Thursday, 14 May 2015

Streets of everywhere brother...Liberty Bell is cracked and swallows up men. (blog 104)
Just something random, but I felt like it.
I often feel that if men show emotion, speak about something close or personal about something they care about or may be dealing with is often washed away and disregarded. We know what this song was written for, most of us have seen the movie. The reason why this was popular was because of the singer and the actors in the movie. Popular for a time.
I do believe that this song is a clear representation of the emotional hell men that are falsely accused go through and the same for those who fight to see their children while they battle the mother in court.
Unless your going through it or went through it , you cannot understand it. Men aren't just brave fools that go to battle. We aren't just those that do the dangerous jobs or are away from home endlessly it would seem for work out of town. We are fathers, Brothers, Friends and we have emotions too. I'm sick of popular culture that minimizes all of these things while furthering by portrayal and bias that we are violent, no good, selfish and uncaring. Even more sick of the men who further this agenda towards their own Gender, Hence his words "faithless kiss" just like Judas did to his brothers.