Saturday, 7 December 2013

The holidays. (16)

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you I'm a huge Christmas guy. I go overboard all the way, like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. But truth be known, its really all about the kids. The last Christmas I spent as a free man was with my ex-girlfriend and ex-step daughter (my accuser). It had been a particularly tough year. Specifically with my accuser and her unhealthy life choices. her attitude had started to go south, she was doing drugs and what not. I had just gotten my first posting as a rig manager with a new company. A few weeks into that job, as I was preparing my rig for the winter ahead, I get a call about my step kid. Even though she had been given more then enough money from her mother and I, she decided to shop lift the stupidest things. Without authorization by my company, I came home that night to try to do some damage control. I was able to help work it all out for her, but my company found out about how I left and I lost my job. In fact, I was forced to pay $1700.00 so they could pick up and transport the company truck back to where it belonged. I was pretty upset about that. I couldn't have ignored the problem, as my accuser's step father I felt I was responsible and that I should be there. But I'm also a guy who prides himself on his work ethic and dependability. To lose a job like that...boy, it stung me bad. Still does.

A couple days later I had calmed down and decided it was time to lay down some new ground rules. So I went to my step daughter's room to talk to her. I tried to explain to her that because she was now 14, I felt she should start to learn what it meant to be responsible. Her mother and I were no longer going to be giving her free money for gifts. I told her we would only give her an allowance if she did her chores around the house. She would have to earn her money from here on. I also tried to explain that gifts meant more if they were coming from people who worked to earn them. I was hoping this would lead to my step daughter adopting a bit of my work ethic and that she might learn of the joy you get when you give freely, instead of being selfish.

While I was talking to her I had noticed that she had a gift, a rather large one at that, wrapped up for a friend of hers sitting there. I knew she didn't have a job, or done any chores around the house to earn any money. I was also aware that my accuser had a habit of wrapping up expensive things she found around the house and giving them away to people at Christmas time. So I had learned to inspect wrapped gifts in her possession before they left the house. I picked up and unwrapped this gift despite my step daughter's protests. I offered to re-wrap it myself if it was all legit. I unwrap the gift only to find a whole case of boxes of rat poison!

Yup, I said rat poison!

"What the fuck"?! I thought to myself, confused as hell. I asked my accuser;
"Why on heavens green fucking earth would you give your friend a case of rat poison for Christmas?! Where did you even get this? Surely a 14 year old girl like you cannot purchase this on your own!" She tells me that she stole the case of poison from her mother's work. She was giving it to her friend because she "ratted" her out at school for something. I asked her;
"What the hell does rat poison have to do with your friend telling on you at school?" My accuser explains that she was going to tell her friend to eat the poison and die. I couldn't believe this! Giving your friends stolen rat poison on Christmas and telling them they should kill themselves!? No fucking way! Not in my house! Right then and there I cancelled Christmas. In one swoop, I dragged the Christmas tree, decorations and all, into the garage. My ex thought I was out of control, but I stood my ground! That year, Christmas was going to be solely about Jesus. We were going to pray and have a nice dinner, but there would be no gifts! I stuck to my guns, and it really did suck (especially for a guy like me who loves Christmas), but whether you agree with me or not, it simply had to be done. It helped me out that I found a new job and was able to work two months straight after words. Three months after I returned home, and my step daughter would accused me of sexually assaulting her.

So, thinking back to my accuser's words in the courtroom shortly after the pre-trial concluded. The crown prosecutor tried to console my accuser, (who was her usual hysterical and obnoxious self) by telling her to cheer up, because "Christmas was just around the corner" and that she had something to look forward to. My accuser told him;
[Tortured] ruined Christmas for me forever! Fuck Christmas!"
Who really ruined Christmas, you little shit?! It was her fault Christmas 2010 was a bust. Christmas 2011, I was imprisoned for a crime I didn't commit, and Christmas 2012, I had succumbed to the stress from all this bullshit and attempted (and briefly succeeded at) suicide. This Christmas, I hope these crazy people just leave me the hell alone.

I want to conclude this entry with this. They coddled my accuser throughout this ordeal. They used words like "sweetly innocent" when describing her. Sweetly innocent my ass! This kid is nuts! Eleven false allegations! Wrapping stolen rat poison up as gifts! This wasn't even the only incident involving  my accuser and poison I'm very sorry to say. My accuser was once caught trying to slip poison into her science teachers drink. That kid is totally fucked in the head, and requires serious treatment. It isn't just my opinion either. Others who have known her her whole life have come to the same conclusion. My prayers go out to whoever's life she ruins next.

To everybody else, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Don't obsess over the material shit. That's all junk. Cherish your family and your freedom while you still have them. And try to give back to those less fortunate. This world sure needs a lot more of that.
More to come.