Thursday, 2 January 2014

Something for you to think about. ( blog 34)

So what I have learnt so far is this. If I would have decided to plead guilty at anytime throughout this ordeal, say in an attempt not to be completely ruined. We somehow miraculously could have gotten my attorney, the judge and crown into the court room inside of a week and the matter would have been dealt with. But because I exercise my rights under the constitution and fight because my moral compass says too, I then have to wait nearly three years to be vindicated.
LET"S explore the words vindicated and the emotions surrounding that. Upon being vindicated, there was no pats on the back, well wishes, hey man i knew you didn't do it, can i buy you lunch, you need a hug, fuck what that must have been like for you......I was told that I'm free to go.
SHOULD I have plead guilty or even been found guilty, SHOULD I have told my moral compass to fuck right off and just got it over with ,this is what I would have got.
Three hots and a cot, free up grade in education, free gym pass, medical and dental. Once the bullshit sentence would have been completed they would have put me up in free housing ( I wouldn't even have to go look, they would do all the work) and they would make sure that I had food, free gym pass, free shrink, free clothes.
BUT because I chose to believe in the system, my moral compass and who I am as a person I get penalized!. There is no free rent, food, no gym pass and no free education. the best I get is an insulting 800.00 per month, insulting because I can do nothing with that, even if I go to a shelter then they claim my basic needs are met and they will take the 800.00!

Let's plat role reversal for a moment if you will.... say I was a female, say with a child and I was falsely accused by a man. There would be a line up a mile long if not more of people willing to shelter me, give me all those free benefits, hell victim services would be beating down my door, my social worker would have me in government supported housing, if I needed upgrading or what not to get me back into the work force it would be there, FREE!!!!! Yet there isn't any gender roles or bias in our country right?

As men we are cattle, increasingly of non existence, mere sperm donors, slaves. And yet every year we listen to how "our brave men who fought and served and indeed some, a great some have died for our country" I'm quite confused at the system we currently operate.
And finally it has been brought to my attention that if i continue to discuss my special treatment I received at the hands of the government that I " may very well regret it or be shut up". Listen bud!, not only is my moral compass strong but so is my will, if you feel that I'm a threat then do as you must, finish what you started. I too believe in a police force, its needed but i don't like crooked cops and jail guards and those in power shouldn't either. And just so we are CRYSTAL clear, if I ever saw a police officer in danger or distress, same with a jail guard you can bet your ass I would be there to not only help but to protect without thought of myself even in the most dangerous of situations the best I can, could. Why? because you are a human being, loved by someone.
That being said, this is my thing, I am allowed to verbalize my pain, suffering and exercise my voice.
 and those are the same rights that you enjoy and use.