Sunday, 17 May 2015

A system at the brink. (blog 105)

Our system of policing and corruption that lies underneath is a far larger problem than admitted to. It isn't because of a lack of knowledge or educated people speaking out but rather complicit is that it is underscored in our country because I believe that it goes way further up the chain of command and has run riffe throughout our political system right down the rabbit hole through the courts,lawyers, police. How on earth do you stomp out something that is taught to the underlings, applied as a matter of practice.
I am going to add some links from concerned citizens from our Nation, educated and eloquent listen to what they have to say. Additionally I will supply some more links to other issues regarding the same idea. If you have time to read, you tell me what's going on.

17 officers charged with corruption:

Millions of dollars spent to convict 5 officers and they only get 45 days house arrest:

Hundreds of admitted cases, yet no one goes to jail:

Young Lawyer in Canada:

Ironically one from the RCMP themselves, guestimating that bribery equates to about 1 trillion every year:

Another about Noble cause corruption from within the RCMP:
Steroid use, dealing, mass corruption in Edmonton:
Even if they are caught....hell they get promoted despite a criminal record:

So what is it we discover? Juiced up roid monkey's who break the law get promoted as shown by example from those they are taught from. Those they are taught from are in the highest levels of Government. When you are talking about a trillion dollars a year in briberies, it is a system out of control and has reduced itself to a gang.Built on crime ,hiding behind the disguise of fighting crime and upholding justice. Should you not agree with their philosophy or rock the boat they will send their thugs to come deal with you.
Harsh I know. I also know we need policing to a well defined certain degree. But we need honest ones and those who are left with their moral compass and ethical will to do good need to step up and collectively agree to put a stop to it. As I wrote that, I realize it to be an unattainable task.
In the end corruption will thrive as will bad policing. Innocent men and women will be put through the meat grinder of the system and we will all collectively perpetuate the lie and pass it along to our children. Those who have any ethical morals throughout the generations will write articles only to have them go unread, issues unchanged and a system that will reach a point of calamity and simply fall apart and one day , although very distant we will try to explore just where we went wrong.