 November 2015

To find a "cause", we need only look in our own backyards.

To find a "cause", we need only look in our own backyards but we don't. What I am addressing specifically is homelessness and hunger as well as mental health issues such as P.T.S.D.
Recently Canada elected a new Prime Minister and one of his promises was to transplant 25'000 Syrian refugees to Canada by Christmas. Why? because it was pressure, popular?

There are local news agencies saying that he has promised 600 million to the issue to care and educate these "refugees", roughly that adds up to about 35'000.00 per yer per person. Canadian as caring as we are are also bringing an additional 10'000 over. I watched the local news on Global National and I quote "they will be settled in ares that are specific to their needs and no doubt each of them suffers from P.T.S.D ! Yes I can believe they do suffer from that, especially the little ones. Yet there is more, "they will only bring families over, gays and Lesbians but not single men"

We have a long course of previous governments completely ignoring the P.T.S.D issue amongst our own soldiers and here is one article:
 We have also had our soldiers live in shelters, poverty and worse. Another arcticle:,d.cGU
So what exactly are we doing and saying?.....that isn't just popular gibberish? Many police officers face P.T.S.D as well and go left untreated to suffer, between them and the soldiers I would rather spend yet even another billion on them but we don't, we ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist. There is dog shit in our own yard yet we look as far as we can and offer to pick up some other Nations issues, or point out "hey you got dog shit over there".,d.cGU

Assad was DEMOCRATICALLY elected! for even a second time during war!. His people chose him, yet they fight against him!. You now end up with this mess we now call "refugees" these people uprised against their democratically , twice elected in government and its not criminal to the west!. Here at home we would be deemed terrorists, threats against National security, charged , jailed. Hell we can't even protest peacefully without this happening:,d.cGU

Yet we look over the fence and search for others troubles, rename them from criminals, well lets be frank here , that is exactly what they would call you here at home if you pulled that shit......and our own yard fills up, men in active or previous military roles SUFFER. Police and other front line people who see shit even movies don't come out with are ignored while they SUFFER. Men released from prison after decades of purposefully false incarceration SUFFER and we do very litttle or absolutely nothing for them.
I previously posted this and its about a "Syrian refugee" that suffered from mental health issues and this is what WE as Canadians did to him:
Previously I was harsh towards the cops, yet I began to wonder 'what if that cop suffered from P.T.S.D and we did nothing about it? Hell cops see the most horrible, un natural things immaginable. There are more than dozens of articles related to them SUFFERING from P.T.S.D and the lack of Governmental intervention.

I do believe I got my point across. We search the world for shit in the back yards of the world and where if we were to attempt to overthrow our government we would be criminals. Our front line responders and the rest of us that had unfortunate circumstances that let to P.T.S.D are left to rott and figure it out ourselves. Believe me the illness is Horrible, indescribable and I know first hand what I'm talking about. Sammy Yatmin (the before mentioned Syrian refugee) said it best "please, I want to talk to my dad, something is going on and I don't know what".

We only need to start looking in our backyard for shit, there is a lot to clean up and I find it completely odd to say the least that WE as Canadian bomb the living shit out of that Nation to disperse a democratically elected official and a radical few and then we pretend to be nice people and offer refuge, money while we ignore those that we ordered to do it in the first place.
Is there a perfect answer...pfttttt no! but we need to first be right before we claim to tall others how to be right and we need to take care of our first responder's, military people instead of just wearing the poppy to show the world how right we are....aren't.
Considering our newly elected Prime Ministers own mother SUFFERED from major mental health issues, you would think that a billion or 2 wouldn't be much to ask for in cleaning our back yards, leading by example.....considering a conservative estimate for 25 thousand "refugees is going to cost over a half billion and I can guarantee it'll be much more than that.

Captain obvious.

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