Friday, 21 August 2015

Misandry at its they raise people to believe in it.( blog 139)

When I first seen this commercial, it was warming and as intended it protruded the idea of someone grown up , having moved away only to return for a visit. Nice huh? Who doesn't want their children to visit, feel good and enjoy family time. I know I do, and want the kids to feel good about coming home once they have grown and left.After all, I would probably miss them too death.

After seeing this commercial repeated so many times, I actually listened to the words and I was like wtf did I just hear? So , I eagerly awaited several times to confirm that which I thought I heard and sure enough my ears were not playing tricks on me. here is the commercial:
Did you hear it?. Apparently this boy Kevin comes home. "Welcomed by the smell of pears and Vanilla, ready for desert." No problem there right? it goes on to show Kevin hug his mother "grateful for her encouragement throughout the years"....
no problem there either...but the next thing said is "AND SLIGHTLY INAPPROPRIATE ADVICE FROM HIS DAD"!. Why? the boy who secretly loves to be called Kevybear by his parents that clearly love him as portrayed, why would they thrown that in about his dad?
What if his dad was the one fond of Vanilla, gave the pep talks, why not mom the one to "offer slightly inappropriate advice from"?.

This is what I mean about the culture that is being raised and cultivated, somehow perverted in any way possible. Villainizing men as heartless, without boundaries or good sense while showing the Female gender as the backbone so to speak, the one that does everything right. It isn't real world and is misandry at its finest.
I for one enjoyed (pasttense) the smells of airwick, hell in my family I am the one to buy those and they envelope my home. I have an awesome relationship with my grandsons and they are happy every moment we are together, grand daughter too. yet,there will never be any time or place for "slightly inappropriate advice from grandpa"!
As long as I am home, they are welcome and there isn't much I wouldn't do for them and that will start with throwing out all that Airwick shit, as expensive as it is and never buy it again. I dislike manipulation, hate Misandry as it is just foolish.

My advice, start to watch and listen to what you watch and listen to because there is a brain washing occurring and you don't even know it.

dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e., the male sex).
"her brand of feminism is just poorly disguised misandry"