Monday, 11 May 2015

Sooo. at coffee break today I received this email.( blog 102)

At 10:00 oclock this morning I turned on my phone at coffee break  and this Email is there.

So needless to say I was a little pissed. After all once again I have been going through extreme emotional turmoil over the fact that I was to attend court Tomorrow as I have dozens of times over the last 4 years but This time it was a little different. This time good or bad I would have some closure to the hell I've been living.
I immediately attempted to rationalize it..."come on Joe, everyone gets sick, the guy is older than you" I thought wow, what if he is really sick. Has grandkids, family and I assume he does. I thought, take it easy, don't be too harsh, he is a person too".
As I set back to work I talked myself out of being so lenient with everyone. thought " when do I get a sick day?" In 4 years sick or not I've had to attend court. Sick or not go to jail when asked, released again, back again, yet never having done anything wrong and that is why I kept getting released.
My mind got clouded, sick or not every cop that decides to do checks on me I have to open my door. Sick! Hey wait I'm fucking sick too, sick of this shit.
I calmed after some valium and finished my day, spoke to some supporters and government workers. Disappointed but yeah shit happens right? Then I printed the letter, used my glasses to actually see what was written. WTF!?
Because he was sick for a week he cannot render a verdict tomorrow.Yet he will be there for the day and entertain the rescheduling of the verdict!? He had asked for 3 months already and got it, so the last week he knew he was sick, yet didn't tell us until the morning before? WTF?
So even though he has had 3 months, it so happened that he was sick on the WEEK! he was going to deliberate my case? And yet now he asks for another month!? Come on man! What next?
I'm going to stop here. In a safe place because I'm emotionally wound, tired from the day, weak from the stress.