Saturday, 16 January 2016

Making a Murderer. Deputy calls in tag. Episode 5

I think this guy says it all. Before the vehicle was ever found ( November 3rd and the vehicle was found on Steve Avery's property on the 5th and when they find it on his property there is no license plate?), days before ever being found on Steve's property. This guy is clearly  lying and his testimony is total bull shit, let it pass your own test of reason and remember THIS guy was instrumental on the original framing and continued incarceration of an innocent man for multiple years. Additionally he was one of two that "were not supposed to be in the new investigation " and yet was there alone with another crony "not supposed to be there" that found the key  to the poor girls car and yet it is absolutely void of any of her DNA, just Steve's and yet this key was never discovered after 3 other searches by "those called in to do a fair and impartial investigation.

It boggles the mind the blatant lies....this is just one of the douches that had the key to the evidence room which just so happens to contain a vial of Steve's blood that is still liquid. Need more proof? how about a lawsuit filed for false imprisonment , or another 36 million reasons to lie.

This deuce takes the cake. An admitted pervert, unethical ,drug addicted D.A that trials a man for the same thing and yet he practices still to this day. That gun in his mouth bullshit..he should have pulled the trigger.
I am on so much Valium or "benzoDiazepine" or Diazepam that it would kill most, yet I never turned into a sex addict, in fact medically its impossible as it destroys a males labido, especially an order man. Look it up.
This is just unreal!
"even if the cops planted the blood, even if the cops planted the key, there is still much evidence to convict this guy" This is an absolutely the most weird thing for alleged not corrupt D.A to say.
Juror number 11:

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