Saturday, 9 May 2015

Just in case things go horribly wrong for me on Tuesday. (blog 101)

I started a blog shortly before my acquittal that started the whole unnecessary police interactions and subsequent years of courtroom drama. I have had many readers from nearly every Nation on Earth. It wasn't easy to talk about something so tragic in my life and it was quite an emotional rollercoaster just to get the information out. While I worked I would also put in many hours daily pounding out these blogs on a keyboard.
For that I have had nearly 39'000 views in just over a year, hundreds of followers and over a quarter million views on google plus.I have attracted the attention of many in the men's rights movement, senators and lawyers. Also I attracted much unwanted attention from certain groups, personal comments from individuals and in the end I simply value it all and I feel that I have accomplished that which I intended to do and that was to bring awareness to the general public about certain issues.
I fought my ass off and in 4 years it has been very hard on not just my own self but that of my family and friends.
On Tuesday May 12, 2015 the matter is set for a final verdict. My lawyer tells me it's possible that they will judicially stay the charges or I will be found guilty or acquitted.Should I be found guilty, I could effectually be sentenced to Jail right there. the blogs and groups I started will come to a hault.
I ask for your prayers, good energy at 1pm on tuesday, I just want some closure and to pick my life up where it was left 4 years ago.
My thanks to the readers, and I encourage you all to continue to read in support others that have endured what I have, press for change and advocate for restorative justice. I spend the day with my grandkids and it was good for my soul. We went to the park and had ice cream.I adore those kids and I'm so proud how far they have come from being prematurely born. The look they give me while screaming out "popa" is heartwarming. Good thought and energy to help me through the rough times ahead.
I urge you all to take some time, hang out with your grandkids or children. They have a way to teach us to forget the hardships of life.They most certainly not forget the special moments either spent with you.My thanks to those of you who are going to attend alongside of me, offering moral support. I am deeply humbled and appreciative.
Peace to you all and thank you for the prayers and well wishes for Tuesday.