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The other officer involved...Constable MC Donald. (blog62)

This is the other officer involved in the recovery of DNA samples taken from me, specifically fingernail clippings. Yet another Constable to give testimony full of "I can't remember", "don't recall". Even when reading from his own notes he would ad lib like "yet I didn't document that". His testimony as you will see often comes into direct contradiction with the others at key moments. Its clear that they were in collusion to subvert justice and it was a clear injected joint effort to show and continue to show bias towards myself even with the knowledge of just so many self admittingly false allegations by herself against a wide spectrum of persons.But don't take my word for it, let's listen to his words said by himself.

Q is for question and A is for answer

12 LARRY ANDREW McDONALD, Sworn, Examined by Ms. Joyce (Voir Dire)


14 Q MS. JOYCE: Officer, in 2011, in May, you were a constable. Are you

15 still at that rank?

16 A Yes.


18 Q And you were in the Athabasca detachment; is that right?

19 A Correct.


21 Q I understand on May 21st of that year you became involved in an investigation with

22 Mr. Harms; is that right?

23 A Yes.


25 Q Did you know Mr. Harms before that date?

26 A No.
See this is where the lies begin. I do firmly believe that this is the same officer that was involved with my accuser and I when we brought Angel to the RCMP because she had claimed that a boy had raped her. After one hour of interrogating her, he comes out and pulls me from her mother and privately asked "what is it you're seeking to accomplish here?" I said " she lies so much, I'm not sure what is true and what she says to be untrue anymore. If she has in fact been raped then I need to know that so I can get her the proper mental health help. If she wasn't then I need to know that as well so we can address the proper issues within mental health". He went back in and not long after that he came out and privately spoke with her mother and I . He says "I went back in and told her that I wanted her to come with me, she asked where?. He said to the next room for a lie detector test because your dad needs to know the truth". He goes on to say "she then readily admitted that she was lying and that She and her godmother's son were drinking while everyone was in bed (adults) and that they had agreed to have sexual intercourse, that it hurt and she asked him to stop and he did"

This same cop then told me that "the RCMP would still be seeking rape charges against this boy because he was 14 and she was 13, that the R.C.M.P would be charging him with "sexual interference of a minor". This was not only a part of her family but also a boy who was just months older than her, they grew up together. She had admitted that it wasn't rape, so I forbade that they should charge him and label him a sex offender for life, thus ruining his life. Since she had agreed or rather confessed that it was mutual, I said that" because they had decided to engage in adult situations that they both knew were forbidden by all of us as parents, then they can live by the adult consequences of making such decisions. Mainly the regret". This pissed this cop right off and we had a heated argument over it. In the end we left with Angel and he cautioned us that we shouldn't be too harsh but give her lots of love and support. I absolutely do dare the RCMP to prove that this did not occur and in fact it has become a part of the official preliminary court transcripts on December 03,2012.
So yes He in fact lied right out the gate at the start of questioning just like the others.


28 Q And what was your first, I’ll say, dealing with Mr. Harms on that day?

29 A I was coming on shift at 1900 hours and I came in -- actually the back door is usually

30 the way I come in. I’m usually dressed for work, but I don’t have my gear on.

31 So I don’t have my vest or my patrol belt. And then I came in the back door and

32 there was arguing -- you could hear arguing in the cell block area, so I just came and

33 checked to see what was going on there. There was Mr. Harms with Mr. Folk --

34 Constable Folk.


36 Q And so -- sorry. When you say you were dressed but you didn’t have your --

37 A I didn’t have my belt on. My gun and everything’s stored in my locker at the office.

38 It’s secure there.


40 Q But otherwise you would be dressed similar to how you’re dressed today?

41 A Yes, I would be wearing my uniform. Other than -- short sleeved shirt I think at


1 that time of the year.


3 Q Was the -- 1900 hours, was that your expected time to arrive on shift?

4 A Yes.


6 Q Did you have any information prior to arrival that there was an ongoing investigation

7 on that day?

8 A No.


10 Q So describe what you observed with Mr. Harms and Constable Folk?

11 A They were in the cell block area by the front counter where we book in our prisoners

12 basically. Mr. Harms was there. He had a black shirt on, sleeveless, shorts,

13 sandals. And I can’t remember -- I have it in my notes what he was wearing that

14 day, but I think that’s -- so as he was -- I could smell alcohol on his breath. He was

15 arguing back with a member, but I can’t remember exactly what was said.

Here we go again!, this guy can remember what my wardrobe was that day after 29 months has gone by! And he knows he can smell alcohol, and hear arguing...yet no alcohol test was done and even though he says he has taken notes, he can't remember what was said! Additionally he says he was there, it was shift change and constable Parker says he was there, yet until the collection of DNA samples neither of them acknowledge that either of them were there (MC Donald or Constable Parker acknowledging everyone else buy each other) Confusing just how this guy could get so close as to smell alcohol on my breath when he wasn't even dressed for work and yet no alcohol test was done on me. Once again, he is so close to myself he can smell alcohol, knows my clothing by memory after 29 months but "but I can't remember what was exactly said".

17 Q How far apart were you from Mr. Harms when you could smell alcohol on his breath?

18 A I came up close to the counter just to make sure everything was okay, asked my

19 partner if -- Constable Folk if everything was okay, and he said he was doing an

20 investigation, and I could smell alcohol on Mr. Harms’ breath.

What "investigation" I thought this was booking me in? Dropping in the key word,'alcohol' seems to be used as an indicator of guilt.

22 Q And close can mean different things to different people. So if you can estimate

23 on a distance, how far apart where you?

24 A From here to this next table. It was close, distance wise. Because I think the counter

25 comes in this way, and I would be -- come up to the counter just -- and they were

26 there.


28 Q So you’re -- suppose for --

29 A 3, 4 feet.


31 Q -- some indication you’re pointing out to the desk that madam court reporter is at in

32 front of you?

33 A Correct.


35 Q So what happens after you go up to make sure Constable Folk is all right?

36 A He’s fine. Then I go back to the main area, get my gear on. Come back and get my

37 radio, then I get instructions from Corporal Dozois. And --
Where is the rest of his answer? And he says that Folk was fine, leaves to go get dressed for work, so much for their fear of officer safety. But he doesn't start dropping that line until later on.

39 Q What -- what instructions did you get from the corporal?

40 A To leave the accused in handcuffs. And -- for now because they’re waiting for -- to

41 collect some evidence from him as well. So at this time a warrant wasn’t feasible


1 because the evidence could be lost.


3 Q How did you receive that information from the corporal?

4 A I can’t remember if it was over the radio or if he came in and that’s -- I can’t

5 remember if he came in the office. Because he was away from the office, so I

6 think it came over the radio. Because then I went -- he asked me to go to the front

7 door to let the victim in and then he was coming back into the detachment. So I

8 think it was over the radio that he left the information.
This cop remembers 29 months ago what my clothing was and knows that his boss told him to "let the victim in" but can't remember if it was verbally over the radio or face to face, can't remember if that same boss was even it the building! Yet didn't Corporal Dozios testify that "he sent MC Donald to go purchase nail clippers"?
You will notice not once did he acknowledge being told to get nail clippers.

10 Q When you first arrive and hear Constable Folk and Mr. Harms, they are interacting

11 with each other. Could you hear anything that was being said?

12 A Yes, but I don’t -- I didn’t make any notes and I can’t remember what was being said

13 at that time. I know he was kind of argumentive with him, and I remember putting

14 that in my notes, but I didn’t write down what he exactly had said.
So he admits to taking notes yet can't remember what the arguing was about or what was said and yet doesn't write that down! are you kidding me?

16 Q So what was then, I’ll say, the physical demeanour of Mr. Harms when he’s being

17 argumentive with Constable Folk?

18 A I would say kind of standoff-ish. He was still in his handcuffs, but standoff-ish,

19 kind of argumentive with him. And I don’t remember exact words is my -- the

20 dilemma that I’m having right now is that I don’t remember what was said.
I too would say its a" dilemma", all these "I can't remember" when you are taking notes!

22 Q What was Constable Folk’s physical demeanour towards Mr. Harms?

23 A He was fine. Like, he was just standing back. I think what they were -- because it

24 kind of has a counter and it kind of goes around so they’re not in each other’s face.

25 They’re -- they’re just away -- they’re separated from each other. So there is some

26 distance between each other.
Yet apparently you get so close you can smell alcohol from 3 to four feet away.

28 Q And what was the tone of voice of Constable Folk when he’s dealing with Mr. Harms

29 at that time?

30 A Pretty calm, so. . . And I don’t make any notes on that, but I don’t think he was

31 yelling or screaming or anything that I remember.
His partner was all good, or "he was fine", "pretty calm" yet no notes again. If you can remember that, "you can't remember if he was yelling or screaming"... I see!

33 Q Did you speak directly to Mr. Harms on this occasion?

34 A I don’t remember if I did or not. From that point there’s about -- when I got into

35 the thing, I went there, checked everything was okay. Then I went and let the victim

36 in, so that was about a ten-minute interaction. So -- and in the meantime I would

37 have went and got my gear on as well for shift, so I would have had my duty belt and

38 my vest on. And I have a portable so I can communicate as well.
So worried about officer safety he now leaves to Let the "victim in" and that was admitting absent 10 minutes or so, goes to change, lets say a conservative additional 10 minutes. so Folk and I are alone for 20 minutes! officers safety? Once again, a whole lot of " I don't remember"

40 Q So what then do you do after getting your gear and letting the victim in?

41 A Corporal Dozois arrives, kind of let’s us -- briefs us as to what’s going on, and said


1 that we’re going to get some fingernail clippings from him. So at that time he tells

2 me what we’re going to do, then we go take Mr. Harms and we put him into the

3 interview room, and that’s now at 1935 hours. And that’s when we start taking

4 fingernail clippings from him.
He lets Samantha and Angel in separately? They had no vehicle and drove with Dozios. Additionally he states that at "19:35 or 7:35 hours and that is when we started taking fingernail clipping from him". So By his own mouth and that of the other officers I had already been in handcuffs for over an hour from time of arrest, behind my back with a back injury, not allowed to contact a lawyer. First and foremost, I can assure you it was much longer then that.

6 And I remember -- one thing I remember is that his nails were really short so they

7 were well groomed, so it was hard to get the nail clippings. And Constable Parker,

8 Constable Folk, and myself were there, and I would do the cutting and Constable

9 Parker would try and catch the fingernail clippings.
I'm choked that they keep trying to screw with the DNA results. I'm a guy , not a chick and I don't have long nails. They are the same today as then and you recovered all the nails and they were tested, please see DNA report! In said report it doesn't say they couldn't test or had nothing to test. This was their way of excusing exonerating DNA evidence. Besides that, wasn't I cuffed all along? DNA is so small that some of the world's most impossible crimes are solved by a drop of blood not even visible to the naked eye.

11 Q How long did that process take to do both hands?

12 A That was from 1935, so 7:35 p.m., to 1948, I believe, and from that time, once that

13 was done, Mr. Harms had an opportunity into the private phone room to make his call

14 for legal advice.


16 Q Had you ever been involved in that kind of -- that specific forensic, I’ll call it, a

17 process before of taking fingernail clippings?

18 A No, I haven’t, no.
Seriously? no R.C.M.P officer goes through forensic evidence collection classes?
Again the second time this was mentioned, Parker says the same thing and I can only guess it is that they are trying to downplay the results of the DNA tests, they knew that if I took the stand that I wouldn't shut up, and believe me I was going to tell the jury EVERYTHING!, they couldn't have possibly shut me up short of gagging me.And just so you are all aware, in their training to become an RCMP officer they go through I believe a week of forensic evidence, DNA gathering,etc so they knew what they were doing, nice try fellas. You the reader can independently look up what their training entails.

20 Q How did you know what you were meant to do? I understand you received some

21 instruction from your corporal.

22 A Yeah.


24 Q But how did you know how exactly to do it?

25 A I think he contacted the forensic identification section and may have asked them how

26 he was going to do things. All I did was go in there and get the nail and cut the

27 nail with the finger clip, so just I get the -- the clip in there for the DNA purposes.


29 Q Do you recall or can you tell us anything about Mr. Harms and the handcuffs that he

30 was wearing. I’m talking specifically in terms of the size of Mr. Harms’ wrists and

31 the handcuffs he was wearing?

32 A He has very large wrists. He’s a -- he was big. So I think they were only, like, one

33 click. Like, they were -- the cuffs looked like they were on the best they could be

34 to have them secured without -- I guess it would be the first notch, basically, I would

35 put it as, because he has big wrists. And some handcuffs are tiny. Like, I don’t

36 know what the cuffs were that day.


38 Q Okay.

39 A Pretty general, general size, I guess. The force issued ones. I don’t know what the

40 size would be of them, so. . .
Listen, in my life I have even been teased about having tiny wrists and even ankles, I have a big chest, huge,short arms and require two sets of cuffs. They keep saying this crap about big wrists because they knew about the back injury but yet don't want to admit it but rather blame it on that "he had huge wrists" and that was why he was in pain and what could we do? While we are here, imagine a guy with his hands handcuffed behind his back and someone is clipping your nails....It never happened that way.


1 Q How long were you directly in the presence of Mr. Harms?

2 A From the time the nail clippings in the interview room to him going into the phone

3 room, then he knocked on the door and then he went back into the phone room and he

4 exited the phone room, and I think that was about seven minutes later. I think

5 1956, I think. He exited the phone room and said he didn’t want to talk a lawyer.


7 Constable Folk advised him at the same time of the waiver off the -- our charge card,

8 and he said he didn’t want to talk to a lawyer, and he went into the cell.


10 Q During the period of time when you were in the presence of Mr. Harms, and this

11 includes the time when you were taking his -- taking the samples from his fingernails,

12 did you speak to Mr. Harms?

13 A I did, and I think it was just a small conversation. I didn’t write it down because I

14 was trying to concentrate on getting the fingernail clipping and then I wouldn’t have

15 time to make notes, and I made my notes just shortly thereafter and I don’t remember

16 anything standing out.
Once again, "yes there was a conversation", "no I didn't take notes", "I don't remember". ( but from memory he remembers mt clothing and sandals over 2 years earlier)

18 Q In this period of time that you were -- that you at least say some things to Mr. Harms,

19 did he respond back to you?

20 A I would say yes, but I can’t remember what he said.
Give me a break!

22 Q And how was Mr. Harms behaving? What was his demeanour and behaviour like

23 during this period of time when his fingernails were being clipped?

24 A I think he was okay. He wasn’t -- I think he just let us do our work there at that

25 time. Like, you could smell the alcohol on his breath. He had red eyes. Like, I

26 knew he had been drinking. But at that time I remember -- I don’t remember having

27 any problems that I can remember with dealing with him at that time.
So right here he says I was "hey was okay...just let us do our work...I don't remember any problems with him" Ironically, Folk says that I was spouting off statements at this time of DNA gathering, etc. Anyways, so I guess I'm calm right? that's what he says.From irrational, irritated, in pain, argumentative to just calm

29 Q During that period of time did Mr. Harms request anything of you or the other

30 officers?

31 A I’m just trying to think back to that day. We went into the interview room there. . .

32 Not that I remember. Not that I can recall.
"Not that I remember. Not that I recall." But you remember verbatim my attire.

34 Q I realize that you can’t indicate specifics of your conversation with Mr. Harms.

35 You’ve indicated that. Are you able to give any -- either general topics or general

36 kinds of conversation that you had with him?

37 A I probably mentioned that his nails were probably pretty short because I remember

38 that. I remember that specifically that it was hard to get the nail clippers on there, so

39 I may have said that his hands were groomed -- or were just recently groomed because

40 there was very -- there was not much nail there, or else I’d be digging into the nail

41 bed basically, so. . .
Apparently you were removing my nail from my hands cuffed behind my back. One would think that would make it difficult.
So what are you suggesting? You do realize you recovered ample fingernails, they were tested by your lab, so why the bullshit and acting as if you were doing surgery to recover them? do you realize how ridiculous this sounds?


2 Q How did -- or did Mr. Harms respond when you approached him to cut the nails?

3 And by that, if I can be more specific, was there -- what was his attitude towards you

4 specifically for getting his nails clipped?

5 A I think he was upset. He wanted to know why he needed his fingernails clipped, and

6 Isaid we’re just trying to collect it for DNA evidence at this time. Like I said in

7 my notes, he was argumentive, but I didn’t write down why he was argumentative,

8 what he had said specifically, so. . .
Wait a minute Moron! didn't you just say the paragraph before that I was " okay, he just let us do our work...I don't remember any problems with him" So now I'm upset,argumentative"?

10 Q Was there at any point any discussion from you or the other officers in your presence

11 of what might happen if he didn’t comply with you in allowing you to cut his

12 fingernails?

13 A I’m sure we probably did discuss and explain why that we did it because it was for the

14 DNA purposes, and then after that he would have his chance to talk to a lawyer.

15 But I don’t remember what he had said to us specifically. I know there was three

16 of us in the room and that’s kind of unusual. You would think that it would only

17 take one person to do it, but there was a concern for the members as well. So he

18 was displaying his signs of aggressiveness towards the members, but I can’t -- I

19 can’t -- I know we wouldn’t -- like, one person probably could go -- just go in there

20 and do it, right, if he was cooperative. And he was cooperative, but there was a

21 reason why there was three of us in there. TJ was using the bag to hold it so we

22 could catch the clippings and Constable Folk was there too, and that’s what I

23 remember, so. . .
WHAT A LINE OF SHIT!This guy can't decide whether I'm calm, agitated," he was no problem"," just let us do our job", to" argumentative', to "I was co operative", to then "I was aggressive to them and that is why they needed three cops", "officers safety" is now a testified problem and yet he says he left me and Folk alone for I guesstimate 20 minutes. Every time he is asked he gives a different answer, sometimes multiple conflicting answers in the same answer. Anyone see this?

25 Q Was there ever any discussion either during that period of time when the nails were

26 clipped or the other point in time when you were around Mr. Harms, was there ever

27 any discussion about anything that would happen to him should he choose not to

28 comply with anything that the police were doing?

29 A Can I refer to my notes
Only now do you want to look at notes?

31 Q Are these notes made by yourself at the time of the investigation?

32 A Yes, I think everyone has a copy of them as well.
That is correct "WE" all do and so do I!. You sir have some explaining to do.

34 Q And you -- have you made any deletions or addition to those notes?

35 A No. If you want to look at them, you’re more than welcome to, if you want to

36 verify.


38 MS.HAYES: I have no objection with him refreshing his

39 memory with his notes, sir.


41 THECOURT: Thankyou very much.



2 Please go ahead, Constable.


4 A I know we were busy that night. Constable Parker and myself and Corporal

5 Dozois was on -- working an extra shift:


7 "When I went in the cell block, subject intoxicated. Slurred

8 speech. Upset. Yelling, screaming, swearing. Bloodshot eyes.

9 Argumentive."
Weird thing here, there is not a single video tape of me in any area of that jail, despite the dozens of cameras. How does he go from"going up to the desk 3 to 4 feet away and smell alcohol" to "subject intoxicated, slurred speech. Upset and yelling, screaming, swearing. bloodshot eyes"? When In doubt, make them sound as bad as possible? I encourage them to produce a single tape, video or anything, oh yeah they don't exist even though they admit to an interview that was recorded.

11 THECOURT: Idon’t think you have to read them verbatim,

12 Constable.


14 A Okay.
Yes constable because you're doing more harm to your story and your evidence.

16 THECOURT: Perhaps if you want to reframe the question,

17 madam Crown, and then he would find --


19 MS.JOYCE: I’ll have to -- I’ll have to find it again in my

20 mind.


22 Q MS. JOYCE: Generally I was asking, when you were present, was there

23 any -- was there anything told to Mr. Harms about what would happen if he chose not

24 to comply with what the police were doing?

25 A I don’t have any notation. I have the subject was angry and argumentive, but I don’t

26 have any notes specifically saying that -- the consequences for not complying.
So, just so we are clear this is from your notes? what happened to "he was calm, no problems, just let us do our work"?

28 Q And so leaving that question, but going to a similar one, was there ever any

29 conversation in your presence about what would happen to the accused if he did

30 comply with the requests that were being made by police?

31 A Other than we would get the nail clippings and he was -- we could let him get a

32 lawyer right away to get legal advice.


34 Q What can you tell us, if anything, about the demeanour of Constable Parker when he

35 was present with the accused?

36 A I think Constable Parker was fine. I think he was trying to just catch the nail

37 clippings and make notations on the bags after each finger clip was cut. Because

38 there’s ten fingers, ten nails, and I remember that he had to hold the bag open and I’d

39 try and cut the nail and get it to fall into the bag, and then we’d seal it up and then

40 he’d put his initials on it. That’s what we do right away.
"That's what we do right away" very curious thing to say, I thought you guys never did this before, no experience in collecting DNA? the way you worded that sounds like you're an old competent hand at it "That's what we do right away"


1 Q Did you observe if Constable Parker had any direct verbal interaction with Mr. Harms?

2 A I’m sure it was small talk if we did talk. I don’t remember -- I remember going

3 into the interview room there to get the nail clippings with Mr. Harms, and I don’t

4 know if Constable Parker did speak to him at all. I don’t -- I think we were just

5 trying to get those -- the nail clippings. Like, it’s -- make sure that they got into

6 the bag so that they weren’t contaminated.
Sorry for the cursing but honestly..
FUCK," Can't remember"! SMALL TALK AGAIN....are you kidding me? Did it go like this," So yeah Joe we gotta take your nails for DNA as your accused of sexually assaulting someone, oh that's all good bro, go ahead. So what are you guys doing this may long weekend?" Give it a rest....small talk! I'm amazed the courts entertain this shit.


8 Q Now, the last thing that you have talked about with Mr. Harms is that he was put into

9 acell after a waiver was read to him; is that right?

10 A Yes.


12 Q Did you have any interaction with him after that point in time?

13 A No, because the next thing I did was I went to a domestic assault complaint in town.

14 Me and TJ left right away. Like, we were gone for the rest of the night. I don’t

15 remember if I dealt with him at the end of the night. I’ll just go through my notes

16 here again. I know I was up in Calling Lake, which is 75 kilometres from

17 Athabasca, and I was up dealing with a bunch of things up north as well where I was

18 supposed to be, so. . . Right away, after that, we went to a domestic. Then I was

19 up at -- up north in Calling Lake.


21 I spoke to Corporal Donnelly [phonetic] that’s in forensics. I don’t think I had any

22 other dealings with him afterwards. I was in the cell block. I did bring a prisoner

23 back. At 2:08 I arrested someone for breach of peace, and I was in the cell block at

24 2:48 in the morning. And then I had some more names after that so I was dealing

25 with other people after that.


27 Q Was Mr. Harms present in the cell block when you brought those other people in?

28 A I don’t know.
Really? " I don't know". I was there 4 days, you only have so many cells.


30 MS.JOYCE: Those are all the questions I have. Thank you.

31 Answer any questions of my friend, please.


33 A Thank you.


35 Ms. Hayes Cross-examines the Witness (Voir Dire)


37 Q MS. HAYES: Constable McDonald, in addition to writing handwritten

38 notes, quite often one of the things you prepare is a --

39 A General report?


41 Q -- a general report?


1 A I have that here with me.


3 Q And do you have that with you?

4 A I do. I think -- I have it right here.


6 Q And you prepared this around the same time as your handwritten notes; correct?

7 A Yeah.


9 Q Sir, what I want to turn you attention to, you had noted in your examination-in-chief

10 that you don’t recall anything that Mr. Harms said, but you recalled him being

11 argumentive?

12 A Yeah.


14 Q If you want to look at the third line of your report and perhaps see if that refreshes

15 your memory.

16 A The third line, sorry?


18 Q The third line of the first paragraph.

19 A Yeah, he advised that he did nothing.
WHAT!!!??, One more time for the crowd! "yeah, he advised that he did nothing"

21 Q Yes. So there was a statement made by Mr. Harms that he did nothing?

22 A Yeah.
I thought we all were working from the same notes, thought you were reading from you notes, written in true form, unaltered and reflective of that interaction....And yet Mrs Hayes, why did you let yet another cop walk off the stand with those notes? why were they not sealed into evidence? After all they were read into court, used as an information basis.

24 Q Okay.

25 A Sorry. Yes. And I know there’s an error in my report here. The 1335 hours. It

26 was 1935 hours. When we do the spell check, it won’t do a time change for us.
I've never heard of anyone using spell check for time!, how do you do that, I'm using spell check right now and I know if I need to put in a time I must do it like this 10:56, see that's what time it is. Your caught, your buddies are caught and your changing your testimony. Isn't it possible that I was in cuffs for HOURS!. Like nearly 6 hours! Isn't it possible you fuckers were attempting to get me to sign a confession!, that I wasn't allowed to call a lawyer for hours!and hours! and wasn't my slurred speech do to my pain, red eyes from crying for what you goofs were doing. Prove me wrong you piece of shit, produce the video footage in the booking area, of me in my cell, the interview room! oh wait, you destroyed them.You see you guys did this to cover your asses, and destroyed evidence because it cleared me, that which we have reports for and can refute, you just come up with bullshit like, groomed nail, never took DNA before....fuck right off! We now have deputy stupid submit a report that shows a 6 hours and a half difference in time and when under pressure he blames"spell check for time"! when I was cuffed and I think it was even longer then that, at least it felt that way. I'm ill that the judge actually commends "constable MC Donald on his good note keeping".....sickening.

28 Q Okay. And you don’t recall anything else in terms of the context of that statement,

29 but for to say he said he didn’t do anything?

30 A Yes. And that’s not unusual, though.


32 Q Now, you’ve indicated today that Mr. Harms was in handcuffs and you’ve commented

33 that some of the cuffs are quite small. Did you -- do you have any recollection of him

34 stating that he was in some pain because of the handcuffs?

35 A No, but I’ll -- this is the general handcuffs that were initiated, and I think that’s -- he

36 has big wrists. You can see his hands right now, when he had his hands up right

37 there. So unfortunately we’ve got to secure them too, I mean...

See what I mean? Nothing about the back injury," huge wrists and well"so unfortunately we've got to secure them too, I mean"..." I was in the damn room, why didn't anyone ask to see my wrists
39 Q So it would be a snug fit for sure?

40 A Yeah, but I think they were in front.
"yeah but I think they were cuffed in front"
NO THEY WERE NOT!, I was cuffed at home and left in cuffs for what felt like forever. Folk says as do you all that" I remained in cuffs until the DNA was gathered". What you are now saying that you cut, he caught while I was cuffed in front? back what? Nice try...and I'll just say this, I've never heard a cop say, "put your hands together, your under arrest but rather put your hands behind your back, you are under arrest!" But don't let me stop you, please continue ass.



1 Q Now, you’ve indicated that he was cooperative in terms of getting his fingernails

2 clipped. He let you clip his fingernails?

3 A Yes.
Well good news, in this answer I am once again cooperative!

5 Q Now, in noting that you were cutting quite close to the skin, is this something that

6 appeared to be painful for him?

7 A He wasn’t wincing or anything like that that I remember. If he was, I would have

8 made a note of it or whatever. while you were doing surgery to get my nails, hell i didn't even wince!?....come on , just admit it how it happened, you got the nails just fine, you tested them and I passed and now your stupid lies just get more ridiculous and overwhelmingly moronic. Besides as you previously said under oath, "how could you take notes while gathering the evidence"?

10 Q Okay.

11 A I know it was close. Like, my nails are close now and I can still cut my nail, but

12 it’s just a small portion of nail that you’re cutting, right. You’re not going to get a

13 big long nail out of it, right.


15 Q So it was difficult in terms of execution, but not necessarily painful?

16 A Yeah. Not that I’m aware of, so. . .
SOOOO WHAT? "its painful, not painful, wasn't wincing, groomed nail, cuffed in front, cuffed in back, cooperative, aggressive? How about your full of shit, sound fair to you?

18 Q So one of the things that was told to Mr. Harms, and I just want to make sure I

19 understand this correctly, one of the things that was told to him was that if he let you

20 cut his fingertips -- or not fingertips, fingernails, if you could cut his fingernails that

21 he could be put in the phone room --
By the way he makes it sound it was fingertips
22 A Well, once we’re done with collecting the evidence, because at this time right now

23 we’re trying to collect the DNA evidence because we don’t have a chance to write a

24 warrant because that time -- things will dissipate and disappear and become lost. So

25 we’re cutting the fingernails -- and he would have a chance to talk to his lawyer right

26 away after that.
WAIT did you actually just admit that you guys write your own warrants?


28 Q So it was made clear to him if he was cooperative, he would be able to talk to a

29 lawyer?

30 A It wasn’t necessarily cooperative. It was just that we need to get these samples and

31 then he’ll have a chance to talk to a lawyer, so. . .
Feeling some heat? why you stammering you stuttering prick? Anyone notice this guy says "so....." allot?

33 Q So it has nothing to do with being cooperative; it’s simply, follow our direction and

34 then --

35 A We’ll give you a chance -- yeah. It’s not like if you cooperate, we’re going to give

36 this -- make any promises to him. We weren’t that -- it wasn’t that. The way I’m

37 trying to say it is that we are collecting the evidence. After that you’ll have a

38 chance to talk to a lawyer. You’ll have your chance to speak to someone. I guess

39 it’s just the way I’ve worded it.


41 Q Now, you have indicated that if he was wincing or something, you would have written


1 that down?

2 A I should have written that down, yes.
You should have written a whole lot down. In fact didn't you testify earlier that " A "He wasn't wincing or anything like that that I remember. If he was, I would have
made a note of it or whatever". caught again huh?


4 Q And that would be something that you would write down because it’s important?

5 A Yes.
Yes ? You agree writing important things down?

7 Q So if there was something important that happened during the course of your

8 investigation, you would have written it down?

9 A I should have. I know that we were very busy that night and we had calls coming

10 in, and we had a domestic that was kind of holding while we were getting this done.

11 So unfortunately we were trying to get him dealt with right away so that we could

12 move on to the next thing.


14 Q But certainly if there was something -- even being busy, sir, if there was something

15 like he was hurt or something very material to your investigation happening, you

16 would have made a note of it?

17 A I should have. And sometimes it just slips your mind as well. When you’re making

18 notes right after, you’re trying to get everything down and trying to get on to the next

19 thing, so it does happen where I do miss stuff as well. I am a human being, so. . .
No, your not human. And your training teaches you to do this for this very reason, you and your bro's are criminals and you ripped me out of my home and turned my life into a living Hell. I personally have no idea why you and the other 3 are still police officers.

21 MS.HAYES: Thankyou very much, sir.


23 A Thank you.


25 MS.JOYCE: Nothingfurther.


27 THECOURT: Thankyou very much, Constable McDonald.


29 A Thank you, sir, Your Lord.
This is just one part of an anatomy of corruption and how they can come into your home arrest you without anything, allow ALL of your personal possessions that took you a life time to achieve and be absconded. This is the anatomy of how a crooked cop gets covered by other cops and is the make up of why people around the world are becoming fearful of police. They are the herdsman, we are the sheeple.