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Evidence officer Constable T.J Parker. (blog 61)

This constable was the one ordered by Corporal Dozios to gather all the items on the evidence seizure list as well as to take "crime scene photo's" and gather the DNA samples from myself and my accuser as well as to gather the DNA samples taken at the hospital, take charge and log it all. I find no real fault in this man other than he was sucked into an infused scene of corruption and undoubtedly had to side for his fellow officers and boss. However I seriously doubt that he was a full team player but a mere pawn caught in Corporal Dozios' machine.

It must be noted though that this man was the one designated to conduct all aspects of "the crime scene" and one should wonder just where all of that information, Photographic evidence, seized clothing, DNA swabs, Rape kit and My fingernails have gone? There are many questions left unanswered and I will address them however one question I fear will never be answered and I will reiterate this fear later at the end, the question is this. under what possible ethical, moral context could it be that such an important witness be only asked a handful of questions by the defense attorney? I have a very good memory and was physically present on this and every day. The questions put to him by my attorney DO NOT adequately reflect that of the transcripts. In fact there was a much larger dialogue and there was some very serious statements made by this officer, very damaging to the R.C.M.P. Yet somehow they magically disappeared from the transcripts. I attempted to obtain an audio version of said trial and that attempt was blocked by the presiding judge. I was told,"even if you get the audio version, unless we transcribe them they are not a legal reflection of what took place" Wrap your head around that. Q stands for question and A for answer.

1 THE COURT CLERK: Are you comfortable taking an oath on the

2 Bible.




6 THE COURT CLERK: Take the Bible in your hand and state your full

7 name for the Court spelling all your names, please.


9 THE WITNESS: It’s Thomas John Douglas

10 Parker. T-H-O-M-A-S, J-O-H-N, D-O-U-G-L-A-S, P-A-R-K-E-R.


12 THOMAS JOHN DOUGLAS PARKER, Sworn, Examined by Ms. Joyce (Voir Dire)


14 Q MS. JOYCE: Constable Parker, how long have you been a member of the

15 RCMP?

16 A Nearly five years.

Clearly another officer with some time under his belt.


18 Q Where have you been stationed during that period of time?

19 A The majority of my time in Athabasca and I’m currently stationed in Hinton, Alberta.

Where it isn't a crime to be transferred, I do wonder why he was sent to a different post and Constable Folk who was the lead investigator in this was also transferred to a 'remote fly in posting' if anything it is very odd.


21 Q In Athabasca, 2011, May 21st, you became involved in an investigation dealing with

22 Mr. Harms; is that right?

23 A That’s correct.


25 Q And other officers involved were Corporal Dozois, Constable Folk, and Constable

26 McDonald; is that right?

27 A Yes.

Before continuing, listen to how fluid most of this guys testimony is. Except where it comes into actually dealing with me and we have already caught the others in many lies and inconsistencies.


29 Q What was your role in that investigation?

30 A Well, initially coming on at my start time shift -- start time was 7 o’clock -- I was

31 requested to attend to the residence to deal with the exhibits.


33 Q Attend to what residence?

34 A The residence of Mr. Harms and his family.


36 Q And so where were you when you received that request?

37 A At the detachment.


39 Q Did you go to that residence?

40 A I did.



1 Q How long did it take you to get from the detachment to that residence?

2 A Less than five minutes.

"less than 5 minutes" a very good time line to base the others testimony.Mainly that of Dozios and Folk.


4 Q What did you do when you arrived there?

5 A I was briefed by Corporal Rick Dozois of the incident. He gave me a quick tour of

6 the residence and showed me to the bedroom where the incident supposedly had

7 happened and requested that I seize any exhibits that -- sorry -- I felt necessary.

Clearly yet another officer acknowledges that corporal Dozois is in charge and lead. I find his comment "where the incident supposedly had happened" to be the first officer to actually say 'supposedly' took place and his comment is rather odd for no other reason than the way it came out it was as if it was an opinion. I think it would have been interesting if my lawyer would have addressed this comment.


9 Q So how long after you arrived for the start of your shift at 7 o’clock before you get

10 this call to go help at the residence?

11 A Almost immediately.


13 Q Do you know what time you arrived at the residence?

14 A Shortly after 7:00. I know I began seizing exhibits at 13 after 7:00, I believe, was

15 my first exhibit I seized.

Where are all these exhibits?. Additionally, he said he was requested "almost immediately" upon starting his shift even to date the first "evidence seizure at 7:13".


17 Q How long were you at the residence?

18 A Less than half an hour.


20 Q And was Corporal Dozois there when you arrived?

21 A Yes.


23 Q Do you know if he remained at the residence during the period of time that you were

24 there?

25 A No, he did not.


27 Q When you left the residence, where did you go?

28 A I believe I was heading back to the detachment, and I was requested to attend to a

29 store to pick up nail clippers.

So this puts him immediately enroute from shift start ending with him completing his job and begin his return to the detachment in less than a half hour. Did you note that he states "and I was requested to attend to a store to pick up nail clippers."Didn't Corporal Dozios testify that he "ordered Constable MC Donald to do that"?


31 Q And continue on with what happened from there.

32 A I believe after that I -- after being requested to attend to a store to pick up nail

33 clippers, I did so. Returned to the detachment after purchasing the clippers, and then

34 assisted Constable McDonald in seizing the fingernail clippings from Mr. Harms.

So we know for sure now that he did in fact purchase the nail clippers and returned to assist Mc Donald. Ironic that neither defense or crown re addressed this issue with Corporol Dozios.


36 Q How long did it take you from the time you left the residence and then did this errand

37 of picking up the clippers and then get to the detachment?

38 A I couldn’t be exact.


40 Q By this point in time, and you’ve just said you can’t be exact, but by the time you

41 leave the residence that you’ve described, had you had any interaction with Mr. Harms


1 on that date?

2 A I had initially had interaction with him when I arrived on duty. I hadn’t -- from when

3 Iwent to the house to getting back to the office, no, I did not have any.


5 Q Talk about your initial interaction with Mr. Harms when you came on duty.

6 A Well, when I arrived around 7 o’clock for shift, Constable Folk was returning to the

7 office with Mr. Harms as a prisoner. And I know at that time Mr. Harms was very

8 agitated. He was yelling and swearing at Constable Folk, so for officer safety reasons

9 Istood around and assisted Constable Folk in the booking-in process until I was

10 informed I was no longer needed.

Where is the documentation of this said "booking in process". Why was he not questioned about what happened or was said?


12 Q What are you describing when you say assist Constable Folk? What did you do?

13 A As a backup member?


15 Q Yes.

16 A I would have just observed and assisted in whatever way he needed me to in booking

17 the prisoner in, filling out the form, so that at least one person has eyes on him while

18 somebody else is writing, so. . .


20 Q And, sorry, when you say "eyes on him", who are you talking about?

21 A Mr. Harms.


23 Q What was the demeanour of Constable Folk in this period of time?

24 A He was calm at the time.

I find it difficult to understand that both MC Donald and Parker came on shift at the same time, both claim that they assisted Folk "in the booking in process" and yet neither MC Donald or Parker acknowledge the presence of each other. Also the things the MC Donald and Folk claim they were hearing coming from myself such as statement and or admissions. Parker makes no mention of any type of what the others claimed I said. In fact they only make reference to each other while collecting DNA samples.


26 Q Did you have any direct physical contact with Mr. Harms during that point when you

27 assist Constable Folk?

28 A Not that I believe so, no.


30 Q And did you have any direct verbal interaction with him yourself at that period of

31 time?

32 A Not that I can recall.

Again, he hears no exchanges.


34 Q So when is the next time that you have direct interaction with Mr. Harms?

35 A Upon returning to the detachment with the nail clippers.


37 Q And what did you do there?

38 A I believe Constable McDonald was clipping the nails as I was holding the exhibit bag

39 trying to catch the clippings.

You believe? this is something that should have been noted no?, chain of command of DNA and what not.


41 Q Was that a process or technique that you had been involved with before?


1 A No. No. Collecting exhibits, yes, but I’ve never personally clipped somebody’s

2 nails before.


4 Q About how long did it take for Corporal -- pardon me -- Constable McDonald to clip

5 the nails and for you to catch them?

6 A It took quite a lot longer than we had expected. Obviously his fingernails were quite

7 short already and it was a process in clipping his nails further. I imagine probably

8 ten minutes, collecting each individual finger in each individual bag so they were

9 separated and whatnot.

They know the results of the DNA testing, Negative. My nails were normal as they are now and the Dna test and results can be found on the blog. Each nail but one I think it says. And if a person did something wrong, DNA not even visible to the eye would be found.


11 Q What was the demeanour of Mr. Harms during this period of time when you are

12 collecting the fingernails?

13 A At that time he was -- from what I can recall -- calm and quiet. I don’t. . .

Not according to everyone else, rather I'd burst out in random statements, fits of they say.


15 Q What was your own demeanour when you were interacting with him, or when you

16 were collecting the fingernails?

17 A We were calm. Yeah.


19 Q Continue on with what happened.

20 A We seized the remaining finger clippings, one for each finger. I assisted Constable

21 McDonald in sealing every bag, initialling, filling out the form on the front of the

22 bags, and then I secured everything in an exhibit locker. I believe that was the end

23 of my involvement at that point.


25 Q What was then your last involvement directly with Mr. Harms?

26 A Finger clippings would be the last.


28 Q During any of the time that you spent directly in contact with Mr. Harms, did you hear

29 him make any requests of you or any of the other officers?

30 A Not that I can recall.

And like I said, all the others claim I was "upset, agitated severely, given to random statements" especially by constable Folk who even reads this from his notes and says the comment happened while they were collecting DNA samples. Additionally under cross examination she brings that out of Folk and a whole lot more that were not in his "notes" same with MC Donald .Unless they were deemed to be daming.

32 Q Did you or any of the other officers talk to Mr. Harms about what would happen if he

33 complied with your investigation?

34 A Did we talk to him -- sorry. Could you repeat that.


36 Q Did you talk to him or the other officers talk to him about what would happen if he

37 complied with the investigation?

38 A Not that I recall, no.


40 Q Was there any conversation again from yourself or the other officers about what would

41 happen if he did not comply with the investigation?


1 A No, not that I can recall.

Yet according to his partner ( MC Donald) I am filled with "fits of rage, anger, profanity and he even says we just made small talk remember"?


3 MS. JOYCE: Those are the questions that I have for you.

4 Thank you, sir. Please answer the questions of my friend.

Really that's it? No one wants to talk about the dozens of DNA swabs, Dozens of photo's, Rape kit that Parker and Mc Donald Take her to the hospital to get done! yet make no mention of it, No one cares about the clothing seized, or the alleged gun seized? It matters not that the results of the DNA test results were sent to Parker, what they were. No questioning about " small talk, nothing" I have a theory and I know it may be reaching but I think Constable Parker was transferred because he wasn't an exact "team" player, a cop with morals.


6 Ms. Hayes Cross-examines the Witness (Voir Dire)


8 Q MS. HAYES: I will be very brief. My understanding is you took some

9 photos when you were at the residence?

10 A Yes.

First where are they?


12 Q In the bedroom?

13 A Yes.



15 Q And seized some exhibits?

16 A Yes.

Okay and that is it? Are you fucking kidding me? This was the evidence officer!


18 Q Did those photos get disclosed to the Crown?

19 A I’m not sure. I would have provided them to the investigator, I believe.

"I’m not sure. I would have provided them to the investigator, I believe." Just Who was that investigator? What do you mean "you believe" you are the damned evidence officer wouldn't that be your job? the DNA results were addressed to you.

21 Q So who would you have provided them to? Who was the investigator?

22 A Constable Folk would have been the lead investigator.

Yet she never asked him if he actually gave them to Constable Folk. In fact one would think that Folk should have been re questioned on this as well. Just where is Corporal Dozios who is in charge of the keystone cops?. Why wouldn't the Crown themselves say " hey bud, where is all the evidence"? Personally I find this lack of due diligence with this witness and that surrounding him just utterly confusedly corrupt.

24 MS.HAYES: Thankyou very much, Constable Parker.


26 MS.JOYCE: Nothingfurther. Thank you.


28 THECOURT: Thankyou, sir.


30 A Thank you.

Okay, does anyone have issues with this? This is the evidence officer and they only ask him a few questions? As I recall and I was there that day, I remember a whole different exchange with this witness. I remember my attorney asking about all the photo evidence and was it ever turned over to the crown, he said "NO", she asked " what happened to that evidence" he said "we destroyed it" she asked about the video tapes, DNA and clothing, other items and was that ever turned over to the crown. He says "NO", she said and what happened to that evidence and he said "we destroyed that too"!, she was disgusted and just dismissed him. Plain and simple and I know the transcripts were altered, thus the reason why with this witness they are so short. After he was excused we took a break and my attorney came to speak with me and she said " If you want a transcript of what happened here today ,I would get right on it if I were you, before they go missing"
I realize there will be doubters but it is true and my only proof I can offer right now is that the verbal exchange with this crucial witness are unnaturally small, especially from the defense and one would think that when there was a lot of clothing, Crime scene photo's, DNA from myself, from my accuser, fingerprints, etc and yet no one seems to give a shit about any of it . When the first round of DNA came bake clearing me in October of 2011, I was still denied bail. The crown claimed they had an abundance of DNA tests and blocked my bail. My then attorney demanded to know where the other DNA tests from My Fingernails, and from my accuser were and the crown said that the RCMP had misplaced it, that it fell in behind other evidence. The judge then ordered them to produce it by January 2012, they did so and it cleared me. Later on just before my trial they told me that it was never processed and that they refused because they didn't feel they would get a viable or favorable result....this after I already have the reports!

I'll end with this, I do challenge the courts to produce an audio version of court and let us submit it for forensic testing if that too is altered but I doubt they could. Point is, produce it and let our people transcribe them.RCMP ERT - If the evidence clears the suspect,we simply destroy the evidence. No we did't think far enough to realize the defense has full disclosure....ummm, in the name of justice madam court reporter can you edit that?
RCMP Tactical - And can you tell to the court what happened to all of the DNA, photo's and seized evidence? We destroyed all of that too!