Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tortured. (12 of 149)

It really makes me angry that there are some who refuse to believe that there are some people who abuse their position of power to deal out their own brand of justice.

This picture of me in a beard was taken immediately after I was release after being illegally held at the Edmonton remand centre for an additional 36 days AFTER I had received 5'000.00 no cash bail!(compare the bail report to the date the hospital took photos of me on my release date , picture date Jan, 26, 2012) I had no warrants, no holds, and there was no reason for me to be held over Christmas and new years. Absolutely none other then they just could.

When you look at that picture what you don't see is the sleep deprivation I had undergone. You don't see how my toe nails were so long they actually hurt. You don't see the scar on my neck near my jugular and on my arm by the main vain where I had actually took the security caulking out of my bunk and attempted to end my misery. Obviously I failed, but the infections left nasty scars because I never received medical treatment. What you don't see from that picture is that I was down to under 200 lbs (I was about 250 lbs going in). You don't see the skin flaps I had in places from not having time to adapt to the sudden weight loss. It's also a good thing you can't smell me because I wasn't allowed a shower for months. During "special treatment", I would often be made to piss myself. It would run down the security "dolly blanket"and pool in my shoes. You also can't smell my infections and you don't see that I actually had mold growing in the footwear they gave me.
Torture? They handcuffed my hands behind my back for hours. They kicked and hit me as hard as they could without breaking bones. Torture is having someone drip hot water on your face and legs until you get blisters, and listening as they laugh about how the blisters will become scars, forever labeling me. Night after night.
Torture is being threatened to have hot oil pored over you from above, causing you to dare not go to sleep or stop moving around for days within your cell until you pass out from exhaustion. And when you awake they start all over, and saturate your cell with the smell of hot oil to make you believe they'll actually do it. Torture is being handcuffed to a chair and body belted and read fake news articles that you're a serial rapist, and listening to them list off the names of over 30 women you supposedly raped. Having to hear the details behind every fabricated rape and how the community was so relieved that you, the rape monster, was now caught and safely behind bars. Torture is hearing them repeat these things to you so many times that you start to believe you really are the monster they say you are and begin to second guess your own sanity. Night after night.
Torture is trying to hold on to reality by associating it with a clock. "What time is it now, did the second hand move....oh my god this is real?!" Torture is being told from the other side of the door that they are going to pour a bucket of water under the door and fry me with an electrical cord. Where can you go? Where can you hide? Oh fuck, nowhere?! You pray to god and you prepare to die. Except, they don't do it.....they bring you to the height of hysteria, make you come to a place where you make peace with god and then...nothing happens. Then it starts all over. The scenario is always a little different. They are no less convincing though, right up until the conclusion. And then they start a new game. Night after night.
For any of you that think this is bullshit, the only thing I can think of to say to you is "FUCK OFF!"
I haven't even told it all yet. I have the physical and emotional scars that prove it happened. They cannot explain why I was on the "special unit" nor why I was held illegally for 36 days after receiving bail. I remember it all. That's the problem. It's preventing me from being able to pick up my life where I left off nearly 3 years ago. I'm having trouble re-connecting with the man I was before all this happened. I was a toy for a bunch of sadistic sickos. Then, after a brief stint on bail, I had to go back to that same jail. The second time however, there were those to warn them off. Several guards came into my cell individually and apologized for what they heard or found out happened to me at the hands of one of their own. Some of these guards believed some of their co-workers deserved to be in jail more then most of the inmates they had. I know this happened, and I hope it never has to happen to you.
This is a few photo's of how I normally carry myself, take a look at it and you tell me the difference