Sunday, 19 January 2014


This is not something that I would normally ask anyone to do but in order to get my point across I think it warrants the request. Imagine for a moment that the police came and took all that you owned, took you out of your home and threw you in jail. Imagine sitting in cells for five days unable to contact a lawyer, being charged with heinous crimes most men could barely mention, let alone be accused of. Imagine sitting there all alone and wondering where your lawful protection was and imagine if it was those very ones that were supposed to protect you, furthering it.

Imagine for a moment the hopelessness your brother, father,uncle, your son , high school male friend or any other positive male role model would go through. Imagine the years of extreme mental and yes even physical torture while incarcerated all because of what he was falsely accused of. Imagine things like DNA that proved he didn't do it, they just ignored. Imagine him not being allowed to work in order to hire a lawyer that would adequately represent him. Imagine his shame of the charge so that he couldn't contact his friends for help. Imagine for a moment he was ripped out of his community, placed in another so that he couldn't even tell anyone about what was going on even if he wanted to. Imagine if he lost everything he owned, everything that took many years to achieve. Imagine that even upon an acquittal, his pain still continues.
 Imagine his career swept away from him.Imagine he will never be right again, though the dozens of children that ever was in his presence , that my friends not stop to ask ," did uncle Joe ever do anything to you....... resounding "no"! Imagine you male figure  striving to be complete,be gentle, be a person... now reduced to life.A life of an accusation, a life UN complete...never able to give love. I love my adoptive grandsons wholeheartedly, I spend hours a day while I try to figure this out, MY boys! and they love me too......stupid grandpa can't change a diaper..... doesn't want to ever be seen as a weirdo.... imagine for a moment my pain! I would never have thought this could happen in Canada but it has and all too frequent. I have never seen a more irresponsible government then the one I face now.
Imagine facing prospected jury members and for the like the fifth time he had to endure the reading of the charges, enter in a plea one by one and yet there are those from that jury pool that know the dirty details of the accusation given, yet not the outcome as the judge dismissed them and in secrete along with the crown forced an acquittal. Imagine the police getting caught in lies years later, yet no one does anything. Imagine that they destroyed all the evidence before the trial because it cleared him. Imagine that the powers that be claim they don't know what happened to the evidence, that the evidence such as clothing,crime scene photos , DNA can just disappear and no one asks about it, including the judge.
Imagine having this all happen to your brother, son, father, uncle or friend....imagine you read this and you did nothing.
I've supplied with transparency they event surrounding my false accusations on may, 21, 2011. pre trial, trial transcripts, original statements, weather reports, DNA reports, police statements, sworn testimony.  I was one out of 11 other serious allegations against others in five years, some of them are even discussed in court under oath, and now every single one has been proven to be a lair or she confessed to them.
We seem to fight for fashionable, popular problems around the world but for the most part care non the less of the issues that continue on in our own yards.Imagine being utterly destroyed and the person that does it confesses to doing it while under oath in a court room, yet there is no recourse for her. Imagine that there is gender bias in our courts, thoughts and ways in life and you don't see it until it happens to a male that in some particular way is important to you.

“No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.”