Friday, 10 January 2014

Letter of personal note while in the Hospital. (blog 36)

If it were possible, i decided to get a little more personal. I was going through my paperwork and found this letter i wrote to my girlfriend one night while in the hospital for attempting suicide just before Christmas, shortly after the ending of my Pre trial. Succumbing to the distress of it all and the unbelievable reality that they actually thought and determined that there was sufficient evidence to proceed to trial!
I decided to photograph it and publish it as it is more personal. It was myself as a real person, conflicted as a man, feeling inadequate to my spouse because of the accusations i faced, my shame that i had let her down and tried to take the easy way out, ashamed at my selfishness that i never thought about her  and the toll it was taking on her throughout. Embarrassed that i had temporarily had given up.At the time i was in a medicated state, unable to eat, forgive the letter for its penmanship and grammar as i was clearly in a state of distress. Before you read, I'll end with this. I hope this personal note conveys just how many levels of hell a man falsely accused goes through.