Sunday, 12 April 2015

Following the timeline tale of a false accuser. Part 1 (blog 95)

Out of all of my Blogs I have relatively left out that the scrutiny of my accuser. Whereas I have been extremely direct with the failings of the police I personally have not lashed out so to speak at her as an individual. I try to think why not as there are parts of me that want to but I remember I once was her stepdad. She was definitely a handful growing up and it steadily got worse as she became a teenager But It is a difficult thing to try and wrap your head around facing someone who has detrimentally attacked you like an adult and ruined your life and memories of raising a child, the bumps and bruises, up late the odd night attempting to find a drug store open to find medication to aid with a cold. Teaching someone to skate, fish, throw a ball, film unwrapping Christmas gifts year after facing them in court, accused of the ultimate betrayal.
I have always felt that she never acted alone, yet still I've never been able to piece it together. My first thought would be that of her Mother, then again her mother also defended myself in more ways than just a few during the duration. Was it influence from the man ( 21 years old) to her 14 years of age, because I wouldn't accept the inappropriate relationship they had formed? I now have doubts about that as well. Was it the police, that seen a perfect moment to launch and further an attack against myself? A possibility I ponder being that my attitude towards them was less than cordial in our small community. Yet why, how, and when did this start?

I know that there was a lot of police action at my home. Never once for me but rather twice for her mother and often for the daughter. Was it the school that months earlier I released a holy shit storm on after I found out that the school counselor was permitting and encouraging the forbidden inappropriate relationship between the boy/man ( 21 years old) that was our next door neighbour. After all Not only did I do some yelling but I also threatened to sue after I found out That my child was posing as a 20 plus year old on dating sites on the school libraries computer, searching for single men in the local area. Equally pissed was I to find out they were not informing us or at least her mother that Angel was asking for STD tests to be performed by the school nurse and without consent, informing us they did oblige her. I really lost my shit when I found out that she was purchasing drugs at school and in need of rehab and there was at least one time where she was being secretly consolled by the school nurse about the steps for an abortion!.
Angel suffered from 2 personal mental health issues and had been on medication for quite some time, the school was aware of her conditions and was supposed to be keeping a close eye. Her mother and I went to our local MP to complain as well as the local newspaper. There is yet one more possibility. Due to all our trouble with Angel we decided on seeking help from child services as we simply could not go it alone. Our eventual worker ended up being a man called Jason Keough and in addition we took parenting courses in the evenings or when I wasn't out of town.
Her mother and I sure had our problems and once I even attempted to leave, booked myself into a Hotel room. Later that night both Angel and her Mother attended my new residence and somewhere down the line her mother's brother showed up. Not soon after, the R.C.M.P were there and I was bleeding bad from a broken nose due to a scuffle. The police showed up because Angel went to the front desk yelling "help ,help, my mom and Uncle are killing my dad" this according to court disclosure.That night her Uncle and mother were arrested for assault against me and being that I wasn't Angels real dad, she was taken into protective custody the waiting hands of Jason Kehoe.

The matter took months to correct and even after mom and I were back together Jason would either bring Angel to us for a visit or we went to undisclosed places we were told to go and see her. Months later she was back into our home and for a while we were all happy again. Mr Keough though had become quite a dominant force in our lives, demanding entry to our residence at 2 am if he so chose as he berated me at my own kitchen table! Once while we were away, he threatened police intervention if the landlord wouldn't allow him entry into our suite. At this I drew a line and quietly pulled him aside, made him aware that should he pull a stunt like that again he would be removing his head from his ass. He took me quite serious as I had intended it to be.

Months later Mr Kehoe was charged with a number of sexual offences against minors in his care. This was an outrage in our community and particular for me because we weren't made aware of the charges and for 2 months we thought he was still our case worker. At anytime he showed and took Angel, we would have no choice, that included to and from school, a trip she made alone daily. We would never have known. We made our complaint to child services, the local MP and were offered nothing more than counselling. Any help we sought for Angel after that was met with disdain from them. So did he play a role some how?
This is a link to Keough's  dastardly deeds to children he was to protect from abusive homes and he was a counselor at the local high school. Imagine our outrage!
There has long been troubling questions regarding Constable Folk. Beyond being an Investigator in the laying of charges against myself. I have been informed he would "come by my home and offer Angel hugs while I sat in prison", He "offered to take Angel to live with him as she was too much trouble alone for her mother while I was incarcerated" whether they were true or not ,only God knows but rumors circulated the community and people were wary of him. That could have been very well why he was removed from the community and transferred. I only speculate. However, we do know that Angel and him were friends on Facebook which certainly crosses legal, ethical lines. Investigators uncovered that Constable Folk was transferred to Fort Chipewyan, later it was discovered Angel moved there despite having no family there,reason period to be there. One has to wonder of Folk's involvement.
Still, I'm 100 percent about bad luck but not 100 percent about who,?,what?where?,when? and Why?.
This leaves a great hole in my heart, past the anger I'm more bewildered than ever. I sit in quiet solitude wondering just what the fuck happened.

Still, I know in and with my whole being something is wrong. I fear if I will never get any concrete answers, closure. I know many of you would simply say "move on" but then maybe you have never mended a scraped knee, been a subject of 'who my hero is at school', sat and chatted over oreos and milk. Took your kid to school for the first time, fought like hell for them every step of the way through life. And yes, maybe you are right and I need to let go but I carry on but I am in search of a monster, a monster that destroyed my family and in fact destroyed me. in so many ways they simply are incalculable at the moment.

In part two, I'm going to highlight the changes of her story, the inconsistencies as per court transcripts and statements. I'm am quite certain when I am done that you too will say, "just what the f is going on over there"  Maybe, just Maybe I'll get a little off my chest and have that little bit of closure.