Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Just another one in the long list of victims from she that had accused myself as well. (blog 72)

This is some of a face book conversation i had with Pauline Gambler just before my trial. Who is Pauline Gambler? well she is the mother of the son  (who at the time was 28) Ryan Gambler who was not only dating my accuser ( who was 15 years old) but also living in my home, together they slept in my very bed while i was in jail falsely accused ( see acquitted)
It turns out that they had some type of falling out  ( and it did become an under oath process at my trial) and my accuser then accuses Ryan and Pauline not only of assault but also with a weapon, being held against her will. True to form , My accuser recants and even writes a letter to recant and doesn't go to the preliminary hearing, thus it was thrown out. YET!, re-accuses then under oath at my preliminary hearing.In this exchange i provide, you'll notice that "Pauline" didn't even know who i was until i told her but not before her stating that": she falsely accused her step dad" Where i was told later that it was a drunken confession, yet when my attorney was made aware of this she found it "insignificant,"and did , said or asked nothing about it.

I wonder exactly why this case and so many others in where she falsely accused people are deemed "Insignificant", "Irrelevant", "a Separate matter". If someone you knew of made 11 very serious allegations against everyone from child hood friends, uncle, mother, cousin,step father, grandfather, teachers....and in each and every time admit to lying.....Do you think they should be connected?, relevant?, significant? and now we know the results of her allegations against myself, who is next?
Up next i will show how my accuser ( a troubled 15 year old) was at the time friends on face book with the lead investigator "Colin Folk, as sworn under oath" Do you think that its legal for an investigating cop to be friends with an alleged victim, not less then a child ? I will also add to that court testimony from Angel as well were she states under oath that Colin folk prevented her from talking with a psychologist brought in to figure this out.