Monday, 25 January 2016

Cop found not guilty of Murder but guilty of attempted murder

This is the kind of shit that just pisses me off. Please watch the following:
Now this is Toronto, Sammy a Syrian refugee, confused and all he wanted to do was "call his dad because something is wrong" On a bus, small knife and alone and confused. police all wearing stab ,bullet proof vests. They have a number of options, one let him talk to his dad. Two , deploy a taser and or pepper spray.
What do they do? One officer shoots the 18 year old kid 3 times in rapid succession. The first round went through his heart killing him instantly, the second severed his spine so even if he lived he would be paralyzed for life, the 3rd was in the arm.
 You would think it tragic but over right there huh? WRONG officer Forcillo then waits 5 seconds and then shoots Sammies lifeless body 6! more times and then a few minutes go by and then they even taser him (which apparently was not a before mentioned thought) for a long time.

Today a jury of his peers found him NOT guilty of murder yet guilty of attempted murder because of the second barrage of bullets. They plan to appeal and I guarantee he will get away with it. Thugs in Uniform for the State. This is yet another day not to be proud to be Canadian!

The whole ordeal in Hd, you decide what happened and what he is guilty of:

Guilty or not guilty, please feel free to respond. It's only one or two words.

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