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A search for the truth after the red pill.

I had grown up in what some would say a "harsh environment" , subjected to unusual parents and then a very unusual system. Eager to please my rescuers, more properly pronounced as my captures. I had set out to change my ways entirely from everything you could possibly imagine.
Whether it be thought, moral compass the bending will of compliance within my own soul and including up to my religious beliefs.

Moving forward with such a modest education, I became at best what could be described as a thoroughly indoctrinated state laborer , granted the certificate. I was content in my new life, even humble that such a mother state would rescue one such as I. Besides that, my mind was not persuaded towards anything else such as alternative theories, ideologies, religions and even my own moral compass.
Hypnotized I worked, worked hard. I struggled through the bad times and rejoiced in the good. Any thoughts that I should have had about a lot of things were simply mute and I was a robot of sorts. I obeyed the Law, paid my taxes, ate well and celebrated whenever I felt I needed or even wanted to. In this I knew I was secure, protected. I didn't realize any other ambitions, simply work and sleep and too obey.
One day after a long battle with a difficult step child, police came to my home and took me away. My rights were violated beyond comparison and in short 4 days later I remember watching my town, my home pass by through holes in the steel cage within a steel van. The way they transfer prisoners.

I cannot begin to understand the in depth fragile thoughts and hopes, a cry out as the town and my home, all that I owned, simply vanish as a matter of factually into the distance. I seen no one that I knew, what good would it do anyways. regardless, I was  not anyone of any note worthiness other than people knew that I was friendly, helpful, a very hard worker and someone that went beyond to raise a child not of my own. Unfortunate for her, I was a boy and we would go camping, fishing, throwing the football, rollerblading. A couple of times in random verbal affirmation ,I would be commended as a good parent, a roll model.   However nice , well adjusted I could, would and I passed through town I was certain of no defense, no rescue and to be quite honest , the speed in which they drive you away, there would be no time for anyone to step out or up in my defense.

In my 40's, I could never predicted that I would be in de facto a "kidnapped " person with no hope and ironically these are the things I warned the very child turned troubled teen about as we lived in a town that was divided by a highway that went in 3 separate directions. Why we enforced curfew, to know of her whereabouts at all times. Indeed it was to protect her from such an incident, a stranger...and here now as town slips away in the distance, those that I never considered were taking not her but me and it was simply so very simple.

I wrote a Blog for some time now, attempted to verbalize that which occurred, prove that which never occurred and I did it while bound , imprisoned for a few, house arrest ,etc. As a ward of the state, I have never seen the state act so cruel towards me. For encouraging hugs and concerns for say my teeth as any parent should. There are those that beat me and raped me, knocked out a few of those teeth and way beyond that. I could never have predicted this and if anyone re guile me with such a story, well I simply would not have believed them.

The red pill. As the years went past I couldn't possibly retell you my ordeal. I suppose the red pill moment was then, yet it had to take effect and that effect I do believe had taken years to settle and take the Holy wood out of my mind, a disconnect, the glitch that made it possible to see things the way they should be seen. Like the torture I endured , naturally you fight against it but everyone gives in. Life as I understood it to be, taught to me is a lie.
I also struggled with the thoughts that due to what had happened to me had hampered my intelligence, after all how could anyone believe this is what we call life and how we live it to all be a lie. The mere mention of it turns those away, simpler is to excuse someone for some type of ailment or deficiency. If that doesn't work, we brand them a "Radical, outsider, Different, a Zealot, Fanatical, terrorist" always leading to the word "criminal"

Speak with any attorney, if they have their wits about them they will admit the reason to overcharge is simple to get some type of conviction. A conviction in their minds proves "guilt", it need not even be really related, as long as there is guilt at some level to back up their superior intellect, ways and further justify the machine and they are a part of that machine. That machine needs to be justified, it certainly does not apologize nor make mistakes, it simply is and it is that which props up the victors.
Is everyone crooked, certainly not. Does every cop, lawyer or crown, D.A, judge start off as crooked? certainly not. The system is very intelligent when it comes to maintaining its position and those that are good can and are unwitting pawns in and within the machine. A better question to ask "is everyone corruptible"? You bet you ass and to believe that is not so is plainly ignorant and a slap in the face of literally thousands of country leaders, mentors, positions of power , those "that need to know" that come forward. Some , well a great deal of those that were the machine until the machine was done with them.

Think I am full of it? Well pay attention and I will elaborate on just some of what I know and you should as well. This is just a partial list of countries the "allies have bombed since ww2:

China 1945-46

Korea 1950-53

China 1950-53

Guatemala 1954

Indonesia 1958

Cuba 1959-60

Guatemala 1960

Belgian Congo 1964

Guatemala 1964

Dominican Republic 1965-66

Peru 1965

Laos 1964-73

Vietnam 1961-73

Cambodia 1969-70

Guatemala 1967-69

Lebanon 1982-84

Grenada 1983-84

Libya 1986

El Salvador 1981-92

Nicaragua 1981-90

Iran 1987-88

Libya 1989

Panama 1989-90

Iraq 1991

Kuwait 1991

Somalia 1992-94

Bosnia 1995

Iran 1998

Sudan 1998

Afghanistan 1998

Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999

Afghanistan 2001

Libya 2011
Number of dead in battle since ww2: Well since 1775 Wikipedia says that the Americans and every single war ever fought have lost less than 3 million people in combat( They are also the biggest incarcerator in history with over 2 million prisoners), yet these are the following countries that denied Jews safe passage and pretty much help set it up for 6.5 million (roughly) to be horribly exterminated.
List of countries that denied the Jews safety: well lets just say they weren't welcome in Canada, United kingdom and America as well as a plenty full list of other countries. Ironic we don't discuss this in "history" in school nor the fact that Canada as well as United states had prisoner of war camps right under our noses.
So what is my point....well we haven't learnt anything, beguiled by Hollywood everything is rose wood. Surely we are changed people, surely the machine will keep us safe, surely we have nothing to worry about, after all we are good and decent citizens, a populace that has learned from its awe full mistakes....Right? We imprison people more then any other nation, we now have the government running all the gambling, booze and smokes, hell it's even dipping its hand into prostitution and marijuana, while we have incarcerated the competition.
That being said, surely mass murder no longer exists right? I wonder what Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq would have to say about that? and since 
Roe v. Wade: we have killed :,d.dmo
1.72 billion children in the last 40 years. Doesn't that make you wonder? 1.72 billion babies! why? because the government says its okay. 6.5 million jews and why,because it was law and the governments said it was okay, yes I said governments, to have done nothing is accessory.They even allowed another 5 million plus none jewish to be killed, bringing a total of over 12 million non combatants. Killed in the name of justice for justice while upholding justice, when in reality that same 12 million were killed simply because of race.
yeah I know, another rant about jews right?. In canada right now there are over 5000.00 native women missing. Think its just some really dumb bum? Or maybe a cop that secretly whisked away someone like me? After all one would wonder this sicko's damn near perfect predatory like skills to avoid "the Law", this a theory shared by many within "law enforcement", groups and even alleged by some who have escaped.
So, there are just 1.7145 billion people killed in the name of some government, backed secretly or openly or perfected in the open in the name of justice.....with another 2 million plus currently incarcerated. Through the decades Countries even like mine apologize for the wholesale molestation and kidnapping of indigenous indians. Apologize to the 5 thousand plus we had isolated on islands around British Columbia. Why? because we were at war with the countries they came from.
Even after that apology, we still have yet to make excuse of any nature as to where all of their wealth went that the Government also stole.. Still, we have grown right? Two famous hockey players accuse directly Graham James of horribly molesting them well into their 20's this monster had hold of them psychologically. Did we imprison him a very short while? Yes .(very short) Did the government pardon him, YES and he went on to a lesser country to molest countless more.
If your looking for corruption, a child molester,  a rapist, murderer of children, violence and war? You needn't look further they those that are a part of the machine. The greatest place for the greatest monsters to hide is the place where he can point the finger of accusation towards everyone else.

Take the red pill is my suggestion, let it sink in and tune out the distractions and noise, kick the guy in the balls that is waving his one hand while asking you what the other is doing. You just might become afraid of what actually walks among us.

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