Friday, 10 April 2015

Even with this type of video, you'll either end up dead like poor Sammy, or jailed. (blog 93)

The following video is of  a 17 year old boy who was Murdered in Toronto Canada by a Toronto police officer. What does this have to do with my Blog? Nothing other than proof that there are certain police officers who are corrupt and even with video such as this, they are cleared.
It could be worth it to note that in Ontario's history alone 30 police officers have been charged with murder, 0 have been convicted! Even with video like this! It should also be noted that in this video you see many officers while that officer murders 17 year old Sammy, none of them attempt to stop him in any way which for anyone of us would be aiding to murder or accomplice to murder which also is a crime and yet no other officer was charged.
Also of note is that Sammy was on the bus or train alone! He could not have escaped! He never makes a move towards officers! He is a child! He has a language barrier being that he was a refugee from a war torn area that suffers from a mental health issue due to growing up in war!
Questions: Why did they not use pepper spray?, why not use a taser? Why did they shoot a kid 9 times with 9mm slugs!? Finally after the fact, shot dead by 9 bullets, they then taser him!. Again, if the taser was available, why wasn't that an option?
The whole thing is irreprehensible period but even further irreprehensible is to taser the dead boys body!

I know many people read my blog and might think " naw, this guy is nuts and there is no way so much could happen to one person" Well, I have a lot of video's just like this. Police do do things like this. The very precise reason that none of the video was taken from literally dozens of videos from within my building, was never taken as part of an investigation by police. The same reason literally dozens of witnesses ( they themselves bore witness to under oath and reports) and yet not a single statement taken! The same reason why they all colluded to tell roughly the same story because there is no proof. Them thinking that there was no video, no one to testify, they all said under oath "we never seen any camera man" Yet the last day of my trial, A CBC cameraman testified they all knew he was there and was less then 6 feet away. Yet they too didn't secure that footage and simply delayed my trial so long that the CBC destroyed all but 10 seconds of the tapes. I now await a verdict in a judge alone trial for the past 2 months with only one more month to go.

I'll end with this. What do you think the officers testimony would have been if not for the videos in Sammy's case? Do you think this officer is guilty of murder? Do you think he will actually be found guilty of murder or cleared like the rest? I am a very small voice in a very big world desperately trying to show people the obvious and that voice could be shut up in less than one month.
R.I.P Sammy yatmin, a poor child that suffered his whole life coming to Canada for refuge only to be Murdered by those sworn to protect. This we call the "free world" , told we have "constitutional rights, protection"....I think we all need to rethink this.

Proof reading before I publish this one, I find I have to add somethings. I make no assumptions on police in whole. I do no that we need police and that there are bad people out there who do bad things. I do not believe that every cop is corrupt. But I certainly do believe in one law for us all, equally. When that law is proven to be broken, equally all should be punished. I do believe we have become a Nation of naysayers, persons in disbelief, somehow holding the police to a higher caliber of moral ground than the rest of us, Almost unwittingly and  instinctively, in a childlike way ready to believe every word that comes out of every cop as the truth. "If the police say so, well gosh it must be true" If this is the way our society has become, then why do we need court proceedings?, trials? And in that very essence of being, we definitely call the entire justice system into disrepute. Where none of this may have absolutely no consequence to you, what if your turn is next? What if this happened to you?