Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Letters From Friends. (blog 28)

Letters from my friends who have either been there or know of people she has accused. The first letter is  from the Mother of the boy my accuser, falsely accused of rape. We  used to live all with one another when we first came to town.
Bev is also Angel's God mother and knows Angel just about as good as Angel's Mother does. Incidentally, she is also the person that accepted Angel for the summer after her false allegations against me, in part Bev covers her stay. Finally, Bev also was the one to tell My lawyer and I in advance that Angel wasn't going to be appearing at pretrial, opting out to get drunk, high.

This letter is from one of our friends acknowledging that we all dealt with Angel's false allegations before. She at the time accused her dead grandfather of abusing her because she was in trouble at school. No one was out of reach of this kids wrath. Troubling was that Angel had an awesome relationship with her grandpa, hated to be away from him.

This is Bev's Daughter Chelsie who lived with me for a period of time, when we all stayed at Bev's. Chelsie was raised around me and has gone on to have a family of her own. When I was released from jail on bail. Her boyfriend and her came to visit me. 

My friends have been victims of Angel's false allegations, her grandfather, mother and Uncle and childhood friends,her step dad and past boyfriend and his mother after she accused myself. To sum it up, Samantha and Bev were high school best friends. Bev went on to have Chelsie and Anthony, Samantha birthed Angel. They were all raised around each other on a daily basis. This one singular person (Angel) has gone on to harm so many people. When questioned about accusing Anthony of Rape, she just brushed it off and they gave her a recess.