Friday, 8 November 2013

rememberance day. (10 of 149)

I used to have four turkeys per year, eat together as a family. I was taught to be thank full for the birth of Jesus, the death and Resurrection of Jesus, the harvest and the death of a soldier who went out to protect us all. you see my mothers side of the  family is all military. they have served our nation through many conflicts, including the ones the average Canadian doesn't readily know about. I've always respected a soldiers life and as a youth I wanted nothing more than to be a part of that.

 I thought it was an existence of brotherly love, duty and Honor, where by hard work,loyalty, a person could hash out a good existence. eventually go to your grave proud that you had done your best. I have something that I want to say but in no way do I want it nor should it b taken as a slight against our good men and women in our armed services both in the past, present and future.

I was falsely accused of sexual assault against my step daughter. Until I could get bail, I had to stay in the local remand centre. I had to endure many months of beatings, psychological torture, illegal interrogations and even rape by men who previously served in our armed services, have returned home, who now work in great numbers for corrections of Alberta because many suffer from  P.T.S.D. They can't become a cop because you can't pass the phsycological tests.  Working in jail has become a nice safe place for you to vent frustrations, apply your new found tactics of interrogation, somehow you feel your doing gods bidding, protecting society from evil.
 You do so by illegally interrogating prisoners, forcing guilty pleas just so they can get out of there and away from you, you rape inmates as a form of torture, or punishment for those who are troublesome or accused of a sexual offence. Truly the unbelievable part is that many are aware of this and or heard of the stories, and yet do nothing to help! In the old remand it was called "being taken for a ride in the elevator", until your bosses and the sheer amounts of complaints compelled them to install video monitors.
 But people are getting together, it is just a matter of time before a joint lawsuit will be launched. The system is slow, no one is in a rush, frankly we are all afraid of possible outcomes, revenge, etc.but it will happen.
whether or not I'm heard I could care less, point is I spoke up like I told you I would. But since I've put life and limb on the line...I do have a special message for those who are guilty of this. You were former soldiers of this country, sworn to protect its citizens, both home and abroad.
Inmates in the remand centre are still Canadian citizens! .Certain rights have been temporarily suspended but they are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. You tortured me horrendously for months in your" special cells" you not only beat me but you RAPED  and psychologically tortured me because you thought that I myself was a rapist. And not just myself alone but many others, females as well,call me crazy but I'm not the only one saying this.
Another special message is to the one who has gone on to become a court house sheriff. I didn't want to hurt you like you hurt me and I find that odd. Instead, with swollen hands at the sight of you, I walked up to you , shook your hand and said to you with a firm grip and never breaking eye contact " you see I told you I didn't do it and was acquitted after a confession" Your look of fear that your eyes betrayed was satisfactory enough.  you even had a gun, yet you nearly wet your pants. The best you could do was follow my family, friends and I around the court house. Those that know me best asked "is he one of them", they knew without me saying anything right at that moment.
I ponder why you followed me, us. To intimidate? You should know by now that I am no coward like you. I even went to the bathroom, hoping you would come in and confront me, yes you would have been taped. Like I said, your fear, endless wandering around us, somehow attempting to engage in a conversation, you insecurity, uncertainty and fear are enough for me.

 If you have any Honor left, you will skip Nov 11 traditions, quietly go somewhere and stay there until they are over. Take off your ribbons and wear them no more, for although you did serve, you have fallen in disgrace ( I'm only talking to the guilty ones) I would remind you you are not " over there", or " down range" your home and what your doing is wrong!  You are not doing gods bidding, he is not impressed nor are many of your co workers or support staff. Perhaps why you chose to move along in jobs?

I am a son of a soldier, from a family of soldiers and like I told you all those months " I didn't do it" we now have an acquittal because of a confession. The irony here is that the only crime that was committed was the one you did to myself and others. Should you ever find out who I am ( you caught key things said) and you plan to do further harm to me in the future if I have to return there before this crap is completely over, including trumped up charges. You should know, I have your names, dates, etc and so do those who have just as big of balls as I do and they will report you and your name will be in the paper and you will be where I was once in. And if that doesn't scare you, the afterlife should. remember I told you one way or another you'll pay for what you've done, here or in the hereafter, remember I'm a son of a soldier from a family of soldiers.
I don't have that turkey anymore on remembrance day, you guys would have been more merciful to have killed me , cause you killed what was me. till then, least I forget I will pray for my uncles and beloved grandfather, all our other hero's that they may all rest in peace. and I pray for you too, that you get conflicted in your heart, stop now, come clean, get some help.Else pay dearly later.

I read this blog I wrote some time ago. I felt that it was a bit confrontational to those that serve in the military, unintentionally. The blog was meant as a means of copping and confronting a certain few for some very wrong things they did to me under their watch. So as I am crystal clear.

Strangely, I face sentencing from a judge in November, near a time where we remember our fallen. The following is a song in remembrance to the GOOD men and women in uniform and a two fold message to a certain resolve is none the less and I stand ready for that which will come.