Sunday, 12 April 2015

Following the timeline tale of a false accuser part 2. blog 96)

This is a complete unredacted version of her original statement. It is a hard read and will evoke emotions but remember, I was acquitted based on her confession. I strongly urge you to read all the info before making a judgement.
I will ask a few questions of this statement and point out a few things so lets begin.
First of all picture yourself a 14 year old child ( which she actually was at the time) would you be so inclined as to be left alone in a room with a complete male stranger if what you accused your father of 9 years of doing?
Would you be so unbelievably chatty or long winded?
At the time she seems to be absolutely confident in her memory of alleged events and it just seems to flow as if it were almost practiced.

She states that it rained that day, this being an issue of importance because it did not rain that day nor the day prior or after, In fact Dozios should have known that. This issue with the rain comes up in the future very often and in fact at my trial when confronted with the weather report, she changed her story and it opened the start of a lot of omissions of perjury ,etc.
The weather report:|2013-01-14&Year=2011&Month=5&Day=01
As you can see, On May 21 ,2011 it in fact did not rain. We were in an effectual heat wave and the town next to us burnt down and ALL residents were evacuated and most of them took shelter in Athabasca, over doubling our population overnight.

Her statement:
 Also one would wonder why she wouldn't even shed a tear? There is no way this should have been believed.
Why did her mother let her go in there alone? Not only is it illegal for an officer to question a child without a parent but any mother would have been overwhelmingly protective and demand to be there as well as one would wonder why she wouldn't want her mother there.
She brings up other instances where I was supposedly inappropriate in the past and yet It was me who brought her to the police, that very police department when she made allegations against others. Why wouldn't she have told them that then?
She states a very violent account of what allegedly took place yet there is not a single mark on her worthy of a photograph. Her rendition of what allegedly took place grows in violence as you will see in the preliminary inquiry and the start of trial. she claims"he choked me with 2 hands, while ripping my clothes off", He "held my face real hard and ground his fist into my head" Here we have a person talking almost matter of factly, without a tear and so much to say with fluidity, coupled with the facts that it didn't rain, I physically couldn't have done that or anything much else due to a medical injury. SEE MEDICAL FILE. And this officer himself had taken off my back brace upon arrest and wrote in a report "mr Harms was suffering from a back injury and was in excruciating pain" words he confirms years later under oath the day before the trial started.  Finally there is the "pants" issue. Seized into evidence as pointed out by herself as having worn at the alleged time was a "pair of guitar hero pajamas" In later courtroom testimony she once testified she had changed "due to being soaked through and through from the rain" to "he pulled of my jeans undoing the buckle, belt and button" No pajamas have those things. It is worth to note, had there of been "jeans" buckles, belts, steel buttons all would have had fingerprints or partials. Yet nothing, because it didn't happen.
You can independently review her statements under oath for your self, in all the ways they change in the preliminary inquiry and yet still they found it right to place the matter over for trial.
Hear her words when she is asked about accusing others of rape, her cold callous comments.
Of addition, while this was going on with myself, she actually charged to others and these are face book captions of my conversation and the mother of the one she accused.

The order of these might be misplaced but click on them, the message is still the same regardless of order. This conversation took place before my trial.
I'll end with this:

I'm not certain why I cannot blow this up, maybe you know better. To the right you'll see a friends list and on it was Colin Folk Or Constable Folk, a known hockey player and we have photos of that as well, playing hockey games with police and other emergency personnel for exhibition games. Careful not to use his picture.
So there it is and the rest lays within the transcripts. People like Horror movies, a whodunit movie, corruption, crazy off the wall tales. Well this is real life, take a read and remember there was no quaint ending, no justice and real people are involved.