Thursday, 21 May 2015

A milestone goes uncelebrated...(blog 106)

Today is a milestone that will not be celebrated but loathed as it should be. 4 years ago today my plight began with a false allegation. I would like to say that much has changed that in fact I have regained that which I lost but I cannot. I am still suspended in a state of constant anxiety furthered by the state by the constant harassment that started quite some time ago in an effort to discredit me before a trial for being a rapist. A trial in which I was given a forced acquittal and looking back I should have somehow forced them to  continue with the trial and been exonerated by a Jury. However a lot of things are beyond my control.
In 4 years I have had some good milestones. My twin Grandboys who were 5 months premature are very well and thriving through life. I have yet to be convicted of anything I was accused of as of yet, although next Month may be a different issue. My therapist would agree with me That they seem to be Hell bent on finding some guilt in me of something, anything just to say there was guilt and justify their actions.

He also agrees that their pursuit of myself is likely geared towards this Blog I write. He feels that I am a threat to them. The threat isn't because I am criminally inclined in anyway but rather that I confront the truth, expose that which they did and still do.
Anyways, you know how I could go on. Instead I'll end with this. Not sure what the next 4 years look like but I will keep fighting on as I told and promised my torturers I would. You know, all they had to say was "we are sorry" and left me alone. I would have accepted that, even choked down the excuse they were just doing their job and moved on. Instead they hold me like a fly, like a child slowly pick me apart never realizing that it is a life they hold, a law they break without any emotional regard for who I am.
Today I'm going to listen to this song, pretend I get a sick day, vacation or that it's all over. Tomorrow I'll move on to continue to fight back and hopefully effect positive change in the system somewhere ,somehow.
"Gunna put the world away for a minute, pretend I don't live in it".

See you again soon