Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happy Birthday to me. (blog 46)

So today i am 42! ( super excited about that one, let me tell ya!) This is really not where i thought that I would be in life at 42. Since receiving a full acquittal on October 9, 2013 not much has changed. I figured to day would be the right time to explain to people reading this just how it has been. Basically i have moved on from one hell and either moved on to another phase of that hell or simply started a new one.
As a falsely accused man having been exonerated, I've set out to pick up the pieces of what is left of my life. While your going through the courts and in and out of jail to the good humor of a crooked crown attorney and court system, such things as ones student loan,taxes among other things go unnoticed and not dealt with. So now having my liberty restored i now have to look at some of these issues as well as look at the level of debt incurred as a result of the whole thing. wow! talk about an uphill battle. First thing I inquire about is my legal aid bill, get told that the bill was 7'333.00!. Sorry but I just gotta say what fucking bullshit! It would appear that I must have had top notch legal help wouldn't it?. Consider this for a moment, no lawyer that I ever spoke to would privately handle my case for less then $20,000.00 retainer if I hired them for personal defense and that was after all i had left was the trial. Yet somehow, government attorney's were able to defend me for nearly three years on $7'333.00! I see!, said the blind man! I will skip the details of their long boring comments but for one. Their closing question was "and when can you start making payments"? HA HA HA I openly laugh, are you fucking kidding me?. I received less than full legal representation for nearly three years, lose absolutely everything I own and you want me to pay for it now even after I have even started to recover. I hear "well what is your current source of income?" I say that I'm now reduced to 800.00 per month for suffering from PT SD stemming out from being falsely accused and systematically destroyed by the very government sworn to protect myself. I then hear "well , can you give us say a payment of one hundred a month?" what does a person say to that? I just hung up and wish with every fiber of my being that we still had the phones that you could slam down as a form of protest and possibly inflict a ringing in some dumb , life blood sucking creatures ears. Now I know why smart phones came out, the government and their mental midgets got tired of having phones slammed in their ears.
I tackle the next hurdle, my student loan. In and out of jail and as part of the checks and balances of the same crooked legal system of Alberta Canada, my student loan went into default because of none payment. I explain what happened to me and the situation I had faced at no fault of my own and I assure them that i am a responsible man and do realize that i have a debt owing to which I had agreed to repay.My only request is that they forgive any and all interest and default penalties I had incurred as a result of being falsely accused and imprisoned,that i be allowed to resume my payments from the day I was arrested. Simple enough for me to conceive, how about you? After all, it was the government who maliciously prosecuted me. Why should I have to pay thousands more because of their stupidity?. Nope! the blood suckers say "it is impossible to forgive the interest and penalties, we just don't do that" she goes on to say "would you like to resume your payments you were once paying of four hundred a month?"I simply hang up, discouraged and further beaten because where as I didn't explain to you the reader, i had explained to yet this government worker my situation and current income ,from who and why.........but can I pay 400 out of the 800 I get to the federal government for a loan that if they hadn't maliciously prosecuted me, I would have paid off by now and instead not only do I have the loan still but with additional interest and penalties.She closes with this comment " but sir, it is not our fault and I'm sorry that happened to you, we are not that branch of government and you really need to clear up this loan because its affecting your credit" Right about then I was really missing that old green dial phone, I sure could have used another protesting slam.
Next on the government merry go round, Taxes!
Yup, haven't done my taxes yet since 2010. Once again, I set out to get re established as a Canadian in "good standing"? What ever the fuck that means anymore. I ask about where do I obtain my T4 slips so that i may do my taxes from 2010, to which I am very excited because that year alone I had purposefully paid extra in taxes as an additional form of savings and even without that i was set to get back several thousand and that money will get me my own place to live!. Augh, ya and no! You see this was explained to me. "well tortured, that is quite the ordeal you went through but there is a hold on your taxes because of an out standing student loan".......are you fucking kidding me? Fine! I say as long as I make forward progress, can you email me a copy of my T4"s. "okay, sure we can do that for you, now if you could just tell us your current address that is registered with us so that we can verify that it is you...and oh, looks like you had a lot of addresses while on house arrest." In short I couldn't remember the address, there simply was too many over 30 months and some were only for a week. She is like "oh gosh darn it without that address we cannot verify who you are sir and we cannot release that information to you. Okay I say, where is the government office that deals with this so I can go show my valid government identification ( or drivers license) and get the forms. "Ohhh geese "she says, " boy this is going to piss you off but the federal government has closed all federal revenue offices suddenly over night across Canada as of midnight October 1st 2013 and you now make any and all inquiries on line." encouraged that i no longer have to deal with Mrs stuck on stupid i enquirer where i find that site?. She then comes back and says that "it will not help you because you don't know the address the government registered for you.
Listen lady, given my certain situation don't you think you can make an exception? "well no sir, the computer won't allow us" However ,you can write us a letter and in it give us your name, date of birth and social insurance number and your new address and in about 6 to 8 weeks we will be happy to update your address for you and send you your T4's so you can do your taxes"Are you fucking kidding me I say and I cut off her protest to my frustrations by adding. You cannot verify who I am as a citizen over the phone because your computer won't let you, I cannot go show my government identification to any real person in revenue Canada because you shut down all the offices to save money, but you will accept a letter from me and through that you will verify who I am without physically laying eyes on me and or see any identification and then update my info in about 6 to 8 weeks?" SERIOUSLY!
Before I hang up all to passively again (fuck I need an old rotor phone) I thank her for her time and close with a question. Since the government it trying to save money maybe they should teach the computers how to solve real day to day problems instead of being only able to verify people like myself through letter format, and finally add that they need to cut weight by getting rid of useless persons such as herself.
Imagine that, a computer that will verify who you are by reading your letter that states who you are without any i.d at all.....and little miss stuck on stupid to verify that in fact that is all the computer can and will do. In the end Happy Birthday TORTURED! 42 and you live with your girlfriends kids! is the limit buddy! as long as you up 100.00 a month to legal aid, 400.00 a month to student finance, so 500.00 out of your eight hundred from the government, to the government is gone each month and all because of a refusing computer who won't talk to anyone but prefers to only read letters and respond in 6 to 8 weeks.
thanks for reading