Saturday, 16 January 2016

coincidence or corruption?

I wish to explore these too words and you can let "it pass your own test of reason" as a friend of mine likes to put it.

a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.
"it's no coincidence that this new burst of innovation has occurred in the free nations"

synonyms: accident, chance, serendipity, fortuity, providence, happenstance,fate;
a fluke
"too close to be mere coincidence"

correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence.
"the coincidence of interest between the mining companies and certain politicians"

synonyms: co-occurrence, coexistence, conjunction, simultaneity,contemporaneity, concomitance More


dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.
"the journalist who wants to expose corruption in high places"

synonyms: dishonesty, unscrupulousness, double-dealing, fraud, fraudulence,misconduct, crime, criminality, wrongdoing; More
So now that we know the literal meaning of the words, lets begin and see if my case was coincidence or corruption.

1.My false accuser , without her mother sits and casually speaks just an hour before one of the most tragic things to take place alledge to have happened to strange males, seemingly as if by script of as if with a best friend about say a ball game.? further yet the alleged victim when given a chance to review her statement states" I never said that"?

2. My accuser accounts that "10 minutes ago he did this..." yet without a warrant, they take my finger nails and they are tested by their own crime lab, coming back as clearing me.

3. She alledges over time quite a violent encounter, such as choking and being punched in the head , her legs being forced apart when I was supposed to force myself on her, yet there isn't a single bruise, swelling or DNA on or in her.

4. Allegedly I was disrobed and ready to engage in sexual acts: yet her own mother swore she found myself fully clothed an in the kitchen when she arrived home, contentious because according to the alleged victim "when my mom came home he ran out of my room"

5. Why was there no child advocate, parent or female officer or Psychologist involved in the original interviews?

6. She states it rained so hard that she had to change her clothes that day: The officers on that shift knew it didn't rain.  Years later the polling stations weather results were read in court by the alleged victim, despite there being 4 polling stations, she admits to the fact that it didn't rain and in fact only rained .4 mm the entire month, no where near the date in question.

7. This same accuser had accused multiple others, including 2 after myself and has always recanted or was found to be a habitual attention seeker, or lying.

8. The very day, earlier I was accused I was diagnosed with a herniated disk. The L5/S1 and not only could I not pick up 20 pounds but could neither sit , lay down or stand for prolonged periods and was in a full back harness. Of which police themselves removed later that day.

9. I was needlessly jailed for a lengthy time and when released on 5'000.00 no cash bail I was placed under 24 hour house arrest and not allowed to assume or resume my job as an engineer, nor was I allowed within hundreds of kilometers of my community, home, truck, belongings , friends, possessions. Instead I was forced to live hundreds of kilometers away and forced to pay extortionate rent or return to jail, where ever they decided.

10. Her mother paid my first and last months rent, sent all new clothes, bedding, smokes, snacks and even money.

11. Her mother wrote a letter on my behalf without my request after she had sent her own 15 year old away to her god mothers. The letter was sealed into evidence in a court of queens bench and still to this day I have yet to read it.

12. Police would constantly charge me, disrupt my bail only to be re bailed and charges later dropped.

13. We have constitutional rights to "a speedy trial" usually 6/10 months to conclusion and mine took years

14. She never showed up for the preliminary enquiry stating "she forgot "when a judge ordered her to do so just 3 days prior, thus delaying the case for years.

15. The crown attorney made excuse for her and was in fact lying to the judge, later to lie to another  in regards to her where beings, excuse for the delay stating "she had a prior medical appointment with a psychologist regarding the matter at hand that they were unaware of. She later to rebut and say "no I was at a party, go on about drugs, drunk driving, older people....etc"

16. Why was my case held in 3 separate venues , hundreds of kilometers away, take over a year just to conclude the preliminary enquiry and was entertained by 2 separate crown members.

17. why did the original crown quit?

18. Why was there even a 3rd crown for the trial alone?

19. Why did the evidence officer from the R.C.M.P state that "they had destroyed ALL the evidence before the trial?

20. coincidence or corruption that I was charged with 33 counts of assault against police,causing bodily harm, later reduced to 13 and they went by way of summarily instead of indictable unless by going by way of misdemeanor under law meant that I was not entitled to a jury trial?

21.After the primary charges being forcefully acquitted because of her confession to perjury did I remain for years under the same said bail conditions with slight variations for years more?

22.coincidence yet still that out of the pool of judges I draw the judge who was the "deputy minister of justice for Alberta while undergoing the last trial?

23. coincidence that even though this was a misdemeanor or summarily charged, this case despite constitutional rights went 3 years as well?

24. coincidence? that even after all the evidence and the lack of evidence refused to be brought in, in this particular case all my witnesses such as video cameras and living breathing witnesses were all lying for me  and I was found guilty?

25. Coincidence that even after being found guilty the sentencing was put off until just weeks after the statute of limitations ran out for me to sue the ministry of justice, crown, Province of Alberta and indeed my accusers and while grateful, I was only given a one year community sentence for assaulting police?
26. The day before the trial they had a "voir dire hearing" to quantify, solidify and justify police actions, reports and their word. Each was ruled not credible, yet it went no further, coincidence?

27. 2 of the 4 police officers had several complaints against them, one was involved in the actions resulting in mass casualties and deaths while on the job, the anniversary of that date for him was the day before I believe. Heavy load to carry on an anniversary that resulted in 9 deaths and the biggest joint venture lawsuit in Alberta's history......coincidence?, corruption?...or a prelude to a faulty investigation.

So in the end there wasn't a pubic hair, shred of evidence, not any swelling and or a bruise, no broken bones and zero signs of struggle. 3 months into this DNA even cleared me, yet for all the years I got no apology, no explanation but a forced acquittal based on the confession by her under oath in front of  a jury. coincidence or corruption?

I could go on, I merely share this with you as a warning and as a way for myself to reconcile, understand what the hell happened and move on. By the way have you ever heard of so many coincidences? I'm excited as a child because with this coincidental luck I gotta be due for a lottery....I digest.

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