Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Law and Disorder. (13 of 149)

According to +Karen Smith of the Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton, (a propagandistic organization for the feminist narrative);
"False accusations of rape just don't happen". Truth is they happen all the time, but she has a lot more money than I do, so you can be sure her ludicrous statement will get a hell of a lot more eyeballs than this blog ever will. So I can't help but feel as though me being proven innocent really won't matter in the grand scheme of things. But perhaps these blog entries might help inspire people brighter and more educated than I to devote their lives to effecting positive change. Maybe they can rally people to a worthy cause. People like this have come before, but they passed away with no one to pass along the torch. Some have actually killed themselves because of the frustrations. And of course there have been those who have started out with good intentions but have either lost their way or simply given up.

I highly doubt that I alone will ever be able to affect any change in this corrupt system.  I can see that this is a deeply rooted problem and it will take a very serious societal attitude shift to bring about any change at all. This epidemic of false accusations and wrongful convictions are far too profitable for corrupt public officials and radical gender ideologues. In many cases their very livelihoods depend on these outcomes. Take David Milgaard's example. He was a Canadian man who was also wrongfully convicted for rape and murder and was proved innocent and released 23 years afterwards. Most people already intuit there is a bias in our system against men. Particularly in family law. But David's story did not shock the masses into demanding any reviews leading to reform. How many more cases like David's is it going to take?

Those fat pompous bastards in their robes try to portray a civil and just court but it's nothing but a ruse. They haul out the stack of case files before them, skim a few lines from each and say something like;
"oh my god, I got to do something about this!" Then they make a quick decision. Indictable (serious crimes carrying a heavy sentence, but are generally harder to prove), or summary (lesser charges which, if proven, are proceeded by a slap on the wrist). Whether or not they decide it's indictable or summary depends on whether or not they think they can get a conviction on that one. It goes something like this...
*shuffles paper
"Summary". (...hmm almost the end of the day, wonder what I'll have for dinner)?
*Shuffles paper, skims notes.
"Indictable". (Leftover chicken? Nah, sick of chicken).
*shuffles paper. (Geez look at this one. I should probably review the evidence fir...ah, fuck it! Nick says this guy is a piece of shit. Besides, it'll be years before it goes to trial, Nick will convince him to plead out before then).
"Indictable" (meh, I'll pick up a pizza on the way home).

Callus jerks. To them, we're nothing but numbers. They're completely numb to the fact they hold people's lives in their hands. Some of these accused are actually guilty of course but this is just plain uncivilized. You can't treat human beings like cattle. I might not have done anything very notable or noble in my life, I work a simple job. I'm technically an engineer, (but in all honestly, any guy could be called an engineer if he's a motor hand who has operated a boiler, completed a few flushes, done a rebuild during spring break up, or any preventative maintenance), but I take pride in what I do. On an oil rig, if you aren't paying attention or doing your job right, men can get hurt. Sometimes fatally. You don't want that on your conscience. My point is, I provided an essential service to society and used to assume everybody else who was deemed an expert at their craft was as professional and thorough with their jobs.

HA! What a LARK!

Judges, lawyers,...those who run our courts, deliberate and make and enforce the laws in our country do so at times with appalling reckless abandon. They have no conscience. They operate without a shred of humanity and with very little or no regard for anyone. Their thoughts are about wealth, prestige and power and they routinely violate their oaths to adequately and wholeheartedly represent their clients. Kind of reminds me of that scene from the movie "Gattaca", where Ethan Hawk's character tells Uma Thurman's;
"You've spent so long looking for flaws, that it's become all you can see."
Perhaps these lawyers and judges are so used to seeing guilty people, that they can no longer recognize innocence. A long time ago it seems, getting to the truth and maintaining the integrity of the justice system became subordinate to the quest for quick and easy money. Nevertheless, we ARE supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. These are not mere words, they have a profound meaning. One which, if ignored, will return us to the days before the enlightenment. These uneducated, bored, and careless snakes have made a mockery of that edict and our entire judicial system. Today, it's about extorting the cash and getting the convictions, full stop.

I don't know how they're able to sleep at night or live with themselves, I honestly don't. They have taken away my ability to sleep well, but I can and will regain it one day. These people have made their careers screwing people over. Behind their illusion of education and experience, they're really nothing but empty shallow beings with second rate souls. Their positions used to hold considerable significance. You can laugh away my words, you can dismiss me and call me a crank or whatever you wish. Hell, before all this, I probably would have done the same. But I have watched and listened to this hell firsthand. I've lived it. I hope and pray to God you won't have to experience it yourself before you believe me. I can show you the transcripts. I can play you the phone conversations I've had with these people. I can provide you the reports and the acquittal documents. Whatever it takes. I'm not writing this blog because I have something to gain. I'm writing it because I have nothing more to lose.

A movement has begun.
As we speak like minded individuals, good decent people all over the world are banding together to combat this scourge. This injustice. If there is any sanity in this world, one day soon the herdsmen will run with fear because their cattle have broken loose and have initiated a stampede! How soon? That depends on how many people are willing to turn off their TVs, stick their heads out of the foxhole and get their hands a little dirty.

And to those public officials and civil servants who've taken issue or offense at what I've had to say here, and demand I retract it - go fuck yourselves!
That comes straight from the heart. I don't care about your indignation. This is exactly the way you spoke to me for nearly three years! Sometimes worse! Far worse! I have nothing but distain and contempt for you two-faced bastards who supposedly represent the queen. You who can look a desperate, scared and frustrated man in the face and lie - telling him you represent his best interests, and then collect the money he's somehow managed to scrape together from family and friends before getting back to fucking him over behind his back. I'm not going to keep quiet.