Tuesday, 5 November 2013

DNA Evidence EPIC FAIL. (blog 5 of 149)

The night the supposed rape occurred, police arrived at my residence and came upon a crying teenage girl who they themselves have dealt with many times before on numerous occasions regarding false accusations. The police immediately begin gathering evidence and taking testimonials. One of my accuser's accusations was, that ten minutes before police arrived, I was "sucking on her breasts" and sexually assaulting her in other ways which I will not go into great detail. Police collected finger nail samples from my hands for DNA testing. Soon after, my accuser was sent to the hospital where swabs were taken of her breasts which were also submitted for DNA testing.

During my wait for trial, the swabs came back from her breast sample testing negative for any of my DNA! However, about a week before trial in October 2013, I would be told that the results which were read in court by my then attorney were wrong. Apparently he misread them. 
"Come on!" I said, "are you serious?!"
I was then told the DNA swabs were actually taken of my accuser's hand. I said; 
"Bullshit, I want to see that report!" To which they replied; 
"...oh i can't find it right now, but I'll get it to you." (At the time of this writing, I have yet to see that damn report)! Not only do I have the transcripts of my then attorney reading the report off in court, I also have full disclosure including all forensic evidence taken and from where it was taken. They tried undermining me being cleared by the first set of DNA evidence! They changed gears because it hurt their case! Anyways, so I told my lawyer that I wanted them to process the evidence they collected anyways. She says: 
"Well, the crown demanded the RCMP to do that as well, but they flatly refused because they believe that they won't get a viable result. They say the hospital that did the swabs had done them wrong. They don't want to waste their time." I said; 
"Excuse me, are you fucking kidding?! How can one of only two crime labs in this country that work for the RCMP, which works for the government, refuse to process evidence?!" My lawyer says:
"Yeah, I know."-Gee, thank you very much!
That's legal aid for you! I've become a wiser man through all of this. I've found out if you want a steak dinner, you should pay for one. Otherwise you end up with shit-burger and flies.
...I'm sure you get the hint.

Anyways, as mentioned earlier, they also removed my finger nail clippings for DNA testing. After 7 months, the judge had to order the RCMP to produce those results. They claimed that they had somehow fell down behind something else in an evidence locker, and that they had a hell of a time locating them. The judge wasn't impressed, (and neither was I). The RCMP was told they had 30 days to produce them. In January 2012 the results for those were finally released, and surprise surprise, they tested negative for my accusers DNA. Now that report, I have! In fact I copied it several times and have it hidden everywhere. Wouldn't you?

Not to be dismayed, during the "Void Dire hearing" (the hearing 1 day before trial in which we are told what we can and cannot discuss in front of the jury), the RCMP tried to allege that I tampered with my fingernails somehow. That they were all well groomed short. Yet they collected their samples no problem! Remember, I got the evidence seizure log, and the test results. I'm sure I didn't have time to molest my step kid and then go for a damn manicure! If they can recall, Angel claims this all happened ten minutes before police arrived and began collecting evidence. The RCMP were then asked straight out: 
"Was there lots of forensic evidence gathered, such as crime scene photos, clothing, and video footage of interviews done with [myself]?" The RCMP replied: 
"Yes there was". They then talked about amounts and what not. My lawyer asked: 
"Was that evidence ever turned over to the crown and/or were they notified of said evidence?" To which the RCMP replied:
"No they weren't notified, and we destroyed the evidence."
!...yup he said that!  What country, right to the smallest and most corrupt, destroys evidence before a trial?! Canada apparently! Yet no one asks him by who's authority, direction or whatever they did that! The Void Dire hearing finally concludes, and the trial would begin the following day.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, the judge would eventually rule the cops "less than credible" and therefore weren't permitted to submit their bullshit into the record. My former step kid knew nothing about what took place during the void dire hearing and like I also said before, the trial started and stopped with a confession in about five and a half hours. That's something none of those bastards counted on.
All I can say is thanks be to God, but it ain't over yet. I'm still on the hook for trumped up charges which I still have to deal with. But that's another blog entry all on it's own.

RCMP Tactical - And can you tell to the court what happened to all of the DNA, photo's and seized evidence? We destroyed all of that too!

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