Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The much anticipated day has come and much to my relief......

The much anticipated day has come and much to my relief it is done! It is over and I start anew.

It has been a horrible near 5 years and where I attempted to show and explain, be transparent....words can do no justice more than those that I received yesterday "You are free to go, rebuild and continue to succeed, I wish you all the best"
We drove home, tired and a bit numb but excited for life once again. There is much to rebuild, much work to do to overcome the P.T.S.D I incurred through my trials while traversing through the justice system based solely on first false allegations.
I have not much else to say at the moment, I'm a kid on Christmas morning:)! Later I will explain more possibly, possibly I will just let this blog go for a while and recuperate.   I thank those 70 plus thousands that had taken the time to read about my experiences and those on Google plus of 340,000 readers, and those that followed.

I encourage you to reach out to those that suffer as I had and to get involved under legislation to positively affect real change for those who stand falsely accused and have their lives torn apart. For all the help, lending an ear, support from those and you know who you are....my endless gratitude.

A song for you: https://youtu.be/ZbZSe6N_BXs

enough for now
I have a name

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