Sunday, 15 December 2013

Monopoly. (18)

Everyone remembers monopoly right? We all know how monopoly is not just a board game but a direct reflection of how the western world's society is supposed to be. we each get a name (game piece) we each start off on equal ground (your supply of original monies) we each get a turn and the dice represent a fair by chance opportunity if you will, you roll and fate steps in and then it is supposed to be up to your good business sense, natural wisdom and whether you have it or not will determine your future, will you be poor and lose?, rich and win?. this may not be an adequate interpretation but it is how i see it.
i also see monopoly in my experiences throughout the last near three years with the courts, jails, police, crown prosecutors office. in this though, ( we as men) i do not get to start off on equal ground. i have sat down to be a part of "a game"(as one of my former attorneys liked to call it) that has already begun. the monies have already been distributed, as are all the properties and just in case i might pull off some miraculous move and come out from under the oppressive rent...i get issued one die instead of two. and it is in this format, a lopsided system that you are supposed to defend against. there is no fate, your moves are cold and pre calculated by those who rule and somehow they are able to convince you that in fact you have decided those moves and inherently we believe the  "game " is fair, that it all is by chance and fate