Friday, 29 August 2014

Beyond the call of duty....when line stepping becomes criminal. (blog 73)

It bothers me to know just what the heck went on between these two and what Folk's whole actual role was in all of this?. It would never be allowed in any other case that even a year after a lead investigator in a case could come and offer hugs to the alleged victim, become face book friends.
It was told to myself by my accusers god mother that Folk had even offered to take her to live with him if she was too much trouble for her mother ( while i sat in jail awaiting a future acquittal)
Curious things like himself telling her not to discuss the matter with the child psychologist (that was brought in to determine if there was any validity to the claim) Of coarse her being and confessing to lying in court and in front of a jury doesn't help so he would be able to hide behind that.
 I know that someone knows more then is being said as he has been transferred to the crappiest fly in remote location jobs possible. Fort Mc Kay.

Here is a little more of Constable Folk's handy work. Where in another man calls it "frontier justice" that Folk handed out. If you read he pepper sprayed a crowd after the crowd turned on him for smashing a mans face into the ground, excessive force. He was questioned about this in court but couldn't recall!, yet admits to another 2 separate cases where he was brought in front of the disciplinarian board within the RCMP......NUTS! I'll be the fourth. This guy is running a muck everywhere, i would transfer him to a remote location too. Then again i'd just fire his crooked ass!
More to come