Monday, 4 August 2014

Does this seem right to you?. (blog 69)

Look, you don't have to go to school and get grossly in debt to be able to understand commons sense. We are each born with it and even if you can't get it at first, keep looking at it and you'll see how that common sense is not only free but very abundant within your own self.
Within the legal system, they attempt to make it incredibly complex. More not then often you walk out of the court house wonder what did just happen in there. Truth is, unless you have someone you hire on to defend you, you are getting screwed over. They want you in the dark, they want you leaning on them, depending on them. I could go on but I'll refrain and merely show you what I mean.

The following is all the questions asked by my attorney to ( what I would determine a very crucial witness), the evidence officer. As you read this , please know that I have on copied and pasted from actual transcripts. I do believe that it would be common sense to people to see that my claim that transcripts were altered is very apparent. Certain questioning was removed from transcripts as it was completely damming, and had the media gotten hold of it. It most certainly would have made front page across the country, people would have waded in on how something so crazy at the hands of our beloved R.C.M.P was possible. What was removed was the line of questioning "what did you do with that evidence?" reply " we destroyed it"? in fact there are a few similar responses when in relation to the physical evidence ( that exonerated me) , the DNA evidence from both her and I (that exonerated me), The crime scene photo's ( that would show it impossible for a crime to have taken place) and as well as such photo's of the alleged victim (who describes a horrible violent, choking and hitting incident)
Okay, deep breath. When you see this line of questioning I'd like you to ask yourself a few questions.
1, what defence attorney wouldn't ask about the DNA results?
2, What defence attorney wouldn't demand to know the where about of the seized physical evidence.
3, What defence attorney wouldn't ask the results of the DNA tests performed on the alleged victim?
4, what attorney wouldn't ask about the crime scene photo's, pictures of the alleged victim as well, as they can verify no physical assault as described had taken place.
I'll leave the rest up to you, I'm sure your common sense will kick in. If not , I have other irrefutable evidence....I'm just not sure how and when to release it. I'm still waiting on advisement but if anything should happen to myself my acquaintances will release to those media outlets that are versed in this type of government conspiracy to subvert justice. And my estate will recover much more then I would as a person.
 For your Common sense. Evidence officer under direct cross examination.

6 Ms. Hayes Cross-examines the Witness (Voir Dire)


8 Q MS. HAYES: I will be very brief. My understanding is you took some

9 photos when you were at the residence?

10 A Yes.


12 Q In the bedroom?

13 A Yes.


15 Q And seized some exhibits?

16 A Yes.


18 Q Did those photos get disclosed to the Crown?

19 A I’m not sure. I would have provided them to the investigator, I believe.


21 Q So who would you have provided them to? Who was the investigator?

22 A Constable Folk would have been the lead investigator.


24 MS. HAYES: Thank you very much, Constable Parker.


26 MS. JOYCE: Nothing further. Thank you.


28 THE COURT: Thank you, sir.


30 A Thank you.


Does this seem right to you?
RCMP ERT - If the evidence clears the suspect,we simply destroy the evidence. No we did't think far enough to realize the defense has full disclosure....ummm, in the name of justice madam court reporter can you edit that?

RCMP Tactical - And can you tell to the court what happened to all of the DNA, photo's and seized evidence? We destroyed all of that too!