Friday, 21 August 2015

Cougar life .com....a place for predatory women to seek young men after they have used up the old man. (blog 140)

What can be better then a former porn star that creates a .com account for other predatory, worn out , fake and plastic women who have worn out the old man. Probably taken his money and now seek a young man that has to be at least the age of 18.......yeah like no one has lied about their age before right?

My television is bombarded by this former or current ? slut porn star. trolling every city ,town and province for young men. I only have one further thing to add, could you imagine some old former male porn star doing the same thing except it was for men and they were looking for at least 18 year old girls....Yeah like no ones ever lied about their age. Feminists would have a fucking field day with that, probably some out of the first words out their mouths would be pedophile, cradle why does every major channel run this shit at all hours of the day....basically they openly support the abuse , manipulation of younger men in my opinion.