Thursday, 11 June 2015

4 Days to go....( blog 111)

Nightmares last night were as crazy as ever, stress level is maxing out. Good part is I get to see my Doctor today and talk about some of this.
Had a pretty decent day yesterday doing the volunteer work. Never even would have thought of taking pictures until everyone else was, lol so what the Heck.
 This is the Garage we built that is an extension of the Home MCC built. I was amazed that 2 of the volunteers I had were only 15 year old boys. Good salt of the Earth kids , solid and as they said you can tell they are from the farm. Very impressed that they would donate , volunteer at such a young age while others are off doing God knows what. Anyways, here are some photo's. If you can't see them well enough just click on them.
This was our pad we poured.


 Jarod, an in school Civil engineer completing some practical work.Bright future
 Tyvek upside down, I love it that way as it drives other framers nuts. Besides who says it has to be right side up? It does the exact same job.

Same shot as the first, only now its ready for siding and the Garage overhead door. We also ran power out to it. Hardest trench I ever dug in my life. When a river floods, it brings in the silt and it sets like green concrete. BUT we got er done:)) I actually got some time in with one of the directors to talk about my idea of helping out men who are raising their kids alone, to build them homes. It will have to be a comprehensive proposal but very doable I'm told. Giving men maybe a fighting chance to be the one the judge says they get custody, get em a home, let him raise his kids. Sacrifices come in various sized packages.