Saturday, 23 August 2014

Recently. (blog 71)

I haven't written a blog for some time. I thought that i would update those that read my blog. I have been told that a meeting with the police chief will not be happening. Instead I will be meeting with a investigator that investigates the police. I have also been told the following. That in fact, irregardless of the other instances of rampant police harassment Throughout my time while awaiting my trial ( where i was given an acquittal), we will only be discussing the one day where police conducted a 'no knock, warrant-less raid on my home , and in fact i protected my home and property as well as myself not knowing they were police as they never identified themselves but rather just threatened to kill me from the other side of the door and much more, it wasn't until i actually called 911 myself that i was informed they were police attempting to come in. All other (about 6 instances, with long lasting residual effects) must be dealt with separately as they are separate matters.
When i asked how long the investigation will take, I was told it could be as long as 6 months to a year!. "Wow" i responded, " so does this mean they will postpone trial until the investigation is completed?" The reply was hard to swallow " no they will not postpone the trial". So i asked "well, if there is a conviction and the report comes back that indeed the only one to commit a criminal offence that day was the police, surely my conviction will be overturned and i set free" Again the reply was like swallowing a watermelon, "no, your conviction won't be overturned and in all likely-hood the only out come may be that the police involved will be reprimanded".
Nice system we have here huh? What's the point of investigating it then? Who actually polices the police in this country? And if they are guilty, how could it be that i may be found guilty and upon the result of an investigation, they are deemed to have committed unlawful entry, uttering death threats, without a warrant do an illegal search and seizure, put my spouse in a dangerous situation where they are all actually wearing gas masks and she without while they unload untold canisters of pepper spray ( incidentally,which  is a prohibited chemical  weapon not to be used in war, signed by nearly every country including Canada)
Additionally, as of late the police have been actively searching for my spouse to serve her a court ordered summons to attend court as a witness for the crown.Now the idea would be to just serve her but no, she works nights and sleeps in the day and doesn't answer phone calls from un identified callers, but after being woken by three calls back to back she answered in case there was an emergency. A certain officer informed her that he must serve her today else there would be a warrant for her arrest. She explained, that she works nights and he agreed that he knew as he had been to her place of work hours earlier bothering her co workers as to her where a bouts! Yet even though after finding out her new address, he didn't attend but between the two of them they agreed he would attend down the street at 5:00pm and would in fact call her to let her know they were there to serve her. 5:00pm came and went without any call but the next day when she was asleep again (after night shift) he calls her to say, i'm not coming to you, not searching everywhere for you, you can come to us and pick up your summons, else there could be a warrant!
yup, I kid you not.
So, even though we were going to call her as a witness to the police brutality, their lies, what they said and done, death threats, illegal search and seizure and illegal detention....they decided to call her. Too lazy to serve the summons we now await her eventual arrest for a location warrant, i couldn't even make this crap up. To add salt to our already festering wounds, mysteriously Kyla got a phone call from her company while on the weekend off "your fired, need not return and we do not want you on the property"....wonder if it had anything to do with the cop going to her work?
Enclosed is a copy of the "charter notice" from my attorney's office against the police.

Additionally, the following is a statement filed by My spouse right after i was arrested, given to my then attorney who not only did nothing about it but allowed the police  and crown to continue to keep us apart for over 5 months. Yet Kyla was the one to fight from that angle and had the no contact order removed and clearly as you can see, she says that i never did assault her and even says that she has nothing to fear from myself. Constantly harassed by officer Gavins attempts to get her to alter her statement, make up things about myself in lieu of money, etc. This prompted her to flee from Edmonton. You will notice in her statement that she states that the cop told her it was for a noise complaint, not what they tell the courts. In fact they tell the courts that someone from Ontario called a friend in Alberta, and that person then called 911 because apparently she was sending text messages with pictures of her face all beat up saying " help, he's going to kill me, I'm locked in the bathroom" Yet when police show, clearly there was nothing wrong with her. So instead of leaving, they then say it was a "noise complaint" they call in not one but two full SWAT teams!, seems to me they showed up with them, there was no "call nor a noise complaint" but like Kyla reiterated, "one way or another we are going in". when have you ever heard of a police officer asking someone to kick a door in?, later under deposition Kyla clarified what was said "either you kick it in or we are, one way or another we are going in". Finally, I'll add this. Since when they showed up "illegally, there was no one injured ( in fact i was alone in the apartment with no windows, no peek hole, they storm the place while threatening to kill me, etc instead of just identifying themselves. They no agree that there was no assault per say, but they have now charged myself with 'assault causing bodily harm with a weapon" against her too because they claim she got bear sprayed, yet one cannot determine why if she was a victim of a crime, why would they ask her to kick in the door?, Have her all around armed guns, automatic weapons? they were all wearing masks i found out, where was hers? So yes an assault did occur, in fact a few that day and my attorney highlights them and one did happen to my spouse, but it was the police who were emptying canisters of pepper spray while safe behind their masks, threatening to kill. And if the news knows nothing about it, sssaaayyy, just who was the camera man filming away? Interestingly enough, the store at the bottom of our building also has video cameras both in the back, front and sides of the building. The man, owner also id my friend and sympathetic to my plight I've had to endure. In fact, even after Kyla moved, i was in jail an additional 3 or 4 months, he held my place rent free but the police made sure i was forbidden under their great law to be anywhere near the property. I also found out that he had attempted to come visit "his Joe" but he was never allowed contact with me. It is a real interesting way police have now a days. If they can't get you under a criminal offence, they force you into what would appear to be one. If you have support in your community, they put no contact orders. If you have a spouse, they attempt to drive a wedge between you. If you have money, they'll seize your accounts, a good job to support a decent lawyer, they will simply not allow you to work and stay on house arrest. They will drive you to be utterly broke, alone and afraid, then offer plea deals and or hope to drive you to suicide....secretly hoping that maybe it could be one of them to POP ONE IN YA.
 By the way, the last document I've shared is our wedding certificate, we had spoken about it for some time and made it a reality. I couldn't imagine another woman who has put up with so much police garbage, harassment and threats and all the while watching me be reduced to rubble at the hands of a corrupt government... its a safe bet she loves me for just me and I'm glad we are wed and hope one day to enjoy a honeymoon with her as i can still go no where.

more to come