Monday, 16 December 2013

This is what false allegations does to a man. (19)

I was given an acquittal that came about by way of a confession the first day of trial. I used to do fairly well for myself, drilled for oil and gas for over a decade plus. never once had i had to think about money problems. What the government didn't take, my accuser and her mother did. With the bank account drained,all my possessions i had in the world gone, after all i went through, nearly three years later i get acquitted. I set out to rebuild my life.
How does one do that? Homeless, broke and only a few bags of personal clothing and work clothes my friends managed to salvage. I figure the government will help me out after all who more then them know the full extent of what i went through. But i find that to be exactly the opposite. A certain branch of the government will give me 802.00 per month due to PTSD, yet that isn't enough to rent a place. I have no furniture and an organization will help me furnish a place but not until i actually get one. I cannot go and collect unemployment insurance because i haven't worked for the last few years, nor can i be approved to go replace certain safety tickets required by my employment, so that i can obtain gainful employment.
PTSD doesn't actually fit the bill under certain organizations definition for their program. And on average i hit several organizations seeking help, yet their only function seems to be to point me into the direction of where i can get help, who can help me and then they will redirect me to someone else. I get told " well why don't you sue, for all the wrong that happened to you" I assume that many simply do not listen to me, I'm broke and I've yet to ever meet a lawyer who will champion for me or anyone else with out first substantial retainer and seeing the facts, or knowing if there is any merit to a claim. I inquire how to do that, they say that they want the transcripts. Yet because i am no longer under legal aid (lawyer welfare) they will not pay for the cost of the transcripts. Somehow under all that i have to deal with i am to come up with  $3069.00 for those as well and then a $20,000.00 retainer for a lawyer to sue.....what part of broke and broken does everyone not get?
This is what you get reduced to. where you were once seen and treated as apiece of shit because of what you were accused of. In the end you become viewed and seen as a piece of shit in general, somehow a burden to the system, an ass hole looking for free handouts. And all the while you get these people who act as if they are helping, " well yes accused you do have quite a substantial lawsuit against us, but we will not pay for your lawyer to sue us". " go see these people they can help you" ( and they do the same) or "wow (as they see the paper work) we don't know how to help you"

you go back to your friends house and you nap, fatigued because people just don't get it. Fatigued because once again you had to show all your paper work, be transparent and embarrass the hell out of yourself for absolutely nothing. And as you sleep, you consider how it is you are supposed to open doors with your just can't seem to turn the door knob.