Wednesday, 1 January 2014

IN THE NEW YEAR.( blog 23)

In this ,another upcoming New Year i do hope to see some changes.There is a plan in the next few weeks to release the court transcripts and copies of all relative information, still i feel i will face an up hill battle on several fronts. However i have done all that i can. This year i hope that an attorney will see the wrongs that occurred to me and help me turn them into a right.
This year i hope that someone will take notice that i need to fall under someones governmental branch of power, thus worthy of some help. This year i hope to begin to rebuild my life, start to earn back ALL that was forcefully taken away from myself on a criminal level. this year i hope that the government will either forgive or make arrangements with me to pay off my student loans that went into default to no fault of my own. that at the very least i can resume making my monthly payments, for going all the penalties i incurred while incarcerated to no fault of my own.
This year it is my hope that i can begin to save for a retirement as i was before i was falsely accused. and this year i hope and pray for gentle hearts, those that read this to help out in what ever way you can in form of gift cards so that once actually can save enough money to get a Little place of my own i can go to the stores and Begin to replace all that i lost. I am not looking for a free hand out but a hand up, someone to help me help myself. Ans yes i do realise that we live in a world where there is sooo much need, I've been a proud German who believes in hard work, living a life of giving and never seeking to receive but there comes a time i suppose where we all have to admit defeat and now i am in need.
I've written this Blog as true to form as possible, many a times divulging instances surrounding my particular case with absolute transparency throughout the entire time and that does not come without extreme pain and emotional torment and living in a defacto state of reliving the ordeal. I do know one thing, after all this time i do need my own domain, a home to call my own, a place to have a little alone time and pull my boots back on and Begin to rebuild.
If anyone at all is interested i suggest that you contact me directly, the gift card you may have kicking around may be just enough to help me buy say new wash clothes, towels,etc in the ever increasing daunting task of rebuilding ones life and possessions.
I want to say a very merry Christmas and a happy new year to to special people directly involved in my case, they will remain unnamed as i haven't asked their permission to release their names. One is to my benefactor who has agreed and in fact paid the $3'069.00 for the court transcripts of what transpired at my deep gratitude my friend and i hope for the truth to not only be exposed but  i also hope you know that you have restored allot of the humanity and belief in a time when i needed it most...its the unseen that do go noticed and not forgotten by god himself, you are indeed a champion!
well i guess there are more then two. I would also like to thank the kind and general wonderful lady who brought me a winter jacket at no cost, i can't tell you what that meant to me.a wonderful simple act of kindness. And thank you to the gentleman who brought me a Christmas ham, some food gift cards so that i could pitch in with my adopted family, that i not feel such a heel as having nothing to offer and put in during Christmas. and finally to my pastor and friend that stuck by me throughout the whole ordeal that got me a Walmart gift card so that i could get necessities. its not just the gift card pastor, its those moments after my released from torture and how you travelled so far to listen and be a friend, the waiting outside the sealed court room doors, the times you were allowed in and i would be come angry with what was going on, i could turn to you ,see you and through you regain composure and faith in the things outside this world. Christ himself will never forget your acts of benevolence. girl, simply thank you for fighting for your dad when i couldn't do it on my own anymore, never will i let you down again and i will promise to fight on no matter where the road leads until we meet again.