Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Preliminary inquiry and subsequent trial transcripts that started it all. (blog 94)

These are the preliminary inquiry transcripts and the trial transcripts that started this whole mess,  eventually to be acquitted. Recently I discovered that the link I had supplied a year ago was discontinued and therefore not available for viewing. In the interest of complete transparency I have posted these as I have made quite a number of accusations regarding police corruption, courtroom corruption,bad lawyering,etc. So In interest on being able to support my claims I have once again posted them. Therefore, readers who have questions about what I say or want to independently cross reference or verify then they can do so by viewing these. These are bound to really irritate those that are responsible for this happening and I can't help but feel as though they might be pulled from viewing. However , either I or friends of mine will repost again.
2 things two note .One you will see the dates of the preliminary inquiry . In short my preliminary inquiry took place in 3 separate towns, took over 8 months I believe to be finalised and was entertained by 2 separate crown lawyers.Finally, my accuser was examined in chief under oath and the defense was not permitted to cross examine for nearly 8 months. #2. You'll notice the dates of my trial, for that they brought in a special prosecutor and there is over 250 pages of  court record whereas in reality court consisted of the first day being a voir dire hearing and then trial started the next day, in that same day there was a confession and there is not an accurate account of that. Believe me when I say they alter transcripts themselves. Shortly after lunch the first day of trial the proceedings ground to a halt and they moved to acquit myself and yet we brought no evidence as of that time. Of final note I will state the obvious, they are unredacted or altered in any way from myself but these are actual copies supplied to myself via a supporter who paid for the trial transcripts, in true form.

Preliminary inquiry start: and The only reason there was blackout of names was because of a publicity ban at the time.
The trial transcripts:

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